Rocking my Ankle Rehab!

As of today I move into level three of my ankle rehab

Level 1 was strengthening without any weight bearing. Level one was supposed to go from Mid-January to April 1. I couldn’t dance during level 1 so I cut it short by a month so that I could qualify in the Fort Worth Competition. Level 1 sucked.

Level 2 was strengthening and functionality. A return to dancing but it would appear that I and cardio machines may never again be fast friends. I got to do strange cardio such as bouncing on a physioball. Woo Hoo. I kicked ass at level 2 and got in done in less than a month instead of the standard three. (Special thanks go out to my Pilates Instructor, chiropractor and massage therapist on this one).

Level 3 is a return to cardio and more difficult weight-bearing work (like going up onto my toes and back down repeatedly whilst standing on a box). It is also marked by a water rehab workout which I started today. It includes breast stroke swimming, flutter kicking with a kickboard, jogging in place, doing kicks (holding onto the pool edge) and running up and down the pool. My gym has a small pool (three lanes). I was there at around 7:30 this morning. Everyone else was just swimming regular laps so I felt a bit dorky doing the rehab thing. To top it al loff, apparently I have the kind of face that says “shares well with other” because when all three lanes were occupied every. single. person. who came in (I remember 7) while I was there asked me if they could share my lane. It is difficult to share a lane when rehabbing becuase you can’t just trade laps like you normally would. I developed a patented speech of “You’re welcome to share but I’m rehabbing an injury so I’m not very consistent and it might be a pain to constantly try to swim around me. If you don’t mind, I don’t – but I just want you to know” I ended up sharing with several people (once three at a time!) but at least they were forewarned.

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