On the verge of a dream

You know how sometimes it can take a while for a dream that you have to come true and sometimes it happens right away?

On December 9, 2008 at 11:25pm, I decided to stop thinking about teaching dance classes for bigger bodies, and having a performance team (which I had been doing for a couple of years) and make a few posts around Live Journal to see if anyone might actually want to take them.

Three months and 4 days later, not only are the classes going strong but it is the night before the performance team’s debut.  And let me be the first to tell you, they are incredible. 

We originally planned to debut on June 7th so we are pushing hard to get the choreography.  I gave them difficult choreography – it’s fast and intricate, I gave them really tough partner stunts, and they just learned it.  I created a precise walk on, bow and walk off sequence, and they just learned it.  I got really specific about foot position and hand position, and they just learned it.

After the performance I’ll post the video, but for now let me say that when we finished the trick and all six people slammed the floor at the same time during our VERY FIRST full music run through, it was like my whole dream came together right there.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the members of the class who come and, through sheer force of will, create a space for us all to love and respect our bodies in a culture where that seems like an impossible feat.

And I know I will never be able to express what it means to be part of a group who are willing to put themselves out there to prove that dancers come in every shape and size.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Join us tomorrow from 8-10pm at the Dancing for Dachshunds fundraiser  Watch some dancing (maybe dance a little yourself) and support the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue as they try to find homes for wayward little dogs!

A Tale of Two Cholesterol Tests

Last Years Cholesterol Test:

Act 1:
Doctor:  Step on the scale.
Me:  Why?
Dr:  To get your weight
Me:  How is that relevant to a cholesterol test?
Dr:  If you’re overweight that can contribute to high cholesterol.
Me:  (laughing hysterically) IF I’m overweight?  Doesn’t this job require that you have decent eyesight?
Dr:  (not amused) Step on the scale.
Me:  No thank you.
Dr: Look…
Me:  Move on.

Act 2
Dr. Takes blood pressure (116/70)
Dr: Take 3 more times
Me:  My blood pressure is typically about 117/70, is there a problem?
Dr:  I doubt these results.
Me:  You took it 4 times, are you typically incompetent at this?
Dr:  Let’s move on.

Act 3:
Dr:  What drugs are you taking.
Me:  None
Dr:  You should consider a Statin Drug
Me:  Shouldn’t we take the test first?
Dr:  If you insist
Me:  In fact I do
Dr. does blood test
Results:  Chol 170 (goal is less than 200), HDL 49 (goal is more than 40), Triglycerides 119 (goal is less than 150)
Me:  According to this chart, my results are "Exceptional" even for a thin person, right?
Dr. I doubt these results.
Me:  I’m leaving now.

Paid over $200.00 for the experience (I’m self-insured)

This Year’s Cholesterol Test
Went to People’s Pharmacy in Austin, they are so completely awesome!!!!!!!!
Olivia greeted me pleasantly, did the test.
Results:  Chol:  169, HDL 51, Triglycerides 118
Olivia:  This is exceptional, you are great!
Me:  Thank you so much for being so pleasant and not give me the "Hey, you’re fat speech" before you did the test.
Olivia:  People have done that?
Me:  Yup! Doctors.
Olivia:  They must have felt silly when they saw the results.
Me:  Nope, they doubted the results.
Olivia:  Huh?

Paid $35.00 for the experience.

The morals of the story:

  • People’s Pharmacy Rocks
  • I’m a morbidly obese (DEATH FAT!!!!) very fit professional athlete with a blood panel that is Exceptional!
  • I’ve only been to the doctor 5 times in the last 5 years (for routine physicals) so I guess my fat ass isn’t too much of a DRAIN on the healthcare system
  • There are probably lots more like me
  • Suck it, Fat Police