Water Aerobics Success

I took a water aerobics class this morning. I haven’t taken water aerobics before and I’ve been curious about it. It wasn’t the greatest workout in the world but I did sweat. More importantly it was a good hand-up for my ego. My first step class in three years last week left me disappointed with my conditioning. Why I would expect to be able to do what I used to when I took three classes a day now after almost four months of have to rest and rehab the injury boggles the mind but I still felt bad about it.

Today, in my first ever water aerobics class, about 15-20 minutes in the person teaching the class asked me if I was a water aerobics instructor. I said no and asked why and she said "You’re form is perfect and if you haven’t noticed you’re able to do everything almost twice as fast as the other people in the class". I hadn’t noticed but as I looked around I realized that I was going in time with the music and everyone else was going about half time. Yay Body! Between the rehab and the issues with my dance teacher I’ve been feeling really badly about my movement ability.

Sometimes I forget how strong and comfortable I am with my body and how well it adapts to new movement patterns. I think that once a month or so I’m going to try some new form of movement just to remember how amazingly cool my body is.

Woo Hoo.

A Step Into the Past

I went to my first step class in several years today. It was a humbling but positive experience. I used to teach step and was the undisputed queen of step choreography – the other step teachers regularly took my class to steal materials. Today the class was taught but a guy who used to be one of those teachers. There I was, in the back of the room, doing the most basic moves – no flair, no high kicks, no power or intensity moves – and I was sweating my ass off! It was fun and he has great choreography that I’ll really be able to work with once I’m back at 100%. The good news is that I didn’t have any pain in my ankle so I feel really good about that. Now it’s just a matter of getting back into fighting/dancing shape! Speaking of fighting shape, I think that I want to take up Krav Maga again starting in September – I miss it and so does RealtorFriend so we’re going to look into it.