Dancing is fun again!

I had a dance lesson tonight. Despite the dance injury and the fact that I haven’t been able to do my cardio and am therefore woefully out of shape, I am finally enjoying dancing again. The first three-quarters of my lesson were really difficult. We did the new, much more difficult, two-step (that I learned in three hours) to music for the first time and it fell apart. Twice. I have to compete this dance Friday night. We sat down for a minute and I reminded myself who I am and of what I am capable. I got up, we turned on the music and we danced through it flawlessly. Other students stopped their lessons to applaud as we danced by. It was easy and fun and everything that dancing is supposed to be. I can’t wait for the rest of the season. I have an idea for a new partner as well, we’ll see if it pans out… I’m going to dance nightclub this year – a slow, sexy dance that I always thought I would really love given the proper circumstances. And here I am having created the proper circumstances. Go me.

I’m Back Baby!

Today was my first dance lesson after my ankle injury at Nationals. The ankle was weak but not painful. I think that it’s going to be ok. In other news, I’m an out of shape blob. At this point Master P would beat me in the two-step (a dancing with the stars reference, by the way). OH…MY….GODS! It is amazing what not being able to do cardio for a couple of months will do to your cardiovascular health. That will come back though and I’m excited about being able to zoom ahead in my dancing. Yay!!!!!!