Gym Idiot

I knew that I was in trouble when we started the squat track. I put on 50lbs. (That’s not a super heavy squat until you realize that we can do over 100 reps with little to no rest). FT racked up 30lbs. I could actually see his genitalia shrinking when he looked over and saw my weight. A word about me and squating: I have been doing squats for over 15 years. I am good at them. My form is beyond reproach. Not so for FT who had bad form and a hard time towards the end of the song. No sweat, everyone is at a different level. Except he keeps looking over at me. So I keep smiling back in a “I’m tolerating you, you creepy jackass” kind of way. As soon as the track is over while I’m trying to rack my weight for the chest track FT walks over and says:

“You have to be careful when you’re just starting a workout program, you might think that you can lift that much weight but you’re going to be sore tomorrow.”
Nope, didn’t kick him in the nads. Wanted to, but didn’t. I smiled, e-v-e-r so tolerantly and said “I’ve got it, thanks”.

Short story long, I continued to lift more than him, he continued to give me advice about being a beginner exerciser. Then came the lunge track. I rack 40lbs. He racks 50. FIFTY!!!! What was he thinking? If he can barely squat 30 with both legs how in the  HELL is he going to lunge 50 with one leg. Whatever. He struggles, almost falls over a couple of times and then lowers his weight. HA! I say again HA!!!!

At the end of the class we do the shoulder workout, the end of which is push ups. Guess which one of us does them on their knees. Oh, that would be FT.

I’m not judging you or the shape your in, I am pretty irritated that you are incapable of wrapping your head around the fact that I am fit and fat.  Deal with it.  On your own time.