Talking About Fatphobia and Healthism on ‘Full and Thriving’

Image description: A fat, white woman with long brown hair and pink glasses smiling in a red dress.
Text: Full and Thriving – An Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast “Let’s be honest. Health is not a barometer of worthiness. That’s just healthism.” – Ragen Chastain
Picture by Lindley Ashline

I got to join Meg McCabe on her podcast and discuss my personal body acceptance journey and experiences with weight stigma, as well as medical fat phobia and the impact it has.

As a cool side note, Meg shared with me that I was the first person to introduce her to the concept of HAES (at a conference I spoke at several years ago), she dove in and now she is a HAES-based certified eating disorder coach. If I’m honest it always blows my mind when someone tells me that I was the first person they heard this stuff from – it’s really humbling and I’m honored to be part of this community and this movement and to have the chance to pass on the things that I learned (including from those who have been doing this work since before I was born) to people like Meg who is using them in her work and finding ways to pass the information to others!

You can listen to our interview here!


Understanding the Research About Weight and Health

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The research around weight and health can be daunting, dense, confusing, and downright misleading. A mix of diet industry involvement and weight bias (from methodology to media reporting) has created a world where what “everybody knows” about weight and health is often not supported by the actual research. In this workshop we’ll talk about the existing research around weight and health, learn techniques to evaluate media articles and studies to see past the weight bias and diet industry smoke screen and get to the truth. This workshop will deal with concepts in plain language and is for research nerds and non-research nerds alike, including those with no experience at all in research methods.

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One thought on “Talking About Fatphobia and Healthism on ‘Full and Thriving’

  1. That part where you gained weight on the medically supervised diet and the doctor supervising you insisted you must have done it wrong… that is, as the kids say, a mood.

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