Throw my WHAT at you?

Today was my first day with the new choreography. We are working on Nightclub which is a slow romantic dance requiring lots of body-control and strength as well as endurance. I have to say that having played a number of sports (volleyball, soccer, and baseball to name a few) dancing is the most demanding physical thing I’ve ever done. I think it’s the combination of controlling your body (for example holding all of your weight on the ball of one foot), balancing, then creating a beautiful line and always moving through the music. Even things that look like poses acutally require you to move the weight through your foot. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. In soccer and volleyball I worked my ass of but no one cared how I looked. In dance there’s just as much effort but the object is that people don’t see the effort at all – just the lines. The reality of how much work I’m going to be doing to make this possible has hit me and I’ll still just as excited so I that’s a good sign.

The winning moment of today however had to be when we were learning a new move. I do one and a half REALLY fast spins and end up going up on my left toe – he lunges back and catches my back and pulls me to him as I pull my right leg up and wrap it around his side. I have to push my body below the ribs toward him but tilt my body above the ribs away from him taking my arms out to the side and down and dropping my head. (That all has to happen in two beats) then I have to transfer the weight back over my own left foot and then move out of it. I just wasn’t getting the entrance to the move – how I was supposed to get my weight up against him for the lunge. His explanation:

"You just have to throw your vagina at me." No, seriously.

Se we start to go into the move and as we’re hitting the line before the spins and I suddenly realize the danger and ask "Are you tucked properly for this?" He leads me into the spins and says "I totally didn’t think about it". Suffice to say that I now know his religion. Yikes!

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