Get R Done

On Monday DancingQueen expressed some doubt about our ability to do the professional Night Club. Stupid man… Today we danced through it without a hitch and I received the rare DancingQueen high five.

I’m also starting to assimilate the new cha cha technique. He is learning the other pro routines with his pro student so I should be able to start learning those. My goal is all 8 pro routines by Nationals in November. Definitely do-able for me. I told DancingQueen today that I was frustrated that he never gave me any time to learn anything (in reference to his concern about the professional night club), but that he seems to have infinite patience with his other student. I mentioned that I was watching the lesson before me and he was telling the woman something I had heard them spend an entire hour on a few months ago. His response “It’s you, I don’t expect you to need time.” The truth is, that’s really cool. I like being treated like a professional and I can (and want to) live up to those expectations.

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