Body Truth – The Truth About Weight Loss

I had the chance to chat with Katelyn Parsons on her Body Truth Podcast. We had a great time and talked about everything from being a fat dancer, to practical tools to set boundaries around educational social conversations!

I was honored to get to be a guest on the podcast. and you can listen to the full episode and read the full transcript here!


Dealing With Fatphobia At The Holidays

Between in-person and online family gatherings, work parties, New Years bashes, New Years Resolution, and a ton of diet ads… the holiday season can be a perfect storm of fatphobia. Plus this year all the talk of COVID-related body changes adds another layer of nonsense All that diet culture can really get you down. In this workshop we’ll talk about tips, tricks, and techniques to help us deal and have a happy holiday season on our own terms – whether we celebrate any holidays or not.

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2 thoughts on “Body Truth – The Truth About Weight Loss

  1. So this new doctor I went to see (my doc retired)… he gives me a half HOUR lecture about making small changes and how it all adds up and results (meaning weight loss) may take 5 years but HANG IN THERE. He never even asked if I wanted to lose weight, or if I’d ever tried to lose weight, or what my views were about my health.

    But we moved on to sleep and he said he didn’t think the drugs (multiple) need, which I finally figured out from years of trial and error…. were necessary for sleeping. In fact, he said, sleep was overrated and nobody had ever died from lack of sleep. I have circadian reversal and if I am in that state, I am a zombie, so we can forget about any exercise or healthy activity. But that doesn’t matter to this butcher.

    He said we didn’t have enough time to discuss it so I should go back and talk with him again. I feel challenged, talked over, and I think the only reason he wants to “talk” is to talk me out of what actually works for me. Hmm…. maybe I should go?

  2. “For the past two decades, I haven’t eaten a microcalorie over 1800, not even on my birthday or holidays. I’ve tried low carb, low fat, and high protein as commanded. I’ve exercised daily, even when I was sick. I’ve passed up girls’ nights, family reunions, and even jobs I thought would interfere with my diet. I’ve paid real money, I’ve gone hungry, I’ve been cold. I’m self-depreciating. I’m obedient. I’m Good. When do I get the thin body I’ve been promised all these things will earn me?”

    “That’s the neat part. You don’t.”

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