Catch My Episode Of Hanging With Langan

Today I got to be on Maureen Langan’s show “Hanging with Langan.” It’s not everyday I get interviewed by a award-winning journalist, comic, radio, and television personality, whose work I’m a fan of, and I had an absolute blast talking to her about everything from being a fathlete, to the truth about weight and health, to my becoming part of Fatch. She asks great questions and is, of course, hilarious.

Check it out here!

While you are at it, check out her past shows – the recent ones with Peter Biles are really interesting (he is a history professor and a comic!)

I’m also speaking at the Braving Body Shame online conference (it started this week but there’s still time to register!)

And tomorrow my group is recording our talk “Work It Out: Making Health and Fitness More Inclusive” for the Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit which is taking place later this month and also includes fabulous fat activist Dr. Joy Cox!

The Truth About Weight And Healt

There are a lot of beliefs, myths, and misconceptions that float around when it comes to the relationship between weight and health. In this workshop we’ll discuss them from science and social justice perspectives.

Details and Registration:
*This workshop is free for DancesWithFat members – login info is on the member page
Become a member here!
A recording is provided in case you can’t make it live on February 17, 5:30pm Pacific (or if you want to listen again!)

Topics will include:

  • What the research says about weight and health
  • Why do so many people, including doctors, say that weight loss will make you healthier? (And why are they wrong?) 
  • Common issues with the research around weight and health, and how to spot them
  • How to discuss the research with skeptics
  • Answers to the questions
    • But what about fat people’s effect on my tax dollars?
    • Can you be fat and healthy?
    • Shouldn’t we treat fat people like we treat smokers?
    • Does being fat cause health issues?

Plus an unlimited Q&A (I stay until all the questions are answered!) so you are guaranteed to get the information you came for!

Like This Blog? If you appreciate the work that I do, you can support my ability to do more of it with a one-time tip or by becoming a member. (Members get special deals on fat-positive stuff, a monthly e-mail keeping them up to date on the work their membership supports, and the ability to ask me questions that I answer in a members-only monthly Q&A Video!)

Here’s more stuff you might like:

Wellness for All Bodies Program:A simple, step-by-step, super efficient guide to setting and reaching your health goals from a weight-neutral perspective.  This program can be used by individuals, or by groups, including as a workplace wellness program!

Price: $25.00 ($10 for DancesWithFat members – register on the member page)

Non-members Click here for all the details and to register!
Body Love Obstacle Course

This e-course that includes coaching videos, a study guide, and an ebook with the tools you need to create a rock-solid relationship with your body. Our relationships with our bodies don’t happen in a vacuum, so just learning to see our beauty isn’t going to cut it. The world throws obstacles in our way – obstacles that aren’t our fault, but become our problem. Over the course of this program, Ragen Chastain, Jeanette DePatie, and six incredible guest coaches will teach you practical, realistic, proven strategies to go above, around, and through the obstacles that the world puts in front of you when it comes to living an amazing life in the body you have now.
Price: $99.00 Click here to register
($79.00 for DancesWithFat members – register on the member page)

Love It! 234 Inspirations And Activities to Help You Love Your Body
This is filled with thoughtful advice from the authors Jeanette DePatie, Ragen Chastain, and Pia Sciavo-Campo as well as dozens of other notable names from the body love movement, the book is lovingly illustrated with diverse drawings from size-positive artist Toni Tails.
Price: $9.99 softcover, $7.99 Kindle, ($6.95 + free shipping for DancesWithFat Members)

Book Me!  I’d love to speak to your organization (and I can do it remotely!) You can get more information here or just e-mail me at ragen at danceswithfat dot org!

4 thoughts on “Catch My Episode Of Hanging With Langan

  1. Hi I’m a genius. I don’t know what the member password is and I’d like to register for the next workshop.

    Your humble servant and fat genius of love, Theresa

    P.S. Are you humming “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club right now? ________________________________

    1. Hi Theresa,
      I sent an e-mail. Please forgive me but I’m googling Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club because I’m not familiar with it, but that changes today, thanks to you!

      Your humble servant and soon to be fat genius of love, Ragen

  2. Ragen, Youtubing at one am here, just caught an UBER NASTY commercial. I didn’t see it all. Jist was: a very fat guy on airline gets yelled at by passengers and bodily removed by the flight-crew, goes to court…. Very sad. Tag line was, he discovered was HE WAS THE PROBLEM. Not being mistreated on a plane or accused wrongly of something, his adipose tissue was at fault…

    Any clues on this one?

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