Co-Founder of Intuitive Eating Explains How Kaiser Got It Wrong

In a recent newsletter, Kaiser Permanente promoted a page on their website about “Intuitive Eating” as part of their Thrive Program. The page has caused an uproar within the Intuitive Eating communities, so I reached out to Evelyn Tribole, who wrote (well, co-wrote) the book on Intuitive Eating, to get her reaction.

“They botched our model,” she said. “When they get it that wrong, honestly it makes me not want to read the rest of the article, but I did for my due diligence!”

Read the full piece here!

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8 thoughts on “Co-Founder of Intuitive Eating Explains How Kaiser Got It Wrong

  1. I am with Kaiser. I think I skimmed that article from them and got pissed. My doctor is concerned about whether I have gained weight during the pandemic and is concerned about weight gain if I go on insulin.

    1. Ugh, I’m so sorry. They reached out to me for more info so we’ll see if they make a comment. I’m sorry about your doctor as well, they should know better than to make medical decisions based on how they might effect our body size rather than how they might affect our actual health.

  2. On Medicaid. Dr. pretty average. Know she wants me to lose weight (395) I just ignore her. At least she doesn’t do that, if you don’t lose weight, I won’t treat you BS. The last visit was a pap ‘n, with a nurse who looked at me with utter disgust. I swear to GOD, she asked to be in there. DR. had an intern with her, so I was expecting the intern to come in, as the nurse said, then she came in. Whatever, enjoy the view, honey…

    I notice ‘medical care agencies’ seem to want to invest in overreach. This “Whole Health” movement frightens me. You know, my over all health and behaviors are nobody else’s business. I don’t care WHAT they say about insurance premiums, statistics, and the workforce (which I am not a part of).

    It is in there with work place based health and fitness emphasis. You know what, these people WORK for you, you are NOT their parent, saint, nanny, jailer, or superior officer. Your only concerns are their job performance, and safety (Criminals-drug use-inappropriate behavior), what you workers do in their free time, eat, say, wear, think, believe, spend their money on is NONE of your business.

    This merging of the workplace and you health care professionals bespeaks of very bad things to me. Big Brother reaching into every corner of your existence and telling you it has the RIGHT to because they “care about you”. BULLSHIT!

    Imagine these American Dieting industry standards in a place like China. Uber Scary….

    1. I read the Kaiser article, and it’s definitely a case of “Cowboy Bebop At His Computer”: the article didn’t seem to understand what intuitive eating entails, nor did it seem to know who founded the concept and why… but it did seem quite positive that it must be some kind of CICO strategy for restricting foods to lose weight, since it’s about healthy eating, and isn’t that what healthy eating is all about? /s

      1. That is creepy when people have gotten to the point where opinion is gone past fact, duh, everybody knows to………………………….. The point where it is a given, a truism a “What do you mean it’s not a fact? No, come on, it’s obvious, this just is!

        1. It was definitely in the same vein as, “Body positivity means weight loss because there’s nothing more positive for your body than losing weight! =D” only in this case it was “Intuitive eating means using your intuition to figure out what character flaw is making you so wrong about being hungry, what you’re hungry for, and whether or not you’re full so you can stay on your diet.”

          1. There really is no arguing with people. That is an entrenched ‘opinion as fact’ that is as dearly held as it is common. Fat equals overeating, poor health, ugliness, and death! Anything to stop it is good, cure, solution, remedy, worth any risk…

            Smile, nod, eat a cookie…

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