Comebacks To Shut Down Fatphobia – Part Four

just because it comes in your sizeHere’s the next installment of my series of comebacks to the fatphobic nonsense we have to deal with. If you have a phrase you’d like me to create a comeback for, or if you have a comeback that you love, please leave them in the comments!

Read the first three installments here:

Part One

Again, let me be clear that these are just some suggestions.  They may not work in every circumstance  – especially considering things like power imbalances and privilege. Finally, I’m sure I’m not the first (or last!) person to think of these, so all the credit to those who are doing this work, especially those who came before me!
You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you, would you *like* to go to the gym with me tomorrow morning? I could show you around! (Self-righteously, as if my fatness must be because of my ignorance about working out).
That’s a weird offer – I’m sure you’re not stereotyping me based on my size, so what makes you think I don’t know my way around a gym?
You are obviously going to die early. There are no fat old people.
That’s nonsense, I know fat old people. Even if it wasn’t nonsense it would still be astoundingly rude and absolutely none of your business.

 If you lost weight you’d have an easier time getting a job. You hardly ever see a successful fat person.

You’re right that there is fatphobia at the workplace. It’s not your place to suggest that I deal with oppression by changing myself to satisfy my oppressors. I will gladly accept your help dismantling weight stigma though!

I know it doesn’t come in your size, but it runs big, so you should try it. 

Pass. I’m going to give my money to a company that actually puts my size on the tag

You’re not fat! Don’t talk about yourself like that, it makes me uncomfortable.
Imagine how uncomfortable it makes me that you are trying to dictate how I  can describe myself instead of dealing with your own fatphobia.
Nah, I think I’ll call myself what I want. I invite you to use this opportunity to examine your fatphobia. Happy to provide you with some resources!
I’m not going to wear something sleeveless. No one needs/wants to see that.
I would love to see that! Still, obviously you can wear what you want, and of course I would never be so rude as to judge your clothing choices!
“Just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it.”
Just because you know all the words that form a sentence doesn’t mean that you should say it.
It sure doesn’t, but it does mean that I can wear it, which is so great since there are plenty of things that don’t come in my size – if you want to complain about something, I’d prefer you complain about that.
Is my ass as fat as hers?
What difference does it make? They’re both great asses.
I’m addicted to sugar, it’s essentially poison.
You can believe whatever you want, but I’m not interested in this kind of inaccurate, ridiculously hyperbolized discussion around food, let’s talk about something else.
That’s really not how it works. Here’s some information.
You’re never going to find a husband unless you lose weight.
I don’t agree, there are plenty of married fat people, but even if I don’t – why would I want a shitty, shallow husband?
It’s so nice to be in Japan where I don’t see obese people.
Wow, sounds like you have a real problem with fatphobia. Would you like some help with that, or would you prefer just to end our friendship?
“You wouldn’t be disabled if you were fat” or “I didnt know you could get a disabled placard for being fat”
There are disabled people of all sizes – it doesn’t matter we’re disabled, or why we are the size we are – the focus should be accommodating all of us.
One girl: “I hate myself I’m so fat!
Her friend: “You’re fat? I’m a cow.”
Sorry to hear about your internalized fatphobia. I hope you’ll be able to get over that.
Doctor: “School’s out kiddo, time to go on a diet.”
Nope, school’s in – 95% of people gain back all the weight they lost and a majority gain back more. Are you capable of practicing evidence-based, ethical medicine, or do I need a new doctor?
While I was exercising “stop, you’ll break the machine.”
Good – they can replace it with a better machine that works for more people!

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6 thoughts on “Comebacks To Shut Down Fatphobia – Part Four

  1. “There are no fat old people.”
    “You hardly ever see a successful fat person.”
    “It’s so nice to be in Japan[/France/Russia/Germany] where I don’t see obese people.”

    There is no War on Obesity in Ba Sing Se.

  2. Hmnn. No fat people in Japan? Um, not true. Fewer yes, but not none. Where do you think Sumo originated? Bulgaria? Japanese people pay major bucks to eat the Sumo meals (chankonabe). Thin Japanese people too… Used to be a private club where you had to weigh at least 300 pounds to get in the door.

  3. “There are no fat old people.”
    My answer to that one is always “horseshit.”
    I worked in long-term care for most of my working life.
    There are plenty of fat old people.
    Just like people of other sizes, their health and ability levels range across a spectrum.
    Shocking that.
    Another shocking thing I have discovered.
    Thin people are not immortal.
    Who’d have thunk it?

  4. “You’re not fat! Don’t talk about yourself like that, it makes me uncomfortable.”
    My blogger handle is The Ornery Old Lady.
    I had a person comment on one of my posts “you’re not old, you’re young at heart!”
    I had to laugh because if there is one thing I’ve never been, it’s young at heart. I’ve had kind of a tough go of things.
    Two of society’s biggest prejudices, especially when it comes to women, are age and size. I’m middle-aged and fat. And I want to know why my saying that should make anyone uncomfortable.
    (Hint–it shouldn’t.)
    The Ornery Middle-Aged Lady just doesn’t have the same impact as The Ornery Old Lady, though.

    1. Read something, can’t remember where, might be Shadows on a Tightrope, or The Invisible Woman, said: ‘The true acceptance of an older fatter woman in this society would mean many of the tenants of Patriarchy had died.’ Something like that.
      “We were last in the Patriarchy because we were first in the Matriarchy.”

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