Photoshoot Friday – My Fat Positive Session with Lindley Ashline

Ok, let’s start here: Photoshoot Friday isn’t so much an actual thing as an excuse for using alliteration. Which is to say it won’t be an every Friday kind of thing. The name just popped into my head and I couldn’t let go of the alliteration (regular readers readily remember that I’m always all about alliteration.) Photoshoots are pretty far out of my comfort zone, so when Lindley Ashline offered to do this shoot while I was in Oregon, I decided it was a face your fears kind of thing – especially since her commitment to fat positivity made it far less scary.

Lindley is the photographer behind Sweet Amaranth: Body Positive Boudoir & Portrait Photography and she is also the person behind the Body Love Box, a fat positive and intersectional monthly subscription box.

We did three locations around Portland. The pictures in the red dress are taken at the Rhododendron Garden. It was beautiful and freezing cold (for an LA by way of Austin girl – it turns out that the cold weather tolerance I developed in my youth is looooong gone!)

In addition to giving me posing tips (I have talents, but modeling is not one of them) and creating a delightful air of fat positivity around the whole shoot, Lindley would tell me what parts of me weren’t in the shot and let me cover them with a coat – she’s the best!

The pictures of me walking and running are also in the Rhododendron Garden and running around, not to mention wearing pants, helped me keep warmer. Normally I’m not a big proponent of pants but in this case… A million bonus points to Lindley since she was working in those conditions.

Lindley then drove out to the ruins of a stone house. My experience of Portland was that you can fall off any curb and into the woods – there are trees EVERYWHERE. This was no exception – a stunningly beautiful location that was just a few feet off the highway. Though I will say that those feet were straight up a muddy embankment with me lugging my suitcase full of various outfits and other photoshoot detritus, and Lindley having to haul all of her stuff up as well. It was totally worth it and we had fun playing with the existing “furniture” at the site, as well as Lindley’s fabulous blue sequin fabric.

We finished with a little scale smashing in my Fatties Against Fascism Shirt (get your own here!) I’ll let you in on a little secret – because we were on a public street and we didn’t have the supplies we needed to clean it up properly, we didn’t actually smash the scale.

It was an incredible day, working with Lindley was a joy, and I’m thrilled with the pictures. (You can click on them to enlarge if you would like.) Pictures are not authorized for use without express permission. If you’d like permission to utilize the photos, e-mail me at

A million thank yous to Lindley, who is a true professional and a joy to work with! You can find her, and her fab pictures, in all of these places:

Instagram: @sweetamaranth

Twitter: @sweetamaranthus

Representation Matters  – Diverse Stock Photos

Disclosures for Transparency:

Lindley gifted the photoshoot to me (Thank you!)  I don’t get compensated for linking to her work, or for any purchases made from her.

Junonia gave me the red shirt from the walk/run photos as part of a campaign that they are working on, these pictures may become part of that campaign. Other than the shirt, I won’t be compensated for the campaign, and I don’t get compensated for linking to their site, or for any purchases made there.

I’m not affiliated with the makers of the Fatties Against Fascism shirts (other than loving their work) I paid full price for my shirts from them, and don’t get compensated for linking to their site, or for any purchases made there.

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13 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday – My Fat Positive Session with Lindley Ashline

  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time. It’s been several years since I’ve visited Portland but I still remember how beautiful it was. Thanks for sharing such great photos.

  2. Beautiful location, gorgeous photographs, I admit I especially like the running ones, I think it’s harder to photograph motion beautifully. And I adore that red dress.

    As for fighting ducks for your glasses, ducks and geese are pretty but MEAN. Seriously. Very mean.

  3. Sister, red is YOUR color!  You look fabulous!  Always wear red!  Thanks for sharing your photos.  Where were they taken?  It’s really beautiful! Warm blessings, Linda Quest  🙂 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Be the kind of woman about whom, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the dark forces of the Universe exclaim, “Oh, Crap!  She’s Up!” We are not able to break free from someone else’s story of us if it is given to us with more passion and energy than our own story.          ~ Archangel Zadkiel

  4. I agree with the above commentor. Red is your color! You look gorgeous!
    I love all your pictures. The scenery is beautiful. You looked so relaxed and like you were having fun. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  5. These are beautiful!

    I do just want to say one thing in defense of scales, in their proper place. For some of us, scales are a necessary medical tool. I have congestive heart failure and have to weight myself every morning to make sure I’m not suddenly retaining fluid, and write my weight down so I can track trends. This is a necessary part of my self-care to keep me from hospitlizations due to unrecognized flare-ups.

    I look at the number on the scale the same way I look at the number on a thermometer — if it’s suddenly higher, something’s wrong. I admit it took a long time and lots of practice to be able to see it that way! But a scale is a tool–it isn’t evil in itself.

    That said, I love the scale-smashing picture anyway!

  6. I loved all the photos! Thank you for sharing them. ♥️

    Your “do something dancey pose” was fabulous.

    I think I recognized Macleay Park and the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden – is that right?

    1. Clearly I posted after just looking at the photos (which were so great) and not reading the text at all (oops!). So ignore my question!

  7. Love the pics Ragen. Esp the red dress! I know that face. It is the one I wore throughout my teens. I can feel it now! “What-ever.”
    I literally couldn’t care less about scales. I go in, get weighed. Don’t care. I even leave my coat, filled water bottle and bag “on”. Must flummox the nurses no end. Women have been known to remove jewelry before stepping on a scale! Sad.

  8. Stunning model, stunning photography, stunning sets. I don’t live far from Portland (very sorry I was unable to see you there!), and we have some of the best backdrops in the world.

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