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Food PsychRecently I had the chance to be on Christy Harrison’s Food Psych podcast for the second time. Christy’s work is about about intuitive eating, body acceptance, Health at Every Size, and eating disorder recovery.

You can find the podcast here!  (While your’e there check out the other amazing podcasts and consider subscribing why doncha!)

Since this was my second time on the show we were able to dig deeper into some things that I think are really important (and thanks a ton to Christy for such a great interview!)

We talked about:

  • The false narrative that weight loss cures issues with mobility, strength, and stamina
  • The truth about pursuing intentional weight loss, for health reasons or otherwise, and how it almost always results in weight regain
  • Fatphobia in the medical community and medical research
  • The “obesity epidemic,” and the impact weight stigma, discrimination, and dieting/weight cycling on creating the environment for larger bodies
  • The dangers of weight-loss surgery
  • Health insurance complications for those in fat bodies
  • Issues with the peer reviewed weight research out there
  • The difference between medical care for fat bodies vs thin bodies
  • Changing the biases and preconceptions of medical professionals about fat people
  • Barriers to health that aren’t often discussed, such as racism and oppression
  • The definition of health, and how ableist the concept of health is
  • The healthcare costs of the National Football League and other professional sports players
  • The “good fatty, bad fatty” dichotomy
  • Healthism
  • Considering mental health, stigma, neurodiversity, and varied communication styles in navigating the healthcare system
  • The impact of systemic oppression on seeking and receiving healthcare
  • How mainstream body positivity is a watered-down version of the fat acceptance movement
  • The problem with promoting weight loss within eating disorder recovery

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2 thoughts on “Food Psych Fun

  1. That was an excellent broadcast! You covered so much great stuff. 🙂

    The other day I was with a group of people talking about why certain people become celebrities, and Kim Kardashian came up. Our friend was talking about how Kim’s weightloss after having a baby was an inspiration to others. This friend would like to lose weight, my other friend and I both kind of just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

    Some people just won’t let go of the weight loss. When you spoke about how you just have to accept that some people keep trying was a good reminder to mind my own business.

  2. I do too. Guy in group said there is a new study? program? nutbonzo jobbie about breathing through only one nostril and it’s effects, such as calming anxiety and reducing violent outbursts and then he looked at me and said and it has been shown to help people lose weight. The lead therapist chirped in and said: “Oh good I need that.” I am not sure if she was being facetious or trying to angle it away from me, but I told her two weeks ago I was moving around the table in group to see where all I could sit before someone would sit by me… Hasn’t worked yet… even as all the chairs fill. You know, like on the bus, but it isn’t my being FAT is it? No. Pahaha. I can never turn that paranoia off ( esp as it is true) I can just alter it to, if they are that big a jerks, do I really want them sitting by me?

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