Dress For the Body I Have? Done!

Every year we have to endure businesses and social media friends who for some reason think the fact that it’s summer means it’s totally ok to body shame people by putting out this ridiculous sign.


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It’s a picture of a sign at an eye doctor’s office (cleverly named “The Eye Doctor”) on which they’ve taken the time to arrange letters to say:

“Welcome to Lewiston When it’s hot please dress for the body you have, not the body you wish you had – thanks.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be a fat person arriving at your eye doctor wearing weather appropriate clothes? Too bad that these supposed healthcare practitioners are so comfortable stigmatizing their clients for a cheap joke.

First, while I’m certain that I’m the target demographic for this sign, the body I have is the body I want so they can G right TFO with this nonsense.

More to the point, it’s like 1,000 degrees outside which means that the body I have is hot AF and my concern is dealing with that, not being aesthetically pleasing to fatphobes. If someone doesn’t like the way I look in these clothes, then there are always at least 3 other cardinal directions in which they can fix their gaze.

Let’s give this another shot, shall we:

Please dress

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11 thoughts on “Dress For the Body I Have? Done!

  1. I have willfully decided to interpret the original sign as “Please wear clothes that fit your body, because wearing clothes that are too big or too small is uncomfortable and you deserve better!”

      1. You got that right. The wrong size can seriously chafe and ride up. Wedgies are NOT fun.

        Also, my sister who has smaller breasts has suggested to me that I might try going bra-less, but the body I have has bodacious bazoombas (as opposed to merely breasts), and I need the support to help avoid extra back pain. I have enough back pain, already.

        Also, wear a crop top if you want to, but if you have large breasts, please either wear a bra with your crop top, or else tuck your nipples into your belt.

  2. I’m starting to think putting up your “dress for the body you have, not the body you want” sign to inform/remind passing fatties we’re supposed to be wanting a different body and wearing a loose gray blanket over the one we’ve got is becoming a new summer tradition. You know, to go with the new winter tradition of picking a fat girl to kick out of the prom for “indecency” (even if you pre-approved her dress before the dance started) to remind fat women their “decency” is at your discretion, and you can revoke it any time you want, for any reason you want.

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