10 Reasons I Ditched Dieting

Success and DietsA friend of mine was added to a Facebook group about dieting without her permission. She responded to the person who added her with this post, and in her honor I’m reposting it today.

I wasted many, many years dieting and now that I’m off that roller coaster, I’m never getting back on.  Here are 1o reasons why I’ll never try to manipulate my body size again:

1.  I refuse to manipulate my body size to try to conform to a social stereotype of beauty.

2.  I refuse to attempt to manipulate my body size to try to solve social stigma, bullying or oppression.  The cure for bullying, social stigma and oppression is not weight loss, it’s ending bullying, social stigma, and oppression.  The problem is not my body, it’s people who bully, stigmatize and oppress me because of my body size.

3.  Of course health is not a guarantee, an obligation or a barometer of worthiness – we each get to choose how highly we prioritize our health and the path that we want to take to get there.  For me it’s important to know that research suggests that habits are a much better indicator of future health than body size.

4. There is not a single study of any method of intentional weight loss (whether you call it dieting, lifestyle change or something else)  has shown it to be successful for more than a tiny fraction of people long term.  Even the diet companies’ own studies show that they don’t work.

5.  Even if I managed to be part of the tiny percentage of people who succeed at long term weight loss, there is not a single study that shows that it would make me healthier, in fact, the little research that exists suggests that it wouldn’t.

6.  During the time that I was attempting intentional weight loss my body size would decrease in the short term, then increase over time no matter how strictly I kept to my diet/exercise habits (which, it turned out, is exactly what the research said would happen.)  I wasn’t able to stabilize my body size until I started practicing Health at Every Size.

7.  During the time that I was attempting intentional weight loss I had unhealthy relationships with food, exercise and my body.  A focus on appreciating my body and supporting it through healthy habits has lead to my having healthy relationships with food, exercise, and my body.

8.  Three words:  Uncontrolled Anal Seepage.  And a whole bunch of things that I was told were “healthy” as a dieter, often by doctors, that don’t make any damn sense

9.  I don’t want my money to be part of the over 60 billion dollars that we spend every year on the diet industry – an industry that has lost so many deceptive trade practice lawsuits that they are actually required to remind us that their product doesn’t actually work every time they advertise it.  I think that there are a lot better things we could buy for 60 billion dollars.

10.  Diets don’t work – I definitely gave dieting the old college try and it didn’t make me thinner, healthier, happier, or anything other than miserable.  I think I’m right about the science, but even if I’m wrong I choose Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size.

Of course we each get to choose what we want to do with our bodies (Underpants Rule FTW!) I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Ditched Dieting

  1. I HATE being added to groups–ANY groups–without being asked first. It’s fucking rude. I tell people who do it that doing it again means we won’t be friends on Facebook anymore.

    1. Agreed. It exposes my identity — and, because many groups have a specific focus, a specific part of my identity (which I may or may not be willing to make public) — to people without my consent.

      And that’s even before getting into, “Hell, no, I would never have wanted to be part of this particular group anyway!”

  2. 2 so much. 2 because never have I seen such a simple concept have such opposition. There is so much victim blaming for bullying and oppression, and such a cult of “stand up for yourself,” “we’ll never get rid of bullies so stop make children into wussies.” If we do nothing of course the status quo will continue, and doing nothing and letting things just continue on the way they are, is exactly what the status quo wants.

  3. Saved for the times when I have to talk to “well meaning” friends and family. This makes for a great resource into exactly why I’m not interested in my family’s “help” when it comes to my body and health.

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