Tacky Spammy Diet Peddlers

One of the small annoyances of having a blog is when other people spam the blog to market their crap with a comment that says something like “generic lip service unrelated to actual post.  http://www.mycrappyproduct.com”  Yesterday a diet company owned by two women named Donna and Tora did this in the most tacky way possible.  They provided the perfect opportunity to call this behavior out, and to play with gifs which I’ve been wanting to do for a while  Here’s what happened:

I get tacky comments on two of my blog posts from them (website removed throughout to avoid unnecessary publicity):

“Great article.  Your writing style is very pleasing to read.  http://www.ourdietwebsite.com”

“Great tips, thanks a bunch for sharing your blog site.  http://www.ourdietwebsite.com”

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

“Thanks a bunch for sharing your blog site”?  WTF does that even mean?   So I go to their website and send them an e-mail:

Hello ladies,

I just dropped by to tell you how completely unprofessional and tacky I find it that you spammed my blog about completing a marathon as a way to attempt to market your product.

I imagine if your product worked as well as you say it does you wouldn’t feel the need to “market” by spamming legitimate bloggers.

Since you take great pride in answering every e-mail I’ll look forward to hearing back from you on your reasons for engaging in such an  unprofessional practice.


Ragen Chastain


I get a return e-mail:

Hi Ragen

I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about?


24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

I e-mail back:

Here are the screen shots of the comments.


Donna and Tora

Donna and Tora 2

Suddenly, they DO have an idea what I’m talking about:

Sorry to hear that you consider a comment spam. It looks like you are able to approve or not approve comments on your blog, so feel free to not include the comment on your site.

Many thanks


I finished up the conversation:

Of course I’ve already made sure that the comments will stay off the site and that your e-mails and ip addresses are reported for spam. I just wanted to give you some direct feedback on your unprofessional tactics.


This is your community too, if you have thoughts about Donna and Tora spamming this space to sell us their weight loss crap product, feel free to send your feedback to toracullip@gmail.com

Subtle Fuck You

Just a final point, every time I talk about something this this, someone feels the need to come along and tell me that I should have just ignored it.  I think that ignoring it allows tacky spammy diet peddlers to operate without consequences so I’ll pass on the ignoring it option, though of course I totally support those who choose it for themselves.

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If my selling things on the blog makes you uncomfortable, you might want to check out this post.  Thanks for reading! ~Ragen

26 thoughts on “Tacky Spammy Diet Peddlers

  1. Excellent work!
    Do they honestly believe that ANYONE would be interested in the internet equivalent of door-to-door snake oil pedaling?
    Just for this alone I can promise not a brass razoo of mine shall cross their tacky palms.

  2. They’re WORSE than door-to-door peddlers. At least door-to-door types have to actually see your face and feel your dislike. These spammy types just drop their spam and run.

  3. Hi Ragen – I get spam comments on my blogs too. I have to physically approve each and every comment and even enabled that dreaded word verification that I hate, but at least this way, none of those spammers ever get published on my blogs. It’s a pain but it’s worth it. Keep up the great work!

  4. Love that you called them out on it directly. Spam comments on a blog are irritating enough, doubly so when they’re placed in such a passive-aggressive (or is that aggressive-aggressive?) manner.

  5. Good for you! Hopefully they were thoroughly embarrassed by their unprofessionalism (but something tells me that they weren’t). Either way, I think you handled it very well.

  6. Always amazes me that they don’t just say ‘sorry’ and agree not to do it again when you call them out. The fake indignation is worse than the original spam. I had one lady say ‘sorry’ and we actually had a nice dialogue about the HAES approach. The rest, !

  7. Wow. They didn’t think it was spam to go on someone else’s blog, leave a comment that doesn’t have anything to do with the subject, and make sure their commercial site address is linked? What. precisely, do they believe spam is?

    The truth is they know damn well that they’re spamming and they don’t care. Most sites spammed by them either won’t notice or won’t do anything about it. Keep fighting. All it takes for spam to flourish is for bloggers of good conscience to do nothing about it.

  8. I get a hoot out of people take the time to say something like, ‘If it bothers you, ignore it.’ Well, first off… they aren’t listening to their own advice by mentioning something like this because clearly they were bothered by you being bothered by something and therefore, felt the need to comment. Secondly, if everyone had that attitude in life– where would we be? What would be the point of reading a blog about ANY type of activism if you ignored what bothered you?

    I mean really… ‘Hm.. this nail in my foot is kind of bothering me. I’ll just ignore it. It’s not really worth my time- unlike this FANTASTIC blog by Tory and Diana or whatever.’

    1. Oh yes. The ‘complaining on a blog won’t change anything’ people complaining in comments to a blog post. I love those. They’re right up there with people who clearly have no interest in the main theme of a blog and have never commented there before showing up to accuse people of looking for things to get annoyed about, people who leave comment essays complaining an issue is not worthy of anyone’s time and people who leave angry comments to blog posts accusing people of being overly emotional and taking a topic too seriously.

  9. For the people who say ignore it, well I do ignore it. And I appreciate that you didn’t because there is probably one less spammer that I have to manually disapprove while ignoring them. Thank you!

  10. These people annoy me, they have no class or shame. Do these people get paid, is trolling diet info a paying job. Yes, what these ladies were doing was trolling if they ever see this. I’m not writing them directly, because I frankly don’t have anything to say to them that wouldn’t just be something they could cry harassment about.

    Companies should know when they hire professional trolls to spam their product where it’s not wanted, they may as well be advertising that they and their product are beyond meaningless. A real company can advertise and target people who want their product. As for the rest of these loser companies, they deserve no money. If you want people to buy your product, do not spam them with your ads.

    Then again we all know how Special K loves trolling fat acceptance sites for their double speak ads, guess professional spam troll is a legit job in advertising these days. Being the office building janitor has more dignity.

  11. Not sure if this is the right blog to post it, but I just saw a spot about how women need to stop with the negative fat talk, but it was sponsored by Special K. The message is good, but the company behind it, not so much. I was curious how others feel.

    Here’s a link to HuffPo that has an article regarding this.

    Also, I recently saw an ad for veggies that said something like ‘not all 100 calories are the same, go big’. The presentation of veggies as a diet food make them more unappealing to me. Anybody else have that reaction?

    1. I love veggies and fruits, always have. But then diet companies do that all I think is “Yep, if I didn’t love them so much I would so stop eating them.”

    1. Agree on “Gif-tastic graphics” as for the autobot comment spam, my akismet filter/dashboard count has passed “4,314,090” at last look this morning. It catches many but not all…obviously. (but I’ve been blogging 7+ yrs, it’s a long slog)

      My policy for pragmatics is “delete any/all that doesn’t move a convo forward or contribute any substantive discourse –inc positive flattery link bait”…

      Thx for the Saturday smile/hilarious GIFs and passionista pushback giving voice to what so many of us feel daily as we hit ‘move to trash’ or ‘spam’ in the back channel. (p.s. Saw this on Twitter via @Sharon_Haywood)

  12. Good use of the graphics, and I’m sorry that you have to shovel such manure off your porch. I have thus far only gotten spammers for diet stuff and Uggs (Uggs, really?) which have nothing to do with my subject material, but it’s offensive and a waste of time. They’re getting sneakier, slipping them past the WordPress sentinels. I shovel them, too, but golly what a waste of my time.

    Thank you for keeping comments open, and for doing the wonderful work you do.

  13. Wow. Such writing. Their spam comments are creepily….robotic? Like, I was actually surprised you got in touch with a flesh-and-blood person who really wrote them. Maybe their diet site is actually some kind of brainwashing cult. I always read spam as though some AI program somewhere is cobbling together not-quite-human turns of phrase. But now you have brought home to me the fact that *people write spam*. Sit down to write it. Why have I never really thought about this before. /UNSURE FOREVER.

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