Today is the Lunar New Year.  According to my friend Belinda Mendoza (who is a Feng Shui expert) arguing today is bad luck.  So no rant.  Just a question – what do you stand for?  The always amazing Marilyn Wann has come up with a brilliant campaign to inject some positivity into the Georgia Child-Shaming Billboard Debacle.  Some of the pictures are below.   Today consider putting the active in activism by getting involved with Marilyn’s Stand4Kids campaign either by sending a picture to marilyn at fatso dot com and she will create one for you (she’ll get your ok before publishing it), or passing along the pictures on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever you’re comfortable with.

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24 thoughts on “Stand

  1. This moves me to tears. I’m gonna dig one up and send it in. Thank you for sharing this, Ragen. You have become one of my role models and my hero in a very short time.

    1. I’m so glad that you are going to join the campaign and I’m honored that you consider me a role model and hero. Keeping fighting the good fight!

      Big Fat Hugs,


  2. Wow. I have never posted a comment on anything before, but this moved me to tears. I just had to say that I think every one of these pictures is beyond fantastic and sends the world an awesome, wonderful, empowering message. Keep doing what you do – it does make a difference!

  3. They’re all awesome, but that last one made me ‘D’awww’ as well.
    I’m going to search out a photo and send it in. Shaming kids has got to stop.

  4. Thank you so much! I am working very hard on not letting the
    haters ruin my days but sometimes I just need that little extra
    hug of help! And this was it!

  5. Why is it I can see beauty in every single person but the one looking at me in the mirror? You ladies are all beautiful and this helps me more than you know!

    1. I think we always tend to hold ourselves to higher standards than we’d ever dream of holding anyone else to. Also, because you see your own face every day, maybe study it closely while you’re doing your morning routine, you’re intimately familiar with every perceived flaw. Other people, you see much more briefly and don’t necessarily look at every so-called imperfection.

      Whatever the reason, you’re not the only one. It’s really hard to find yourself beautiful, but definitely worth trying to do.

  6. No child, no woman, no man should be a victim of being “shamed into” anything, especially the fat. I have been a fat child, a fat teenager, a fat adult and now am a fat middle-aged woman. Shaming just makes a person feel so inadequate and unaccepted! Shame on the legislators of Georgia for even considering this campaign!!!

  7. this post brought tears of joy to my eyes – i have felt so angry and helpless about this campaign and how to respond. i live in Atlanta and regularly see these posters at bus stops. it is all i can do not to jump out of my car and take them down. i teach yoga for a living, and will find a photo of myself to send in to be a part of the solution, not the problem. health at every size is possible – and people of every age deserve to be respected regardless of the shape of their body.


  8. Wow – this post is powerful and empowering. Thank you for providing everyone with the opportunity to Stand for HAES.
    Your blog is like just the right song at the right time on the radio.
    Thank you Ragen.

  9. As much as I love the photo you chose to use, my absolute favorite is the one you use as your icon here; the leaping one.

    Thanks for participating in this campaign. How is your project shaping up?

  10. A few days ago I found that a friend of mine likes to tell her five year old daughter, every time she reaches for something like a cookie or chocolate, that she won’t ever get to look like a princess eating that way.

    It makes me sick. I mentioned it to my friend once and she pointed out that her daughter is not my child to raise.

    I love these posters and I’m glad someone is standing up the nastiness. Kids already have enough negative messages, without freaking BILLBOARDS yelling at them.

    1. This is awful! I am angry at your friend and so sad for her daughter 😦
      True, she is not your child to raise but it is hard to sit back and know this is happening.
      I have a 5 year old daughter too and I just can’t even imagine speaking to her that way. We talk about making our bodies healthy and strong and I try not to food police too much. Obviously as the parent I have to have SOME control over what she eats, but my approach is mostly hands off and so far it is working.

  11. Hi Ragen, Thank you for being such an awesome role model for health!! I struggled with anorexia for over twenty years of my life and I am now all about letting our bodies be the way God made us and not fighting to be some thing we are not!! I have a two and a half year old little girl and there is nothing more important to me than to have her love herself inside and out no matter what she ends up looking like!!! I will follow your posts and get involved in any way I can. I was floored a couple months ago when I took my little girl to her pediatrition and they figured out her bmi! I told them I will change docs if they continue to do that but I was told all docs are now going to be required by the new health care laws to do it for every patient. Again – focusing on something that is unhealthy and puts a focus on weight by trying to make everyone fit into a mold!! Sorry, don’t get me started (-; Thank you for what you are doing Ragen – you are AWESOME!!!!!

    1. Goog grief! I’m so sorry! If they really have to check that for insurance purposes do they really have to tell you what it is? Why does the insurance even need a BMI on someone that’s obviously not done growing? How could that even resemble ‘accurate’? I am aware that I’m extremely blessed to have a wonderful doc & pediatrician. My doc knows not to weigh me every time. If they have to (if I’ve had a puking 24 day migraine it’s something they need to check) they know not to tell me. They know how active I am even with fibro so they don’t talk to me about weight. My ped weighs my boys but it’s never a big deal. They were born at 36 weeks but were fine. The ped watched it for a year or 18 months but never said anything but “this is their weight.” One of mine was in the 25th% for a while and all he said was ‘someone’ had to be there! I wish they all looked at weight like that! Soapbox warning: those charts are based on bottle-fed babies so mine never were the ‘right weight’. They’re monster children now. It would be wrong to say “I told you so” to my MIL?

      1. I’m pretty sure the “required by law” bit is BS. My docs don’t weigh me, and I have seen several specialists in the last two months. The only time I get weighed is when it’s medically relevant, which is very rarely.

  12. This is a great response to the Georgia shaming campaign. Question – do you know if there is any effort to get these publicized on a much larger scale (i.e. on billboards next to the fat hate adverts, for example)? If there is a fundraising campaign to get that going, let us know!

    1. Thanks for asking! We’re about to start a fundraising campaign to put up our own billboard. Just keep an eye on the blog and I’ll get you all the details as soon as I have them!



  13. I wish I had of known about this blog and you when I was a teenager (an obese teenager). Maybe I would have learned to love myself then but as it was I was so unhappy. I became very sick ( not obesity related- it was stress related, caused by depression)and started to lose weight but the doctors would not help me because “it can’t be a bad thing, right?”. I lost 35kgs and was on the verge of being underweight before I began to get better. Now I’m within a healthy weight range but on the inside I still feel like the exact same fat girl no one had any interest in. Seeing those ads bought tears to my eyes and made me smile. Thank you so much for them- I sincerely hope your message reaches as many children and teens and helps them love themselves.

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