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Who it’s for:

This program can be done by individuals, or as a group of any size –  including as a workplace wellness program.

How it works:

You watch a short video each day (or on whatever schedule works for you.) Each video has a lesson and an action item. Over the course of eighteen self-paced, content-packed, three minute videos you’ll get the tools you need to create healthy relationships with food, movement, and your body, and you’ll map out a path to health that makes sense for you, in an easily digestible format. Built in tools allow you to track your progress and keep notes individually or as a group.

Register now:  

Individual: $25.00 

Group:  Please contact for pricing and progress tracking options for groups.

To get more info (including full curriculum and a preview the videos) just click here!

Buy the Book

Fat: The Owner’s Manual – Navigating a Thin-Obsessed World with Your Health, Happiness, and Sense of Humor Intact, is now available in soft-cover and e-book!

Soft-cover is $14.95 plus shipping ($10 wi/ free shipping for danceswithfat members)

Click here to ship to the US

Click here to ship to Canada

Click here for shipping everywhere else

E-Book is Name Your Own Price*

Click here to order the e-book

*It is very important to me that this book is affordable to everyone and I know that $14.95 isn’t affordable to everyone. So, name your own price – seriously. You’ll receive your e-book by e-mail within 24 hours.

For more information about the book, including reviews, check out

Buy the Dance Classes

For more information, include descriptions of the dances, check out the website:

Buy the Downloads – Downloads include warm-up/cool down, instruction for one dance, and dance parties.

Beginner Routines

I Love to Love You by Candye Kane $5

Smoke and Leather by Darci Monet $5

Intermediate Routines

Mistress Carmen by Candye Kane $5

Super Hero by Candye Kane $5

Advanced Routines

Heavy Woman by Single Bass $5

Work What You Got by Candye Kane $5


6 thoughts on “Shop – Book, DVDs, and More

  1. It occurred to me a shirt just saying “Underpants Rule” would be fun. People could interpret it however they wanted and it would be a good reminder not only to follow it yourself, but to give other people room to follow it for themselves.

  2. Dear Ragen,

    I am a new fan and have been following your blog raptly. I couldn’t help but notice that your larger sizes in shirts cost more than the straight sizes, and I was wondering if there is a way to get a discount? Thank you


    1. Hi Carmen,

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the blog, I’m really glad that you like it! As I mentioned above, I am aware that they charge more for larger shirts. I would be charged more for my size and I agree that sucks. People asked for the shirts and I wanted to make them available, this store had the best deal that I could find. If you don’t want to buy the shirts for this reason I completely understand. If you know of a site that doesn’t charge, or charges less for larger shirts let me know and I will gladly move to them! The shirts aren’t a profit generator for me, they are something that I created because fans like you requested them. If you don’t want to pay more for a shirt in your size I 100% respect that and completely support you. I send a request about once a month to the company asking them to change their policy, if you want to do activism around this you can find their contact info at Thanks!



  3. Hi
    I am dyslexic, but would like to buy the e-book. Can you tell me what format it is in? I need it in PDF, word or jif to make my computer read it for me.

  4. I love he song Brick House by the Commodores, I just can’t sit still if I hear it. I’ve always been tall and imposing, at any weight, so it’s kind of a personal anthem (I suspect I’m not alone with that one). What do you think of making a routine for it?

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