Answers to the Question: Do You Need To Eat That?

“Do you need to eat that?” Has this question ever been asked in a way that wasn’t passive aggressive fat/food shaming? As we eat with our families (over zoom) this holiday season, I wanted to give some options for responding to this utterly bullshit question for my Wednesday Fat Positive Video.

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When Good Friends Do Bad Diets

As the New Year comes around, the diet industry is doing everything it can to convince all of us to make another (ultimately doomed) weight loss attempt. Even when we aren’t fooled, often our nearest and dearest are still riding the diet roller coaster. And typically that means that they want to talk about it – anywhere and everywhere – in ways that can be anything from annoying to harmful. In this workshop we’ll talk about options for dealing with this in all the scenarios that we may find ourselves in.

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4 thoughts on “Answers to the Question: Do You Need To Eat That?

  1. Pahahahahaaa! Ragen!

    I miss my pug. Why do dogs lie such short lives when relatives never seem to die?

    A therapist told me about “Fuck you very much.” Best said with a genuine smile.

    “Tell me about your bowel movements.” Oh, I’m saving that one!

  2. My type 1 diabetic friend gets asked that too. She gets so sick of it. It’s none of anyone’s business. She has an insulin pump and there was one time she’d gone to the work cafeteria and bought a donut. She had the donut sitting on a napkin on her desk, and was literally in the process of turning around clicking her pump so she could eat it, when some idiot walked by, saw the donut, said, “You shouldn’t eat that!” all scandalized, and THREW IT IN THE TRASH. I am not kidding. I sat right across the aisle and saw it. My friend had already given herself the insulin needed! Imagine being THAT obtuse!

  3. I’ve never been asked “do you need to eat that” but have had the fun of being encouraged to lose weight and then later to eat more food during dinner.

    Thank you for making this, and thank you to you lovely partner for bribing the dogs.

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