CNN Report: Medical Fatphobia Could Undermine Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccine

Weight stigma in medical care kills fat people and then blames us for our own deaths.A CNN article (that I will not link to here because it is such a dumpster fire of fatphobia) explains that fat people are often left out of drug trials, including for vaccines, and that we’ve known since at least 1985 that the vaccines produced through these trials can be less effective for fat people.

The article’s conclusion (as evidenced by its headline): The existence of fat people will undermine the effectiveness of a vaccine for COVID-19.

This is just blatant fatphobia. They’ve known for 35 years that the current process of creating vaccines puts fat people’s lives more at risk, but have done nothing to solve that problem. Now, when it could affect the lives of thin people, they are trying to pile the blame on fat people for existing.

The article notes that vaccines are also less effective on older people and so a protocol was developed to solve that problem. For fat people – nothing but a transfer of blame.

Fuck that. Fuck a bunch of that. Fuck all of that.

Medical weight stigma kills fat people and then blames us for our deaths. I’ve talked about it here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Now they are trying to blame us for the deaths of others because the vaccines they create fail us. Fatphobia is the problem, not fat people. They know we exist, they should start treating us with equality instead of with blatant disregard for our lives including a general policy that killing us is completely acceptable, including if it’s just easier or more profitable.

The focus should be on creating a vaccine that works for people of all sizes, not making a thin people vaccine and then blaming fat people for its failure.

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5 thoughts on “CNN Report: Medical Fatphobia Could Undermine Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. A lot of vaccin problems with fat people could already be solved by just using a longer needle. But then again, I’ve only been a nurse for 25yrs. What do I know?

  2. Been sayin it for decades. Once it is medicalized, the stigma will become deadly. and not just incompetency from medical professionals deadly. “Kill them for the good of society” deadly. In Germany, they wanted to rid the world of undesirables, they had a very long list of people not invited to that party. Most utopian dream worlds have unrelentingly homogenous cast. First, they come for the sick and damaged, deciding whose life isn’t worth living, or whose they declare dangerously unhealthy, burdensome, unsightly or in anyway an inconvenience to their own…COVID-19, the turning point, from concern to hysteria. Boyo won’t this be fun to live through…

  3. CNN: We’re the unbiased, trustworthy news station you can always feel confident turning to for serious reporting and commentary when Fox and MSNBC are on their soapboxes!


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