Before and After Pictures of a 6-Year-Old?

We can help kids learn to take care of their bodies, instead of learning to hate themIf you’re over your rage quota for the day I recommend reading this later. A person who profits from pushing the Keto diet posted before and after pictures of a 6-year-old-girl. She was celebrating that the little girl had lost “27lbs in 20 weeks!⁣”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

First of all, if you think I’m linking to this nonsense you can think again. I will tell you that people in the comments seem to think the second picture was photoshopped. I don’t know about that, I can say that it seems to use all the classic trickery of a before and after. Sad look in the first picture, big smile (with bright and shiny hair accessories and elastics) in the second. It appears that in her “before” picture someone told her to stick her adorable tummy out as far as it could go – her back is arched. In the first picture she is wearing a bathing suit top and bike shorts rolled under her tummy – leaving it out. In the second shot is taken in a black, form-fitting full-length shirt and bike shorts.

The experts tell us that putting kids on diets of any kind is a recipe for creating unhealthy relationships with food, movement, and their bodies – including eating disorders. This little girl seems to have been placed on a diet the seriously restricts carbohydrates which can create its own health problems including nutritional deficiencies, weak bones, and kidney stones. Update: some are saying that she was on Weight Watchers which is excactly the unhealthy and dangerous program that the experts discussed in this article. The bottom line is that trying to manipulate a child’s body size during their growth years is dangerous.

This situation is just complete and total bullshit start-to-finish. The idea that you would take before and after weight loss pictures of a first-grade child is absolutely horrific. The idea that you would give them to an Instagram personality who sells dieting to share with the world is unthinkable.  Teaching a child that t she should like her body more if it is smaller before she has learned to add two-digit numbers is unconscionable. Don’t forget that she’s also learned that other people’s bodies are less good if they are larger and more good if they are smaller.

What happens when she, almost inevitably, regains her weight and is now completely secure in the knowledge that her parents and half the internet like her more when she is thinner? She is now set up for a lifetime of body hatred, disordered relationships with food, movement, and her body, and weight cycling and all the health risks that come with that.

We can help kids learn to take care of their bodies, instead of learning to hate them and fear weight gain – especially since weight gain is incredibly normal through life stages.

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4 thoughts on “Before and After Pictures of a 6-Year-Old?

  1. As a fat baby who grew into a fat child who grew into a fat adult…

    When fatphobes look at a fat child, they don’t see a child. They see an enemy combatant in the War on Obesity. And you don’t worry about the future health and well-being of an enemy combatant when you’ve got a victory to win against them right now, do you?

  2. This is unconscionable. Truly abhorrent. That poor little girl.

    Anyone else have a father who offered her twenty buck a pound to lose weight? Oh, by the way, he was a sociopath who was molesting his children.

    Should be illegal. The only body dysmorphism a girl should have to deal with at that age is BARBIE! Roll them pant up them crazy long legs, try and get the top over those gigantical titties, brush that plastic hair. Period! (And I love my BARBIE)

    I hope this kid makes it through. Reaches the teen years with as little inflicted bile as possible when the real abuse sets in for the long haul; but I seriously doubt it…I hope her parents grow a brain, or a soul, or both! Love the kid you’ve got, not the one you wish you had, or the one you’ve got once she had the socially constructed BS body value appearance! You know, no matter what you think, you are NOT doing her ANY FAVORS!

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