Quarantine Comedy Weekly Roundup

This week in my short one-woman-open-mic comedy vids I talked about growing up with possibly the world’s worst last name, moderating fat-positive Facebook groups, the new endurance sport I invented in quarantine, and after a week of learning to play the ukulele, I wrote a song about learning the Ukulele.

You can play them all below (they’ll play back-to-back)
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5 thoughts on “Quarantine Comedy Weekly Roundup

  1. The one about your name really made me laugh – not in a nasty way of course. My last name was shortened by some kids to a word that is slang for penis. I don’t want to put my maiden on Facebook. My mother wouldn’t allow anyone to shorten my first name – Elizabeth, and if they did she went ballistic, she visited their parents etc, because apparently I was name Elizabeth after the Queen. So the kids shortened my last name instead which she didnt blink an eye at. She probably didnt know what it meant.

    Thank you for the laugh on a fairly boring Sunday!

  2. Moderation. I do not envy you or anyone else that task.

    “I know there’s no weight loss talk in this group, but…”

    Seriously, how hard is it to see that different places do different stuff, and when you have a million diet-friendly and diet-specific groups to choose from but decide to go into one that ISN’T about dieting to try to MAKE it about dieting so you can talk about your diet THERE instead of one of those other places, that’s not “telling a harsh truth to an unwilling audience who nevertheless must hear it,” it’s walking into a Menards and ordering a Big Mac.

    “If I can’t talk about my diet, I’m going to leave.”

    And then for the cashier’s “terrible customer service” of not giving you a Big Mac and perhaps even having the cheek to explain they don’t sell those, you announce you’re “never shopping here again!”

    Great stuff, as always! 🙂

    1. I’m stealing the Big Mac example for sure 🙂 I think a lot of this ends up being about people wanting to use the resources of fat-positive community, while still believing that they can move themselves out of the oppressed group. People want to have their (Weight Watchers 1 point) cake and eat it to as it were.

      1. LOL, steal away! I remember another poster here compared it to signing up for a Harry Potter forum so you could spam it with posts about Twilight and accusing anyone who tried to steer the conversation back to Harry Potter of being “judgmental and unsupportive,” which I also thought was a rather on-the-nose analogy.

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