Let’s Play Diet Ad Bingo!

While many of us are spending lots more time at home, I thought it might be a good time to play a little Diet Ad Bingo:

I have become incredibly annoyed with all of the diet ads that I get bombarded with every day (dude, magical weight loss tea is not a “movement’ that people can “join”, what the effing crap.)

Whenever they are online I mark them as “misleading” or, at least, “I don’t want to see this” and hide them.  But some I can’t delete,  so I decided the next best thing to deleting them is making them into a game.

In that spirit, I offer the Diet Ad BINGO card below. You’ll note that “Disclaimer” is the free space because, since they don’t work, they all have some sort of disclaimer/fine print (like “results not even close to typical” or “this diet may kill you.“) As always, people are allowed to diet if they choose (underpants rule!), and people are allowed to poke fun at the diet industry which makes over $60 Billion a year selling a product that is such a failure that they are legally required to say that it doesn’t work every time they advertise it.

Happy BINGO-ing:

Diet Ad Bingo

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One thought on “Let’s Play Diet Ad Bingo!

  1. These two in particular have been sticking in my craw these days: salesmen referring to their diets as “evidence-based” (I mean, sure, if you mean “based on the evidence that you will lose weight for a few months and then gain it all back and are willing to pay me for the first part while blaming yourself for the latter”) and replacing “lifestyle change” with “health journey” (because if your goal weig… I mean “health”… is a journey, not a destination, they’re not liable if you never get there).

    Different day, new catchphrase, same shit.

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