Fixing Fatphobic Memes – Adorable Baby and Seal Edition

Is there anything worse than scrolling through social media just to find that somebody confused fatphobia with cleverness and then decided to visit it on the world as a meme? Yes, in my opinion, it could be worse – they could drag adorable animals and babies into it.

I’m on a bit of a mission to fix fatphobic memes and thanks to readers Nancy and Karin I’ve found and fixed these two:

Top picture is an adorable baby in the bathtub with the caption “When U realize U overdid it on the holidays” On the bottom is the same picture with the new caption “I’m a frickin’ baby for Pete’s sake, leave me out of your fat-shaming nonsense.”  


Seal Meme Fix
Top picture is an adorable fat seal with the caption “When you’ve been saying “Fuck It It’s Christmas” since mid November and now it’s starting to catch up. The bottom is the same picture with the caption “When you’re just trying to hang out and be a seal, but somebody wants to make you part of their ridiculous fatphobic meme. 

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4 thoughts on “Fixing Fatphobic Memes – Adorable Baby and Seal Edition

  1. Oh for goodness sake. Seals are supposed to be fat. They need the fat to survive and thrive living in the water. A think seal is probably ill and does not do so well.

    1. ‘Top picture is an adorable fat seal with the caption “When you’ve been saying “Fuck It It’s Christmas” since mid November and now it’s starting to catch up.”‘

      Seal… or sea lion? “I find it the vilest of slander you are saying I’m a fatphobic meme when I was making a legitimate point about gluttony and the propensity of you poor dears suffering from obesity to rationalize it. Fatphobia doesn’t exist at all, and if it did exist, I am sure it would be completely justified. Indeed, I think we should have a debate about this immediately. By debate I mean I want you to sit quietly while I scream ‘BUT WHAT IF YOU DIABETES THO! WHAT ABOUT MY ACHING TAX DOLLARS! SUGAR! CARBS! DON’T YOU LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES ENOUGH TO BE A THIN PERSON!’ over and over again before walking away feeling like I ‘won.’ I am, after all, just asking questions. Why won’t you answer my questions? Why are you so mean to me?”

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