Absolutely Nothing Justifies Fat-Shaming

No Justification for fatshamingIt happened (again) in a progressive Facebook group that I am in. Someone posted a picture of a fat woman wearing a pro-donald shirt with William Barr’s face photoshopped over hers.  The ensuing thread was a pile of fat-shaming hot garbage.

When I pointed it out, I was met with a couple attempted justifications. The first being that it was just a photoshop gag. Pro-tip, if a “photoshop gag” involves a fat person being fat-shamed, then it’s not just a photoshop gag, it’s also a fat joke. See also: fat suits.

The other attempt at an excuse was the one that I hear most often, that people are “angry and frustrated” and “need to vent” blah blah blah.

This is bullshit. You are either against fat-shaming, or you support it. If you claim to be against it but then you participate in it, then guess what – you support it. You don’t get to say that it’s ok if you do it because you are angry, or frustrated, or because the person you are fat-shaming is objectively terrible, or for any reason.

The idea that something fatphobic (or racist, or transphobic etc.) that is said in anger somehow doesn’t count as fatphobic (or racist, or transphobic etc.) is complete, total, utter nonsense.  If you fat-shame when you’re angry, you’re fatphobic and you need to fix it. (Similarly, if you hurl racial epithets when you’re angry, you need to fix your racism, and if you deadname trans people you don’t like, you need to fix your transphobia, etc.)

Fat-shaming is wrong. There is never any excuse or justification that makes it ok. Nope, not even that one. Or that. There’s none. Seriously.

It’s really not complicated – if you say that you don’t believe in fat-shaming, then you have to take a pass on fat-shaming. If you’re not willing to do that, then congratulations, you’ve just identified an area for some self-work around your own fatphobia. Please get on that as soon as possible for all of our sakes. Thanks in advance.

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4 thoughts on “Absolutely Nothing Justifies Fat-Shaming

  1. I’m gonna take a bite at this one. I think, it is vera possible they don’t “get it”. ?You know. That they don’t quite get that in using the image of a fat woman’s body to make Something Else Look Bad IS FAT SHAMING. Is that part of it? Not blind adherence so much as conversational mind fart? For maybe %6 of them. The rest are probably offense shopping. Use what they case use for feeling offended on a case by case basis…
    Like when people go to rallies to stand up to bigots and carry signs that say “Hitler was a woman.” in an attempt to funny/shame/anger the bigots. What you just said is: Hitler is so bad… he’s a woman.
    Like a person saying the ____ are the N**s of the world. Even grammatically that doesn’t make sense. You are claiming one thing is the most abused and discriminated against with a term referencing the later. Dudes wake up!

  2. *sigh* Not again.

    ALL fat-shaming hurts ALL fat people. If you sling fatphobic slurs and promote fatphobic stereotypes playing fat people as greedy, lazy, stupid, and immoral for a cheap laugh or potshot, it doesn’t matter if you only meant to target one person, *nor does it matter how justifiable your anger at that one person is.* You have helped entrench the beliefs that get fat people killed at the doctor’s office. You have helped entrench the beliefs that see fat people paid less than thin people for the same work, sees fat women paid even less than fat men, sees fat people shut entirely out of some positions on the basis of their appearance alone. You have helped entrench the beliefs that make fat children afraid to go to school because teasing, condescension, and physical violence are part of their daily routine there. You have helped entrench the beliefs that keep a cartoonishly unethical sixty-billion-dollar industry in good public graces. You are part of the problem.

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