A Song For People Who Are Sick of Diet Talk

If you’re tired of hearing diet talk, then this song (to the tune of “Let It Snow”) is for you! Turn it up and sing along (or hum it under your breath at parties, totally your call.)


The truly fabulous Jeanette DePatie and I have collaborated on a series of revamped holiday songs. This is the first one and we’ll be releasing more throughout the holiday season. Of course I’ll be posting them here, and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel! Feel free to leave a comment (the comments are moderated, so it might take a little while to be published, but in good news it will be part of a troll-free comment section!)

Did you like it?

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3 thoughts on “A Song For People Who Are Sick of Diet Talk

  1. How in the everloving heck did I miss you had a YouTube and not subscribe to the thing. This is so on point and so on time for what we like to call National Food Day in our house because let’s face it, the original garbage to do with today is just so…fraught and bad.

    But awesome song ladies, awesome song.

  2. Ooh, catchy tune! I’d be down with a whole album of these. I think the part I found funniest is the verse about the person pushing keto and warning you off… dip. This cracked me up especially because (content warning: diet specifics)

    Most popular commercially-available dips and salad dressings are keto-friendly.

    (/end diet specifics) That is a way too accurate depiction of the Dunning-Kruger relative who’s decided they’re “expert” enough to hold an “intervention” for your weight, only they don’t know how you currently eat OR what the diets they’re asking you to try recommend you eat, either. “Uh… um… salad? It’s salad, right?”

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