Study Plans To Starve Kids “For Their Health”

No On Fast TrackIn another example of so-called medical professionals deciding that it’s acceptable to risk fat people’s lives and quality of life to try to make us thin, the Fast Track study will quite literally starve 186 adolescents, ages 13-17.

Louise Adams, Clinical Psychologist and author of Untrapped,  has written about this extensively, the basics are:

“The “Fast Track To Health” study is about to kick off in Sydney & Melbourne. The research team have a $1.2 million grant from the NH&MRC, and these funds are being used to put teenagers through a gruelling and prolonged semi starvation experiment.

Teens aged 13-17 are facing a horrifying experience: for an entire month they will be allowed just 800 calories a day. After that, for an entire YEAR of their lives, the kids will be starved for 3 days of the week, allowed only 600-700 calories a day”

Ruth Leach wrote a brilliant, extensively cited, point by point explanation of the short and long term dangers of this horror of a study, which was co-signed by 37 different professionals and sent to the Human Research Ethics Committee at Syndey Children’s Hospital Network. You can read it here.

It should go without saying that starving kids is dangerous and unethical, but  unfortunately it needs to be said:

Please consider adding your voice by signing this petition created by Louise Adams.

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13 thoughts on “Study Plans To Starve Kids “For Their Health”

  1. Thanks for linking to Ruth Leach’s letter. I couldn’t believe it when I read the researchers had the sheer nerve to insist they’re doing this in a “non-stigmatizing” way and that (even cheekier!) their making a public show of starving fat kids will somehow *fight* fat stigma, so it’s great a specialist stepped up to remind them that, no, John, you are the fat stigma. Even if they have thus far proven incapable of listening, they certainly can’t hear that enough. I’m honestly a little curious to know what they think fat stigma IS if they genuinely believe what they’re doing doesn’t qualify.

    1. This stuff has entered the realm of magical thinking. Add that to organized medicine and for your own good and we’re on the road to very bad things…

      1. It’s like the Good Cop brand of fatphobes believes they can’t be fatphobes because fatphobes are those creeps who lurk on reddit and stained bus seats to shout slurs and death threats at fat women and children, and they don’t do that, therefore they cannot be fatphobes. Or at least, they can’t be as bad as those fatphobes.

        Thing is, those guys that tell me to kill myself? They can’t enact policies that get me fired from my current position and/or rob me of future job opportunities. They can’t deny me medical care. They can’t have fat peoples’ kids taken away with no evidence of abuse because they think allowing fat children to exist qualifies as abusing them. They can’t spend billions of dollars training everyone from public and private interests to my friends and family to view me as an enemy combatant in a war. They can’t force or coerce me into starving while admitting it is objectively bad for me but mumbling some woo about risks, rewards, and epidemics.

        You know who CAN do that? YOU, Mr. and Ms. Good Cop. And you DO. Every day. When we talk about fatphobia killing people, it is specifically *your brand of fatphobia* that is killing people. I never dropped dead from being called a hamplanet. Fat people have, however, died from having their bowels amputated, from swallowing balloons, from having external siphons installed in their intestine, from having their tongues mutilated, from being given meth-in-a-nice-suit, from having their symptoms of serious illness ignored as you blithely tell them to “just lose a few pounds and it’ll go away – I know a great obesity clinic, very reputable, it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet!” And you know what else? Those Bad Cops you’re so dismissive of? You’re the reason they exist. They didn’t come out of the womb hating us; it was your War on Obesity propaganda campaign that *taught* them to hate us, that continues to reinforce their hatred and provide them a legitimate-looking authority figure to justify their views of fat people as their biological and moral lessers. Oh, sure, their *methods* horrify you, or you at least like clutching your pearls and pretending they do, but you absolutely agree with their premise that fat lives are worth less than thin lives, that the only way to add value to a fat person is to turn him into a thin person, and that it’s okay to cause fat bodies damage as long as you can tenuously tie it to the pursuit of turning them into thin bodies.

        So you’re right, you’re not “as bad” as the slur-hurling layman fatphobe.

        For the impact you have on society and the lives of fat individuals, you are much, much worse.

        1. Lady Rhapthorne, this is so eloquent. Is it OK with you for me to share it, especially with colleagues in public health and health care?

          1. Sure! Go right ahead.

            It just gets so very frustrating how many “Good Cop” types of fatphobe say they’re against stigmatizing fat people, then in the next breath say something like, “but we can’t ignore the danger obesity presents.” See, they don’t want to *stigmatize* fat people, they just want to convince everyone (including us) that we’re so much more inherently evil than thin people our existence is a unique threat to society that must be stamped out before we turn the world into a sumptuary dystopia.

            Again, guys, do you even know what “stigmatize” MEANS?

  2. Hey Ragen,

    I went to sign the petition and it showed Zero signatures, which seemed odd. Entered my info and clicked the ‘sign’ button and nothing happened 😦

    1. Hi Faith, I’m sorry for the trouble. I just checked in on my computer in three different browsers and on my phone and it came up correctly every time. I haven’t heard anyone else having this issue – I’m not sure what the problem might be. Sorry! Thanks for trying!

  3. Wow, this is more a Fast track to Eating disorders and Disordered eating for Life.
    I am Fat. this is a fact. I decided to do a food diary, because that’s what everyone said was a great way to see how unhealthily I was eating.
    So, for a month, I recorded Every morsel eaten or drunk.
    I was right between 800 and 900 calories a day.
    And, I’m fat.
    The fool who dreamt up this lame idea needs to be punished with his own treatments.

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