Fat Is Not A Violation









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4 thoughts on “Fat Is Not A Violation

  1. Not a bit surprised. Most of society expects fat people to self-edit themselves out of social enforced shame. When you stand up to it and demand to be seen in the same light as EVERYBODY ELSE they counter, argue, shame, deny, and attempt to alter or eliminate the imagery. Control in the information age. The people/corporations that own the companies that broadcast the images control what the company allows to be seen. On and on and…off.

  2. I said this to @laceangel:
    It’s a sickening double standard when people can say terrible things about another person and that’s not a violation, but having a body different from society’s narrow view of beauty is somehow a “violation.” I think it is a very nice picture.

    BTW, I am sick of seeing Kim Kardashian’s overexposed self, whether she is nude or clothed. I don’t know why she is popular. She’s egotistical and boring.

  3. Free the Nipples notwithstanding, I can clearly see Kim Kardashian’s (female) nipples, so surely that is a violation of their actual stated rules!

    And people wonder why I don’t use InstaGram.

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