Answer to Family Feud’s Fatphobia

Biscuit doesn't care about flatteringReader Mandy was watching Family Feud re-runs and the question came up: “Name something that should be against the law for people to wear if they are out of shape.”

If every single answer on the board isn’t “other people’s prejudices and insecurities”  and/or “this question is fatphobic bullshit and I refuse to answer” then we have some problems here.

In no particular order:

  • Fatphobia is so acceptable that game shows think it’s a funny joke
  • People are comfortable with the idea that they should be allowed to dictate what other people should wear
  • The idea that it should literally be illegal to dress how you want didn’t cause anyone on the show (those who created the survey, producers, hosts, or contestants) to be taken aback enough to keep this off the air

This makes me think of the “clever” signs that pop up during warm weather suggesting that we “dress for the body you have, not the body you want” (from everyone from ophthalmologists to social workers) Or the ridiculous notion of “flattering” which can totally bite me.

This is all crap. You don’t owe anyone else “attractive,” (or, while we’re at it,  “healthy,” or  “healthy behaviors” or “pretty,” etc.) by their definition or anyone else’s. If people don’t like what you are wearing, there are at least three other cardinal directions to which they can avert their gaze. How “in or out of shape” you are (whatever that means) doesn’t have to factor into your clothing decisions at all.

Wear what the hell you want. The only thing that should be against the law is for people to shame other people for their bodies or their clothes.

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