Victory! Fat Suit Halloween Costume Off the Shelves

victoryToday for Say Something Sunday I have an update on the terrible fat suit Halloween costume that I wrote about earlier in the week. I was late to the party hearing about this and amazing fat activists lead by Kristen Hardy were already hard at work fixing it.  Per Kristen’s Facebook page;

I just got off the phone with the Customer Care Manager of Value Village.
Following our complaints about the “fat ballerina” costume, Value Village has removed the costume from ALL of their stores in Canada and the US, as well as set up an advisory committee for 2018 onward to look at ALL of their Hallowe’en costumes to make sure that they are in harmony with the company’s commitment to inclusivity.
Thanks to everyone who contacted them about this!

It’s important to remember that, while it’s often the slow boring of hard boards, activism works! Massive thanks to Kristen Hardy and the other activists who put in the work to get this abomination off the shelves and to further work with the company to stop the sale of other offensive costumes! Do you have an activism victory? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Victory! Fat Suit Halloween Costume Off the Shelves

  1. Hooray!

    Whether it’s because they never even thought about it before, or because they did think about fat people’s feelings, but thought it didn’t really matter, until people showed them that it really matters, I’m glad they’re doing the right thing, now.

    We may never know their real motivations (not losing money vs. not being a jerk), but at least we know they are taking steps to prevent this sort of thing in the future, and I’m very glad of that.

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