Hashtag Highlights Early Body Shaming Experiences

ShamelessA heartbreaking new hashtag is trending. People are using #TheySaid to tell their stories of experiencing body shaming. The hashtag was started on May 25th by Sally Bergesen, who kicked things off by talking about her own memory of body shaming.


This kind of crap needs to stop, like, yesterday. If you tell kids they should hate their bodies — they’ll believe you. If you tell them it’s OK to hate kids who are bigger than they are, then they’ll believe you and they’ll create the next generation of stories for #TheySaid.

Sally Bergesen, the woman who started the hashtag, is also the CEO of Oiselle, a sports apparel brand. As an athlete who wants to support people who are doing the right thing when it comes to Size Acceptance, I immediately headed to her website. Sadly, what I found was pretty disappointing.

You can read my entire piece about this here!

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6 thoughts on “Hashtag Highlights Early Body Shaming Experiences

  1. It’s so sad when someone fails so miserably at self-awareness. I mean, the very person working on a hashtag to fight fat-body shaming winds up excluding (and by doing so, shaming) fat bodies?

  2. It shows how horribly warped our views of bodies are when women get congratulated on how they look after developing an eating disorder ;_;

  3. Fat shaming hurts fat people. Fat shaming hurts thin people. Fat shaming hurts children. Fat shaming hurts adults. Fat shaming hurts women. Fat shaming hurts men. Fat shaming *even hurts fat-shamers.* There is no aspect of society fat shaming does good.

    1. Well, it makes a lot of money for the diet industry people. But such tainted money – I cannot believe it can have a truly positive effect in their lives.

      It’s blood-money.

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