Resources for the Holidays

Holiday Biscuit
Biscuit the Pug and I wish happy, body positive, holidays to all who are celebrating, and a happy, body positive rest of the year to those who aren’t!

Every year, this is one of my biggest e-mail days – when I receive the most e-mails asking for help or support dealing with fatphobia during the holidays – from those who are celebrating and those who aren’t.  For some people, the holidays are filled with fun family get-togethers and happy memories and festivities. For many people, it’s very much not.

People for whom “the holidays” aren’t so happy often don’t feel like they can talk about it (or are discouraged from talking about it), which makes it extra suck.  So I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that and let you know that this is a safe space, and to re-post some resources, if you have additional resources please feel free to post them in the comments!

Dealing with family and friends food police

Combating holiday weight shame

The Holiday Boundary Song

Dealing with people who can’t handle you setting boundaries

This article was written for Queer people, and has good tips for everyone.

There is a past discussion thread about this over on Shakesville that has some really great ideas and discussion.

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3 thoughts on “Resources for the Holidays

  1. I have done several of the things in the tips article, and they do help. Even if you don’t end up using the plans you put in place, having them available helps to reduce stress.

    I hope everyone has some fun this weekend.

  2. The hols can be miserable for fat people, Partake in the yummie side of celebrations or abstain, thin people will either get mad you are judging their “indulgence” by not indulging, or be ashamed of you for giving into your own. January will be worse, nothing like repenting thin people who have gained three pounds over the food holidays and now live in terror of waking up to find they have become one of “them”. Start the next round of diet or die social death for the new year, get rid of those holidays pounds will trip right along to lose weight for the summer bathing suit season…Screw em. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow…life goes on….

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