Ann Coulter Finally Gets Something Right

Ann Coulter, a talking head who has made a name for herself by saying horrible things in front of as many people as possible, took advantage of the recent election protests to engage in some pretty weak attempts at fat shaming.

Her opening attempt:


To be fair, there may be protests that don’t include fat people of any gender, but I’m always happy to be associated with activism, so thanks Ann!  I hope that fat people are at protests – and not just protests about the mistreatment of fat people, I hope that fat people are at protests against any oppression and mistreatment, and against any would-be despot.

Ann tried again:


This is Ann Coulter in a nutshell – completely missing the point, and recommending things that aren’t supported by evidence.

This is what we mean when we talk about fat oppression, when we talk about size bigots – that there are people who are under the misconception that our body size somehow de-legitimizes not just our actions and lives, but anything that we are involved with. Thousands of people show up to protest, but the protest doesn’t count because some of those people are fat?  You’re going to have to sell bullshit somewhere else Ann, we’re not in the market.

This is what bullies do – they try to keep us down, they try to keep us from protesting the mistreatment that we are experiencing, and when that doesn’t work they try to say our protests don’t count because we are the ones protesting.  That’s bullshit, obviously, (though luckily in this case, Ann is genuinely terrible at it.)

Nobody is obligated to protest, but if you feel moved to protest then show up, wave that sign, be that fat person. There may be protests without us, but they will be better with us, so let’s keep showing up and speaking out making the world better, and people like Ann can keep complaining about it on Twitter.

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12 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Finally Gets Something Right

  1. I know AC didn’t mean it as a compliment, but I can’t help thinking ‘Without fat girls, there would be no protests.’ is a massively cool true thing… despite her intention. Damn right, there wouldn’t be. We are that awesome.

  2. It amazes me how ignorant some people are-I don’t get it; but unfortunately I do. I grew up with people like this. It was very demoralizing.
    What I also don’t get, is why people want to hang out in their misery and ignorance. But I grt that one too; they have to put everyone else down so they feel better. This is part of what Bullies do!!
    I just want to scream “ASSHOLES!!”
    So I just did!!!

  3. So when it’s Chris Christie or Donald Trump, she wonders what their weight could possibly have to do with the legitimacy of their beliefs; but when it’s someone on the opposite side, she tries her damndest to tie the legitimacy of their beliefs to their weight.

    1. You nailed it, Lady Rhapthorne. In trying to batter and bully the protesters, especially fat protesters, verbally, she demonstrates her own partisan, meanminded inconsistency.

  4. Well, that did it. My hero Ann Coulter has shamed me into starting dieting again after 6 years of swearing off that shit, because I care about nothing quite so much as I care about Ann Coulter’s opinion of me.
    Nah, just kidding. If I see Ann Coulter, I’m going to do the world a favor and kill her by sitting on her.

  5. Sadly, fifteen years ago, I used to read her column, regularly, and agreed with most of it. Then I woke up.

    I think it was just about the time I first encountered fat-acceptance and Health At Every Size.


    Also, whatever happened to Arsenio Hall?

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