Maria “No Excuses” Kang Has Found Some Excuses

You Forgot Your BullshitYou may remember Maria Kang from her fifteen minutes of “What’s Your Excuse” fame.

Now, like so many diet peddlers before her, Maria’s gained some weight and is not only making excuses about it, but also trying to co-opt the language of Size Acceptance.  I wrote about it for Ravishly and talked about culture, compassion, and co-opting. You can check it out at:

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8 thoughts on “Maria “No Excuses” Kang Has Found Some Excuses

  1. Jillian’s company had to do that, too; switch from the f-bomb-dropping “tough love” act to hawking their products with sappy fake body positivity about loving yourself at your natural size (as long as you continue to pay their fitness company for the privilege) after its paying customers noticed they weren’t becoming thin. Don’t worry; when this round of customers realizes they’re never going to and leaves, bringing in a new round of dewey-eyed youngsters who haven’t yet been shit on enough to recognize the smell, they’ll return to form. Until those customers realize they’ve been sold snake oil and get jaded, too. So the cycle goes. It’s how reduction companies stay in business.

    1. Whoa, the whole comic reposted?! I didn’t know it would do that when I put in the link. Did I err?

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