Getting Something Started – Say Something Sunday

Say Something SundayI’m in a hotel room in Boston, still on a high from being part of the fabulous MEDA Conference (thanks Rachel, Beth, Jaime, and all the amazing staff, volunteers, and board members who made this happen I hope you are all having a fabulous restful day!) where I was honored to give a talk (they gave me a standing ovation that made me cry!) hear great presentations (not only did I get to attend a beautiful presentation by Hilary and Dana from Be Nourished, but I got to hang out with them at lunch!), and hang out with and learn from amazing people (shout out to Lisa who was my Secret Service for the trip and Joanne and Jonah who were our dinner buddies!) I just finished one last practice of my talk for the Brunch today and the choreography for the dance and yoga class that I’m doing with the fabulous Rachel Estapa (both events are sell-outs and I’m ridiculously excited to meet so many people I know from online!)  I’ll blog about it more soon.

For today, though I want to share this video with you. Last year I got a chance to be part of the Size Acceptance work that Erec Smith has been doing at York College when I gave a presentation and a guest lecture for the students there. That project now includes a video and an article on page 23 of their Alumni Magazine – I’m sharing it with you for Say Something Sunday because I think that what Erec and his students are accomplishing is super inspiring, and I’m truly grateful to have had the chance to be part of it. As always, it would be awesome if you would share your activism victories in the comments:


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4 thoughts on “Getting Something Started – Say Something Sunday

  1. I was one of the very lucky members of the audience yesterday at your MEDA presentation. I’ve been a professional in the field of eating disorders for over twenty years, and without a doubt your presentation is among the most riveting, powerful, entertaining in an instructive way, and overall superlative I’ve ever heard. Thank you for all you do to make this world more inclusive and awesome.
    Hugs! Namaste.
    “Going one step further” (or is it farther? Or does it matter??!! 😀)

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