Best Response Ever to Thin Model Wearing Plus Size Clothes

I can’t go ten minutes without hearing about how 257% of the people in the world are fat Everybodypanicthisisacrisesdeathfatzarecomingtogetyou!

So imagine my surprise when internet sales company apparently couldn’t find a single 3x-5x model to show off their 3x – 5x shorts.  Instead, they had a thin thin model put both of her legs in one leg of the shorts, thusly:



This is not the first time that this has happened. But this time, plus-size designer Christina Ashman was on the job. She responded with the following message and epic picture (possibly NSFW)

Christina Ashman 1

Christina Ashman

That. Is. Awesome.  I don’t have a ton to add to this, I wanted to blog about it mostly to boost the signal on Christina’s perfect response to such absolutely insulting advertising.

I do want to be clear that I’m not at all insulted that there are people who can fit both of their legs into one leg of my pants, because I celebrate the diversity of body sizes. I’m irritated that, while it’s difficult to tell what clothing will look like on me when I see it on a thin woman who is sealed into it by industrial sized clamps all down her back, it’s downright impossible to tell how shorts will look on me when a thin woman is wearing them as a skirt.  Companies that want my big fat money will have to do better than this.

Speaking of awesome companies that use models of diverse sizes, you can see (and buy) Christina’s fabulous designs here!

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28 thoughts on “Best Response Ever to Thin Model Wearing Plus Size Clothes

      1. It’s possible they’re sold out because they were the only 3x-5x shorts people could find…or they only had 5 in stock.

        1. Or maybe some frugal thin women saw the ad, and thought, “HEY! Two for the price of one! We just have to undo the center seam, and sew it up on both sides, for two skirts! Hey, Sarah! Come look at this! Let’s split the cost!”

          Because thin women buying fat women’s clothes, picking it apart, and making thin women’s clothes is such a thing. Usually, it’s muumuus from the thrift store, but yeah. They like to show off their sewing chops by buying cheap clothes in large sizes, and altering it to wear, themselves.

          Also, is anyone else chuckling at the fact that these 2x-5x shorts are called “skiny leggings?” First off, they won’t make someone who actually fits those shorts skinny, and secondly, is that typo their subtle way of pointing out that the woman who actually fits them won’t be skinny?

          Her response is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us! Also, her clothes are just adorable!

  1. Perfect! Who thought having a thin model wearing plus-size clothes was a good idea? Either hire the right size model or show the clothes on a hanger or flat.

  2. Sadly enough, with wish, that’s probably an improvement, because at least you can tell that they really are somewhat largish (looks might be maybe 2x or so to me? )
    Because normally, you order a 3x, really cute fridge bikini from them, and what arrives really should have been labeled size large, xl at best.
    At least this shows that if i size up about 3 sizes, they might have a chance of being a size that would really be wearable

      1. Ya know, mostly I’ve just laughed at their horrible images as being worthless on any hope of considering clothing being realistic… But the more I’ve thought about it tonight, the more the images sort of give an interesting view on what perceptions are.

        Some arent quite so frankenstein-ish… This one looks like it might actually be closer to what the woman in the second suit might physically be possible of looking like.

        So assuming that’s roughly the sort of image the person was starting with… Its kind of interesting to see what they change and how.

        “hmm… Think i need to make the belly button huge… Make the butt huge… Wait, what do a fat womans arms even look like? I have no idea..”

    1. Even more mind-blowing, blueraindrop, is that when I went to your link, and scrolled down to see other stuff they sell, I saw a fringed bikini being modeled by AN ACTUAL PLUS-SIZE MODEL! Small fat, but still…

      So, it’s not that they can’t find anyone to wear those shorts. It’s that they just decided this was a better sales technique.

      Well, I don’t care about the pricing, or how cute their stuff is. Even if I were in the U.K., I wouldn’t buy their stuff. UGH.

  3. So much about the original ad is just baffling. The two legs in one leg slot is just a part (although the most insulting part) of the oddness. But I’m going to ignore that for just a second while I scratch my head at “Winter Shorts”. And then the fabulous way they make sure everyone knows these are huge shorts because it’s not enough to say “Big Size” but they also have to add “Plus Size” (in case you missed the “big size” part). And then follow it up with as many X’s as possible “XXXL/XXXXXL” (who does sizes like that? How hard is it to call it 3X/5X ? I guess they have a hard on for X’s. Must type MOAR EXES – must make it look as BIG as possible)!

    Then they decide that they want to confuse us and tack on “Skiny Leggings”. These are neither “skiny” nor leggings. (I guess they wanted to make the word “skinny” look skinnier? lol So yeah, lets drop the extra N, who needs two Ns anyway? Two N’s just makes it look OMGFAT AHHHH lol).

    Ok and back to the two legs in one leg slot part – UGH. Really? REALLY!? How did this “idea” make it past quality control? …Yeah, this company will never get a cent from me. Which makes me sad to see “sold out” on the ad. But then again, they are probably like most companies and make only a very very small amount of the “plus sizes” and a lot of the “straight sizes”. So for all I know they had whopping four of them in stock. It wouldn’t surprise me, considering how often I’ve seen like 3 or 4 “plus sizes” in a store while there are dozens and dozens of the “straight sizes”. They always stock WAY less of the plus sizes.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Ragen. We need to vote more with our money and not give any money to companies like this. And of course Christina Ashman’s response was priceless!!

  4. That first picture just puts me in mind of those frazzled mornings where I spend five minutes trying to figure out why my head won’t fit through the armhole of my shirt.

  5. So many laugh-out-loud moments in this thread. Thank you all.

    If Chrisina Ashman could get a second matching skirt for her other leg, and combine them with, say, hot-pants or something similar, she’d look pretty stunning. Way better than the skinny model did in the fat shorts.

    You could start a fashion trend here.

  6. Is it weird that I’m now thinking of buying two small-size skirts for my legs? Because that look is actually kind of cute. I’m thinking petticoat-under-gaucho, or maybe easy over-boot decorations. Probably need child sizes for the boot coverings, but an extra small or a small might work for the petticoat gaucho look. Even leggings with swishy-swirly thigh skirts would be cute.

      1. Safety pins are more secure.

        That would be a really cute look! Odd, but cute. And let’s face it, there are always some odd fashions out there. Have you seen some of the “haute” fashions on the runway these days?

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