Fixing The Biggest Loser’s Ad

The Biggest Loser is coming back.  A television show that is an ode to physically and emotionally abusing fat people, stroking the ridiculously inflated egos of the so-called “professional” trainers who dole out the abuse and become millionaires in the process, it has even inspired one trainer who declined to be on the show (because he actually honors his code of professional ethics) to say “It’s a miracle no one has died yet.

This season their “hook” seems to start with their usual tactic of putting people into a state of starvation (such that their bodies actually go into a chemical state of becoming constantly hungry and obsessed with food) and then tempting them with food to see if they will “give in.”  You know, for their health.  Their promotional ad is all over my Facebook and I noticed that there were some…well, let’s call them typos.  So I fixed it for them, because I’m generous like that.

Here’s the original:

And here’s the corrected version:

TBL Ad fixed


Last season their ratings fell more than 30%.  This season let’s really put our shoulder into it and see how far we can drop their ratings by refusing to watch this abomination of a show which, let’s not kid ourselves, is not – in any way – about health.

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11 thoughts on “Fixing The Biggest Loser’s Ad

  1. 30% ratings fall? Awesome! Lets keep it up! This show can’t get off the air fast enough. 17 seasons is 17 seasons too many.

  2. We (thankfully) don’t seem to have had this show in the UK for a few years now. Let’s hope it stays that way!!

  3. Wow. It’s hard to believe I’ve been ignoring this show for 17 seasons.

    Remember, too – not watching the show is only part of the equation. It helps to boycott the tie-in products as well. They’re making boatloads of money off of those, also!

    1. I thought it was only on for about 3 or 4 yrs, I had no idea it was almost 2 decades! Except the BL funds things like carrots. I’ve seen WW labels on yoghurts (complete with no fat and sugar substitutes).

  4. One of my best friends follows a former contestant and constantly talks about how she wishes she could go to america to be on the show (they haven’t had a UK version for a few years now.) She tries to emulate the ‘barely eat and over-exercise’ routine at home, weighs herself every single day and her weight yoyos every few months as she loses weight fast, can’t keep up the pressure and gains it all back (and more) then starts all over again.

    I know what she is doing, I used to do it myself. The difference is I realised what I was doing to my body and I sure as hell wasn’t making it healthier!

    She links her worth to her body. She is super smart, juggling university to train to be a nurse whilst also being a wife and mother but all she ever talks about is how fat and disgusting she is. I find it really hard to deal with because I am bigger than her so the comments feed the little voice of self doubt in my mind that i should be thinking the same thing.

    Fortnately i am stubborn and my fiance backs me up that i am awesome and that the shape and size of my body doesn’t matter. I am making healthier choices with food and the amout i move every day but i will not count calories or points or syns or anything. i refuse to put myself through that again. I can feel myself getting stronger, physically and mentally, and that is what i am looking for.

    I wish my friend could see herself in a more positive light.

  5. Biggest Loser makes me wish I had a sharp pointy stick like an actual Star Wars Ewok, the better to skewer and shish kebab horrible things with!

  6. Not watching a degrading show is the best way to kill ratings and get them off the air,. Second best is to know the advertisers and not buy their products.

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