When They Say Fat Like It’s a Bad Thing

WTF are you doingSometimes the insults that are flung at me just make me laugh (seriously – landwhale – seriously?  There are fat animals that live on land, there is no need to make up an animal just for the sake of sizeism.)  A couple common insults, however, always make me think “you say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Fat (see also:  Fatty, Fatso, Fatty McFatFat etc.)

I named my blog DancesWithFat. I named my other blog IronFat I regularly call myself fat.  If you are trying to insult me by calling me fat it’s time to up your insult game or gtfo.  (By the way, if you’re now going to suggest that you are saying “fat” like it’s a bad thing because being fat is unhealthy, you’ve just added healthism to your sizeism.  What’s the opposite of congratulations?)

If you’re curious, one of the reasons I choose to reclaim the term fat is because it lets my bullies know that they can’t have my lunch money anymore.  It’s also because I refuse to let people heap their size prejudice on my perfectly good adjective, and why I don’t participate in things like that whole “You’re not fat, you have fat!” meme.  I’m no more insulted by being called fat than I am by being called brunette.  Mostly I’m insulted by how lazy and tired this attempt at an insult is.

Social Justice Warrior

I don’t understand how this could ever be a bad thing.  I don’t mean to go all The American President on you, but for the record yes, I am a Social Justice Warrior, but the more important question is Why aren’t you Bob?

Nobody is obligated to participate in activism of any kind, but these people are seriously suggesting that social justice isn’t worth fighting for?  Are the people who say “Social Justice Warrior” like it’s a bad thing actually proud to be coming down on the side of social injustice?  I like how, with this one, they’re not just failing to insult me, they are effectively insulting themselves.  Good going y’all.

To me, the problem isn’t really that these so-called insults are ridiculous and embarrassing for those slinging them around (though they are,) it’s that insulting people because of how they look, or because they are attempting to make the world better, is ridiculous and embarrassing for those doing it. And I think that is a bad thing.

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20 thoughts on “When They Say Fat Like It’s a Bad Thing

  1. YES!!! I’m glad you brought up the “social justice warrior” thing. It’s just another sad attempt by bullies, or those unwilling to recognize their privilege, to shut people up. Not gonna work!

  2. “I refuse to let people heap their size prejudice on my perfectly good adjective”

    Except in the statement “I am fat” fat is not an adjective, it is a noun.

    1. Usually I don’t comment on usage here, but..how is “fat” a noun in this sentence? Did you mean “I am a fat”? Just want to make sure I am not missing something.

    2. Not to be all ACTUALLY with you, but Ragen is correct. “Fat” is a predicate adjective in that sentence. The linking verb “to be” connects the subject “I” with the adjective “fat”.

    3. Fat is both an adjective and a noun. In the sentence “I am fat,” fat is an adjective. In the sentence, “There’s a lot of fat on that cut of meat,” fat is a noun.

      English is weird, that way. Words can have multiple uses.

  3. I consider myself more of a Social Justice Advocate because I don’t feel I do enough to deserve being called a warrior but if someone accused me of being a SJW, I would definitely take that as a compliment. I’m with you and cannot understand how anyone sees that term as an insult or a bad thing. Perhaps if they put a less complimentary adjective with it like hysterical or overzealous but SJW alone just sounds like a really good thing.

  4. My dad thinks people today are just too soft and weak, that you cannot say anything/be honest without someone’s “precious feelings” being hurt. He doesn’t much care for what he thinks is political correctness run amok. I don’t know what to say.

    His attitude is one reason I still haven’t told him I have high functioning autism (Asperger’s) and am applying for disability. I also have social anxiety and depression.

    In his mind, I’m just lazy, and don’t wanna work.

    1. Good luck with that! Also, I’ve been told (by people in the know) that they generally deny on the first application, so be prepared to appeal. You may need a lawyer.

      I’m in the process of my own application, so I’m adjusting my expectations, accordingly.

      Apparently, the only time they approve not the first application, is if it’s something automatic, like paraplegia, or end-stage renal failure, where you hardly have to do more than fill out a form or two, and you’re in. But for something where it’s about “functioning,” then it’s more of a battle.

    2. Somebody out there has written a macro that replaces all instances of “politically correct” and “political correctness” with the phrase “treating people with respect.” The resulting articles are … certainly enlightening.

  5. I’m a Social Justice Wild Mage, because magic is WAY more fun! Also, I have the hit points of a mage, so I might as well embrace my attributes, as rolled.

    And now, I want to play D&D!

    Sadly, though, there are people who believe that Social Justice Warriors ARE wrong and a bad thing, and changing the wrong stuff, and they want to go back to the “good old days,” of more oppression and more hatred, and such. They just don’t want to give up their improved technology to do it. They also don’t want to admit that a lot of that improved technology was improved by women, POCs, homosexuals, and unhealthy/disabled people (Steven Hawking, anyone?). Ada Lovelace doesn’t exist, and we owe these guys ALL the cookies, because they founded the great civilizations of the world, without any of our help, and all out of the goodness of their own hearts…

    I’m feeling a magic surge coming on!

  6. When my wife left the hospital in 1999 she could no longer work and decided to apply for disability. There was a law firm that specialized in it,in NYC where we lived then. They gave a free consultation with no recovery, no fee.They covered everything. The initial application, hearing, appeals and reconsiderations. At my urging she signed with them to be her representatives. Their fee for everything then was $1500 as best I remember. I had heard elsewhere that if someone was “morbidly obese” they could more easily get disability, so we had her doctor write a note to that effect. It took a number of months but she won on the first attempt with no appeal etc.The government had a policy then of paying back payments of disability from the date of application. She recieved a large check that easily covered the legal fee, and quite a bit more besides. She never worked again and has been receiving disability now. It pays to look in the Yellow Pages where you live, and look under Attorneys-social Security & Disability Law. Their were 7 legal firms that advertised in Florida where we live with no recovery, no fees and covered everything. I strongly suggest that anyone applying for SS disabilty take that route.If uncertain which one to choose you can Google their name and complaints.

    1. Thanks for that! Good to know.

      So many people are fat because of an underlying cause, but many people are loathe to believe that a fat person CAN be disabled, as if fat is the only thing that could possibly be wrong with them and
      “fat = lazy + gluttonous + stupid x MY TAX DOLLARS!”

      Getting someone on your side from the get-go is a great thing.

      1. I’m a nurse and frequently hear from people that Social Security automatically denies everybody twice. Not sure if it’s the truth or just an urban legend, but either way, don’t give up. 🙂

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