Mikhaila Nodel’s Beautiful Body Positive Art

I spend a lot of time on this blog pointing out things that are messed up, ranting about people who are doing harm with their fat phobia etc.  When I give talks to teen girls, I’m always so saddened at how many of them have internalized what our culture has told sold them about their themselves – the body hatred, the insistence that they will never be enough without a lifelong commitment of massive time, money, and energy to the goal of looking like a photoshopped picture of someone else. Today I want to talk about something awesome that a number of readers sent me, that makes me incredibly happy.

When Mikhaila Nodel realized what a hard time her classmates had with their self-esteem, she created the Cosmic Cuties.  In an interview with proud2bme Mikhaila explains “‘I kind of invented them as a species. They’re born from space dust and slow down the universe and fight sexist crime. They’re these feminist goddesses that watch over all women and are there to protect them.”

Mikhaila Nodel http://cosmiccuties.com
Mikhaila Nodel http://cosmiccuties.com
cosmic cuties 3
Mikhaila Nodel http://cosmiccuties.com

She has created zines where the Cosmic Cuties talk about fatphobia, gender, body hair, and more!  You can see them all at http://cosmiccuties.com/!

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5 thoughts on “Mikhaila Nodel’s Beautiful Body Positive Art

  1. Oh these give me a happy start to my day! How did I not know about Cosmic Cuties before this?????

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