Shut Up and Dance With Me

Leap CroppedA video by the band “Walk the Moon” has invoked my 100 rule (if 100 people who are not internet trolls ask me to blog about something, I do) and in this case I’m super glad about it.  It’s a video of a really catchy song and a lot of people dancing.

I think that representation is a really big deal – in a world where we choose our actors, singers, dancers based on their ability to approximate a single stereotype of beauty first and their talent second, many of us rarely get to see someone who looks like us in a positive light in the media. I think that this video is a great example of how to do it better.  Here it is, enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “Shut Up and Dance With Me

  1. Ragen- on the same album they have this song called “Work This Body” that has been a favorite on my workout playlist for a few weeks. It makes me happy, and also giggle so hard I nearly fall off the treadmill. You might want to give it a listen. 🙂

  2. Already loved the song, and now I love the band especially. The world would be a much better place if everybody could just “shut up and dance” un-self-consciously. 😀

  3. Terrific song! I will have to get it. I will wait to dance until I get over this cold and no longer have a headache and the urge to hack up a lung.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! And WOW! Normal people in a music video. Now I’ll go buy their album.

  5. Ironman? Awesome. What’s your swim training looking like? Do you have access to open water? Gonna wear a wetsuit, or are you gonna go skins?

    (I’m a fat woman training for distance swimming events. Running isn’t fun for me, but YOU rock on! That’s very exciting and an awesome thing to do)

  6. This was lovely, it was good to see a little bit of size and age diversity – it would have been nice to see a little more (seams the vast majority of the people that got screen time where thin to average sized, able bodied, white people) and no one in the video came close to being my size, still nice to see the bit of diversity there. It’s a good start! I hope it helps kick start more stuff like this. It’s much needed.

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