Unapologetically Fat

You Forgot Your BullshitLinda Kelsey has written a brilliant piece of satire showing just how ridiculous obesity hysteria has beco… wait… what?  It’s not satire?  Are you sure?  Really.  Holy shit! Linda Kelsey has written a piece of bigotry-riddled hate-ridden drivel that should make us all embarrassed for her.

While I’ll deal with her fat bigotry in this piece, it’s horribly unfortunate that in her rush to explain why fat people shouldn’t be treated with basic human dignity, she grossly mis-characterizes the very real dangers of eating disorders.

What has Linda’s panties in a such a bunch?  Well it turns out that three fat women (Linda makes it clear that they were “not chubby but fat”) were at the airport getting ready to go on vacation, and they had the gall to be happy and carefree, and dress in ways that Linda didn’t like. I mean, who do these girls think they are, right? Linda prattles on about what she feels is justification for her bigotry:

I am unapologetically fattist. It’s unattractive, it’s unhealthy and, given the problems that being fat can cause, it should be as unacceptable as smoking.

Let’s start with “it’s unattractive.”  Does Linda actually think that everyone in the world owes her “attractive” by her taste or they aren’t allowed to be in public?  I think that Linda needs to realize that the only people who should care what Linda finds attractive are Linda and people who express some kind of interest in her opinion.  The world does not owe Linda attractive by any definition and people who Linda doesn’t find aesthetically pleasing are allowed to leave their houses and even go to airports and go on vacation and be happy about it.

Next “it’s unhealthy.”   Ah this old chestnut. We’ve discussed before that the research shows that body size and health are not the same thing – there are healthy and unhealthy people of all sizes. Which brings me to my  point which is that even if she thinks that being fat is fat people’s fault, and that any health problem that has been correlated with fat people’s body size is fat people’s fault, her point of view would still be pure unadulterated bigotry.  Should people whose health issues can be correlated with their behavior not be allowed to be happy about going on vacation? Health is not an obligation, a barometer of worthiness, completely within our control, or guaranteed under any circumstances.  We each get to choose how highly to prioritize our health and the path that we choose to get there and those choices can be limited by things outside of our control. People who have health issues, regardless of their origin, are allowed to have joy in their lives including dressing like they want and going on vacation.

Finally “it should be as unacceptable as smoking.”  First of all, smoking and being fat are not at all comparable,. and when people can’t make the distinction it is a red flag for me as to their ability to engage in logical thought. Smoking is a behavior – it’s something that someone does. Every smoker smokes. Fat is a body size, it’s something that someone is.  Fat people are as varied in our behaviors as any group of people who share a single characteristic. Treating smoking and being fat as the same thing becomes really messed up really quickly.  For example whether you agree with it or not, banning smoking from a public place means that people aren’t allowed to engage in that particular behavior in those places.  Banning being fat from public places means that all people who look a certain way are banned from public places because they look different than other people.

Like so many bigots before her, Linda wants credit for being “un-PC.”  This is my absolute favorite use of the concept of Political Correctness (and by “absolute favorite” I mean the one that most quickly activates my facepunch reflex.)  Basically it suggests that if you call  treating people with basic human respect  “being PC,”  then you can brag about not doing it, instead of admitting to being a horrible human being who should probably take your own advice and stay out of public places.

After splashing around in a pool of her own bigotry, prejudice, and over-exaggerated sense of self-importance Linda ends the piece by saying “One way to start might be by calling a fat girl a fat girl.  No apology required.”

To break this down, in her mind calling a fat girl fat is rude, so she’s saying that because she doesn’t like how fat people look and she thinks we are unhealthy she shouldn’t have to apologize to being rude to us.  Though an apology would be appropriate here, it’s not because she called fat people fat, it’s because she’s promoting treating us without basic human respect or dignity – as if we are somehow less than human.

But y’all, that’s what bigots do.  The headline should have been “Bigot engages in bigotry.” And her bigot ilk will all come out and leave comments in the comment section because bigots always seem to have a lot of time on their hands for commenting on the internet. (Maybe they are bigots because their lives are so crappy so they spend a bunch of time trying to feel better by putting someone else down?  Just a guess.)

The good news is that those three fat women went on their fabulous vacation, and that’s what it’s about.  More and more fat people are doing what we want to do, wearing what we want to wear.  I wonder how many other fat girls those three inspired by living their lives with, in Linda’s words, a “let-it-all-hang-out faith in themselves and a don’t-give-a-damn attitude.”  Hell yeah, I’d love to see more of that.

Bigots suck and bigotry sucks and it’s not fair and we shouldn’t have to deal with it and it’s not our fault but it can become our problem.  The good news is that for social change to happen you have to convince enough people to take action and convince enough people to stop being bigots, but you don’t have to convince everyone.  In fact, most civil rights change happens under a certain amount of social duress, with the people who are against the change fighting it tooth and nail (see also: Linda).

I think that this kind of opposition, while it can definitely suck to deal with, is proof that we’re making progress.  It also helps the progress, because when people read about how people like Linda are proud to be bigots, or read the kind of hatemail we get, they understand what we’re dealing with and they start to come around .(the article at the link isn’t perfect and the picture definitely leaves something to be desired, but it’ s a step in the right direction.)  This kind of open hatred and bigotry helps us in the end.

I do agree with Linda about one thing, she says “no apology necessary”.  That’s just dandy because no apology is coming.  I do not apologize for being fat.  I do not apologize for availing myself of the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness at any size, including this one.  Anyone who thinks that my basic human rights are somehow size dependent is a bigot, and I sure as hell do not apologize to bigots for not comporting my life to suit them.  Don’t like it, feel free to practice the ancient art of…wait for it… looking at something else.

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61 thoughts on “Unapologetically Fat

    1. I agree. Clearly Kelsey is clueless. Reading the statistics does not give insight into the problems. Her obvious veneration of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia is frightening.

  1. Sometimes, and right now seems to be such a time, I just can’t stand articles and rants like Linda’s. I just can’t. It makes me angry and sad and feeling helpless against all this hatred. Why are more and more people engaged in so much hatred? Or does it just seem so? I just don’t get it. And sometimes, if any time at all really, I just can’t deal with it. I don’t get why even people in my own family are rascist and sizeist and homophobic, and I can do absolutely nothing about it. I wanna thank you for your words that are often one of the few things that help.

    1. I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like everyone in the world is constantly staring at me and judging me just for being me within their line of sight, and articles like this definitely don’t help.

      But then I remember that I don’t do that to others, and I’m not some special saint of not-caring-about-what-others-are-doing, so surely there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just that there are loudmouthed assholes.

  2. Isn’t this from the DailyFail? Enough said, Ragen. This is a publication that really has trouble distinguishing its anus from its mouth, so please really, I think all you need to do the next time is list the faux pas from this trashy piece of word vomit and sign off under it.

    That being said, you are such a fun writer and this was such a fun take down, don’t stop!

    1. You guys all need to YouTube “Dear Daily Mail” by Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. She stands on stage, naked, addressing The DailyFail’s commentary on her “wardrobe malfunction.”

  3. Is it possible that Kelsey’s implication that more fat young women are happy to live their lives is true? If so, that’s good news, even if Kelsey goes on about not liking it.

  4. Hi Ragen,

    While I’m sorry you had to come in contact with that rag, I’m glad you tackled this woman’s comments. I read it yesterday and felt very angry about it. On the plus side, she really has no bearing on my life other than complaining in a paper I don’t read, so life goes on.

    Still, as someone else said above – thank you for taking her to pieces in such an entertaining way 🙂 and for reminding me that regardless of my size, I have a right to exist, even in places and clothes that other people don’t approve of 🙂

  5. Damn skippy, there’s no apology necessary for living our lives the way we choose!

    As for Linda Kelsey, there’s no need to apologize for calling me fat, Ms. Kelsey. I am fat. I call myself fat all the time because it’s a simple descriptor that happens to be as accurate as calling me blue-eyed or left-handed or short or the best damn pie baker you’re likely to meet in a month of sundays.

    Just remember then, that when I call you a raging bigot, there is equally no need to apologize because it is a simple, factual descriptor of you. After all, the mere sight of three fat women not cowering in a corner begging for your sufferance was enough to make you spew gallons of piping hot bigotry all over the internet.

    1. I love it… so long as we’re not apologizing, I don’t need to apologize for all of the rude, inappropriate (inappropriate for polite conversation, not inappropriate for her) names I called her after reading this, right?

      1. Did you read that? I just saw it mentioned – and since I am not into reading tabloids I knew I would not go to the DM-page and grace that with my fat presence.

  6. Progress *is* being made. I work at a book store and regularly strike up conversations with people checking out our health books. More and more, I’m hearing people say, with some degree of bitterness, “Diets and ‘lifestyle changes’ don’t work.” I make sure to say something fat-positive in these moments, in case these people are in that gray limbo where they’ve accepted that permanent weight loss is a fantasy, but they haven’t yet realized that it’s perfectly okay to be fat and wear shorts in 90-degree weather.

  7. Ugh. I found the article and the hatred in the article is, of course, mirrored in the comments.

    What I found interesting is that while Kelsey might be a proud “fattist,” and she certainly has far more negative, horrific things to say about fat women, she’s not particularly nice about bodies she perceives as too thin, either. Keira Knightley’s “fried egg breasts?” Really? Ugh.

    She’s just a horrible person, so full of anger and hatred.

    I mean, isn’t it pretty sad, when you think about it, that instead of standing there being excited about her own travels, she’s standing there obsessing over the bodies of strangers? At least those girls seemed to be having a grand ole time, while Kelsey’s standing there miserable simply because she can’t stand the sight of a body type that doesn’t fit with her personal ideals of beauty.

    That’s really pathetic, when you get right down to it. That you can’t even enjoy yourself because all you can do is stand there and judge what someone else looks like. Get over yourself. Seriously.

    And who would you rather be? The fat girls, who seem to be having a wonderful time? Or this bitter, thin woman who is so obsessed with weight she can’t enjoy herself around people who aren’t thin?

    I’ll keep my rolls, thanks.

    1. Oh my, Kelsey must really hate herself to have to put down people either too fat or too skinny in her opinion. To call a thin woman’s breasts “fried eggs?” Seriously???
      And here I applaud Kiera for being a thin celebrity who hasn’t gotten a boob job. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting a boob job… I just feel happy when people dare not to alter themselves in such a relatively permanent way when they certainly get a lot of pressure to do so. As an actress, I’m sure she gets a lot of pressure to “fix her flaws” so to speak. I cannot say she does or does not do other things to “fit in” but it makes me happy that she’s chosen to leave her breasts alone. I think it’s good for all of us, especially younger girls who look up to her, to see that it’s ok to have small breasts.
      What can I say, I’d really like everyone to except that humans come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes! How very size-acceptance-y of me!

      1. I love the fact that Kiera is just open about how small her boobs are and doesn’t care. I have tiny breasts myself, and while I’ve accepted that and am totally ok with it, it’s nice to see that aspect of my body type reflected unapologetically in Hollywood. Being thin, I’ve always had the advantage of seeing my body type validated in the media and the movies, but it’s not often that you see thin female movie stars with tiny breasts (despite the fact that, generally, thin women do not naturally have big boobs).

  8. And just to counterbalance thin Linda’s attitude toward fat people, here’s a story. I have a regular customer who’s extremely thin and athletic. She comes into my shop every day wearing the tightest, Spandexiest, most revealing clothes. She’s 60 or 70 and very body proud. She’s always commenting on how much she likes my clothes, which I wear loose and billowy. However, the other day she observed, somewhat perplexed, “You don’t like your clothes touching your body, do you.” There was a tiny note of disapproval in her voice. Like she, who enjoys wearing her clothes so tight, can’t fathom someone not liking clothes that don’t squeeze her body–like, if she were in my place, she would wear tight clothes, fat be damned.

    This all makes me wonder what Linda Kelsey will do in a few years when she’s old. Will she be body proud? Or will she hide indoors because being old is correlated with having disease and fashion magazines agree that being old unattractive?

  9. Ouch! Let’s not attack folks on their appearances no matter what their body size is. I think her ugly opinions say enough…

  10. Okay, I hate myself a little for giving her a page view, but I skimmed the piece. (Couldn’t stand to read too thoroughly.) And I agree with one of the commenters there:

    It gives off the distinct impression that this woman isn’t a “fattist”. Rather, she seems to be someone who has spent her whole life eating as little as possible out of fear of becoming fat, and is now desperately jealous that other women dare walk around refusing to conform and, even worse, dare to not be the least bit unhappy about it.

    Now I feel a little sorry for her.


    “One way to start might be by calling a fat girl a fat girl..”

    What universe does she live in where fat people don’t ALREADY FUCKING KNOW that they are fat? What does she think is going to happen? She calls me a fat girl and I look down at the body I live in every day, look startled and say, “Holy crap! Where did that come from?!?!! I was a size 2 yesterday! I wondered what felt different this morning!”

    Dear bigots: I have a full-length mirror and a decent vocabulary. I know what my body looks like and what adjectives describe it. You are not the first person–or the 1,000th person–to tell me that I am fat. Guess what? Water is wet and fire is hot. Got any other brilliant observations?

    1. Well, she also had this little gem:

      “To top it all, these three were – I kid you not – sharing a bag of crisps.”

      Because not only were they unaware that they were committing FIP (“Fat in Public”), they were so unaware that they were fat and offensive, they had the sheer gall to EAT in public!!! Can you imagine?!?!

      Her bigotry was astonishing; her arrogance in thinking she was the first person who’s ever pointed out that someone else was fat is doubly so.

      1. *insert sarcastic surprised voice* Hold on! Just wait one moment! You mean to tell me all three of them were sharing ONE bag?

        Now back to reality: Yes us fatties do share food, contrary to popular belief that we are selfish and greedy. My cat, boyfriend, friends, etc more then often yoink food from my plate and I could care less. If I am full and they are still hungry and I have like half a serving of fries left, they are more then welcome to take them. In my cat’s case I am very picky on what he can and can’t take off my plate, fruit, veggies, well cooked under seasoned meat, etc that I know won’t harm him, he is more then welcome to take a little bit. His favourte things to yoink off my plate are lettuce and broccoli. He is an odd cat.

          1. My other cat whom is turning 18 on Oct 14th is learning new words weekly. She can say whole sentences. Mind you they are basic sentences like “No, now!” or “More ham” etc. but she does talk. She scared us when she first said “hello.”

            As for my foodie cat, he loves watermelon as well and ice cubes, he will stick a whole ice cube in his mouth and suck on it.

    2. I know! I had that same thought process. Like… really? You actually do think fat people are that dumb, don’t you? You arrogant bigot.

      Also, next time I am told I am fat by a stranger, I am so stealing your “holy crap! I was a sized 2 yesterday” line. I snorted.

  12. I read your blog and I read the comments and I’m slightly puzzled about something. You see, all of these haters seem to enjoy comparing all of us lovely fat ladies (and gentlemen) with whales. Now, I understand the correlation. Fat people are large and whales are also large. But what I do not understand is why said haters think they are insulting us by comparing us with such beautiful, graceful, majestic creatures. If they feel the need to insult people, they should at least do it properly.

    1. This has made the rounds on the interwebs… you may have seen it but thought it bore repeating, vis a vis your comments about whales–which I agree with comepletely!

      At the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was “This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?”

      The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:

      “Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great tenderness. They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia. They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.

      Mermaids do not exist.

      But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
      They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
      Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
      And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

      Without a doubt, I’d rather be a whale.

  13. Haters will hate, trolls will troll – and Linda? She does what she can – thinking or compassion are not her strengthes … so she plays to her strengthes 😉

  14. I would really love to see her face after she worked herself all up and found the courage to walk up to me and call me fat, and my reaction was to blink, and go, “Yes…and?” in a very bland and “you’re really stupid” kind of voice. Then when I burst out laughing and turn away, she’ll probably have an apoplexy. Which, actually, would be kind of cool because I’ve never really SEEN anyone have an apoplexy before.

    I hope I have my phone on me so I can get the apoplexy on video…

    1. Mine for people like her is. “Yes and water is wet. Thank you caption obvious. Anything else you would like to point out?” in the sweetest voice I can manage without laughing.

  15. I love you and all your cause stands for. You’ve helped me so much it’s indescribable. Therefore, I went gave her a piece of my mind. 🙂

  16. “I do agree with Linda about one thing, she says “no apology necessary”. That’s just dandy because no apology is coming”…

    You should’ve put a Spew Warning before that statement. Now there’s limeade all over my screen… 🙂

  17. That lady’s crazy!! But beyond her, I would like to direct attention to one of the comments on her article: “stray” from Birmingham in the U.S. says that she hates to agree with Linda, but “most people find the rolls unattractive. Always have and always will. That is something that will never change.”

    Actually, SCREW YOU. If “stray” would pull his/her head out of his/her ass and actually look past the modern-day United States, he or she would find that, in fact, there are plenty of people and cultures where being fat is considered beautiful. It’s common knowledge (or at least it should be) that in cultures such as those in ancient China (http://perceptionoffemalebeauty.blogspot.com/2011/05/ancient-chinese-women-618-907-ad_08.html) and ancient Africa, being fat was a symbol of wealth, health, and therefore beauty, as it signified a mate who was more likely to be able to provide for the family. Even earlier than that, statuettes of heavier women, such as the Venus of Willendorf carving, were commonplace: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf. (And in Austria, no less! Gasp! Does that mean that what’s now perceived as the “Western” world once viewed heavy women as beautiful, too??!) Furthermore, in many classical paintings, women are often depicted much heavier than what modern beauty standards call for. (Here’s a funny website that shows classical paintings being photo-shopped: http://www.takepart.com/feature/2014/05/15/famous-paintings-photoshopped-to-look-like-fashion-models. The existence of this website alone reveals the discrepancy between modern and ancient perceptions of fat.) Here’s another great one: http://www.bodylovewellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Peter_Paul_Rubens_034-211×300.jpg. My God, are those ROLLS??!! In a depiction of beauty??! Unheard of! And even if “stray” would like to make the argument that modern-day society is incapable of viewing rolls as an aspect of beauty, I would direct him or her to Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” and MIKA’s even more recent “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”. So fuck you, “stray”. Plenty of people consider rolls to be beautiful.

    As for Linda, she clearly needs to get off her high horse. She is correct in that health is important, but ultimately wrong in how she tackles the subject, since, as you mentioned, being fat doesn’t automatically mean you are unhealthy. I’m assuming she’s British, since she said “crisps”, so she may have more of an investment in other people’s health due to the U.K.’s health care system than we might have here in the U.S., but I cannot believe the system would really be so flawed as to allow other people’s weight to break her bank. Eating well and exercising are important, of course, but it irks me that she automatically assumes that the girls standing in front of her cared about neither. So they were eating a bag of chips. They were going on vacation! They were getting out and doing something, as were most of the other “fat” people she described. These people were not sitting on their couches, Netflixing. She can’t accuse them of being inactive. She also mentions that she’s aware of other factors leading to weight gain, such as disorders and socioeconomic status, but goes on to assume that all the so-called “fatties” she sees out and about must not suffer from either. Her views are so clouded by her “fattist” bias that nothing she says can be taken seriously. In conclusion, as you said, she is nothing more than a bigot, and she really just needs to watch “Pitch Perfect” and learn a thing or two from Fat Amy.

    1. Funny, I replied to that very comment and used Rubens and the Venus of Willendorf as examples of how wrong she was. I don’t think they ever took it out of the moderation queue, sadly.

      I pointed out to her that all she’s proven with her comments is how thoroughly brainwashed she is by current societal standards of beauty. I wish it had gotten through.

  18. I actually LOST weight when I began to accept my post spinal cord injury body that is 50 lbs heavier than 8 years ago (5 feet tall & size 14). The weight doesn’t matter much to me now, but the peace I feel with loving my body is unable to be described because it is still a bit foreign to me after hating it for so long.

    This acceptance made me LOVE my body & treat it healthier with better foods (as natural as possible), getting in a bathing suit without shame to do pool exercise & yoga, & wearing clothes that FIT instead of sacks to hide myself. I only know I’ve lost weight because my doctor told me so, but I told her “no numbers”. I will NO LONGER BE DEFINED BY A SCALE.

    Linda is an idiot. Period. And this article is BRILLIANT!

  19. Hi Ragen

    I love your website, your blogs and pretty much everything you do. Thanks for all your great work :-).

    One thing I’ve been wondering for a while is whether, on your website, you could arrange the topics of your blogs so that it is easier to find them again. Sometimes I go looking for something that I read ages ago, but have a lot of trouble finding it. If I can’t remember the month/year (which usually I can’t), then I end up having to scroll through every month and often I still can’t find it.

    If the blogs were arranged by topic, they could also be cross-referenced, to link back to other topics that they also encompass. That would make things much easier to find and would mean that the gold in your blogs is not so hidden by time.

    Hope you don’t mind my well-intentioned suggestion!

    Best to you from Australia





    1. I agree, the search function also does not offer much help either. If I want to search the comments, I have to use Google though.

  20. Why did her comments make me feel like a tourist snapping pictures on a guided tour? “And here we have the Greater Fattist. Note the fixed sour expression, the full feeding dish, and the glare–ah, that would be you, Miss. This species, along with the more common Lesser Fattist, is found worldwide, typically camouflaging itself among human populations….”

    The effect is only complete when I mention my Hawaiian shirt and bucket hat.

  21. Do you notice when a single person visits a hundred pages on your blog all in the course of a day? I’m asking for, um, a friend.

  22. “I’m so mad that someone I think should feel miserable DOESN’T.”
    Maybe that’s a sign that the problem lies within you, Ms. Kelsey, not within the subject of your misdirected ire.

  23. Reblogged this on Desalinadokaz and commented:
    I read the original article and it was so ridiculous that I laughed at it! It was so stupid that I couldn’t take it seriously. Not only was the article ridiculous, the comments were just as stooopid!

    How dare you be fat in a public place? How dare you be happy and comfortable in your skin?? One of the comments on the original piece mentioned a fat girl in a shop who had the gall to be wearing ‘short, shorts’. If this wasn’t enough, she was jiggling to the music! How dare she!! I had to check the location to make sure that fat girl wasn’t me!!

    I hate any kind of bigot. It wouldn’t be acceptable for the author of the original post to say she was offended by somebody being gay or black or female in public and I don’t think it is acceptable for somebody to wax lyrical about being offended by somebody being fat and confident in a public place.

    People have good point and bad points. I’m not going to judge people on their body shape anymore than I would their gender, race or sexuality. It simply isn’t acceptable.

    That said, I’m sure that the author (Linda Kelsey) wrote this piece with the intention of being controversial and generating press for herself.

    What a sad individual.

    1. Hi desalinadokaz,

      Thanks for the comment, I definitely have some pity for this woman and I’m frustrated that the daily mail would give her a place to voice this kind of pure bigotry. I would suggest though that we not try to compare oppressions – there are definitely places where Queer people, People of Color, and women experience this exact same form of bigotry and I don’t want to minimize their experience by using it as a tool for comparison (I’m not trying to be all “holier activist than thou” or anything, I used to do this a lot and people told me how hurtful it was, so now I try to tell other people to pass it on!)

      I also totally agree that she wrote this piece for the controversy and I think that makes it extra despicable because she was happy to hurt untold numbers of fat people just to get a little attention for herself.


  24. Ugh! That’s a particularly nasty piece of clickbait from a rag where the trolls live ABOVE the line :o( I love the way this blog entry systematically pulls it apart. It reduced me to spluttering inarticulacy.

    I hate the British media at the moment. Even the worthy, liberal old Guardian is running a SERIES on “The Obesity Crisis”. C’mon, let’s have “The Tallness Epidemic” or “The Centenarian Timebomb” or “The Collapsing Infant Mortality Catastrophe”. It would make as much sense.

  25. I tried to read the original article and I couldn’t finish because I felt so bad for the article’s author. Like…it was hard for me to get angry at someone who’s already got enough anger and misery of their own, that the only feeling I could muster was pity.

  26. Wow! I just read your blog for the first time and it’s awesome.I have been big all my life and identify with everything you wrote.Keep dancing and writing,I think you’re being a great role model.

  27. Is This Person A For Real Human Being? A Human Proud Of Being Like… That? Maybe I’m From A Mindset Where Being Bigoted Isn’t Something To Be Proud Of. Are You Sure These Aren’t 12 Year Old Boys Playing Around Because Only Those Preteens Are Pretty Rude And Proud Of It. Everyone Else Grows Up. Proud Of Hating Someone Because Of How They Look. Wow. And People For Real Take Pride In That? Yuck.

  28. Oh my word, if she ever went to an SCA event I think her brain might implode.

    Yes, Westerners have by and large been getting fatter over the past decades. You can see it in photos from the SCA archives. People of the same age tended to be thinner back in the ’70s. But you know what a fat woman does in the SCA?

    She puts on armor and beats the hell out of big, muscular armored men with rattan swords.

    She belly dances.

    She wears a crown, sits on a throne, and accepts the allegiance of her knights.

    She ambles through an SCA encampment shouting, “Oyez, oyez!” as a signal for all present to look at her and pay attention to what she is saying, because she is a herald on official business.

    She sings. In public.

    And she does it all while dressed in the brightest colors and richest fabrics you will ever see off an opera stage. With cleavage, yet. And little gold buttons. Oh, and a fabulous hat!

    Yes, there are prune-mouthed sister-pinchers and dickheaded boner-massagers in the SCA too, but they don’t get to set the tone of the conversation.

      1. Back when my bastard ex was still in a position to veto me, I considered joining as an apprentice jeweler (metalwork, though I’m also interested in lapidary and glass). Asshat said, “Will you get money?”

        I looked at him really funny (bad move–I paid for it that night) and said, “No. It would be an apprenticeship. It’ll cost money until I’m able to sell my work.”

        That was the last time it came up. When he wasn’t being what a Lifetime TV movie would call abusive, I was pretty much there to farm gold for his EverQuest characters, earn real money for him to spend on himself, and do every bit of housework. (And this, children, is why we need to teach children healthy self esteem, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through always.)

        Anyway, long story short, I’m kinda considering that apprenticeship again, arthritis willing. 😀 And money, of course. Sadly, I’ve got tin bronze tastes on a molten-down recycling budget.

  29. I went through the comments on her article and although it had the expected “down with the fatties” garbage, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that did not agree with her fat-hate. Of course, they’re not allowing any more comments on the article or I definitely would’ve added my opinion too.

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