URGENT! Fat Filmmaker Being Harassed by Haters

fight backLindsey Averill is in the process of co-creating the documentary “Fattitude:  A Body Positive Documentary” which the kickstarter page describes as “A feature-length documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice, and then offers an alternative way of thinking.”  She is working to crowdfund the project and has created the Kickstarter and a trailer on YouTube and then, she told me, this happened:

It all started when I reported a YouTube user, “GODBLESSADOLFHITLER” for copyright for posting my trailer verbatim on his youtube channel – I also reported another video of his that featured my film and horrible images of 9/11 hate speech, etc. YouTube pulled down his videos and he and his followers began to torture me. They were calling our house till I changed our number. They are now calling my family, my husband’s business and the have collected all the information on my interviewees and posted it online and they say are going to begin harassing them.

Lindsay has been working with the Rolls Not Trolls community on Facebook to deal with haters as her project has received well deserved publicity, and now we need more help.  This guy is going after Lindsey, her family, the people she interviewed for the film, and her backers with the hope that he can make us afraid of getting involved, thereby keeping this film from being made.

This is a common tactic by oppressors and I say screw that. I posted yesterday about how we are kept out of the media, I’ll be damned if anonymous cowardly haters will keep us from telling our stories. You can help stand against this hate whether you have money to contribute or not:

Activism Opportunity:  Stand up to hate and support Lindsey’s project:

Let people know it’s happening and that they can help (you can use the social media links at the bottom of this page to share this post if it helps.)

Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign.  Let’s get this film funded! You can contribute with a pseudonym if you want to avoid having to deal with the haters’ malicious and grossly inappropriate behavior.  To change your profile settings go to https://www.kickstarter.com/settings/profile

(Full transparency, I’m not currently involved in this project except as a supporter – I donated and have been sharing it on my social media. Lindsey reached out to discuss the possibility of interviewing me, I’m a supporter whether I’m an interviewee or not.)

Report/Block him on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GodBlessHitler

Join Rolls Not Trolls on Facebook and contribute to our mission of putting body positive messages into body negative spaces.

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40 thoughts on “URGENT! Fat Filmmaker Being Harassed by Haters

    1. Looks like the pastebin has been taken down. I donated too, but how are they getting donor information?? I didn’t see that on the kickstarter page anywhere…

      1. There is a backer page — it’s a button on the top of the kickstarter. Kickstarter cannot remove it.

      2. I think they got the names from the backer page and then got address from the White Pages site, by making educated guesses about which person with that name was the right one.

    1. whois, i think. he’s getting them from whois.
      i am so sick i cant figure out if he’s hacked in or if the websites werent put behind anonymity paywalls. always pay for the anonymity; this is why.

      apologies for vanishing–i have been sick, heavens, since just about the day of the first healthcare videoconference. i would be thrilled to put some money toward the movie; had i any, i absolutely would. if there is another way i can help, do let me know. all of yr columns are still great, & i still read them every day.

      yr weary follower & sometime correspondent,

      1. If you have the time & energy, keeping tabs on what he’s posting so the copyright violations, harassment, etc., can be reported to Twitter, YouTube, PasteBin or whoever would probably be really helpful.

      2. he just goes to the backers page of the kickstarter — but he can only see your name and your town — use a screenname or a handle and don’t enter your location

    1. I don’t think starting a counter-harassment campaign is a good idea. I’d rather just see this kickstarter succeed wildly and this jerk banned from YouTube and Twitter. If anything he’s done has crossed over to illegal territory (which it sounds to me like it very well might have) then counter-harassing can only hurt.

      1. Hey Helena – how do you find that sort of stuff out? That seems like something I want to know how to research in the future. Thanks for the comment!

          1. Reddit Post analysis

            [Edited to remove links I don’t want to give traffic to]

            So far statistical analysis shows he’s a straight male, in school, in either MDT or EST timezone, Long time 4channer. The reddit and 9gag ruse is just to redirect blame.

            I’ve decided that his schedule looks more like a college student’s schedule. I’m thinking Texas/Bible Belt (MDT) right now based on other leads I’ve been working on.

            He has lunch from 11am to noon, class starts at 8am and gets out at ~3pm (2:30?) he likely has a study hall in the mornings. A college studnt with a varying schedule would also explain the postings. He stays up late Sunday night after being progressively more board all weekend. He may have a cellphone, but his access to it wanes in the afternoon periods so it also might be that he uses the school computers in the morning. The long period of silence after noon is either a job, or a sport.

            He plays the troll well, but this is really just big power trip to him. As someone from /pol/ He honestly beleives in zionist conspiracies and feels impotent against the political system. He views feminism as squelching free speech and He sees fat people as an easy target and is getting excited over being able to ‘subvert’ their attempts to silence him.

            Still need to narrow down his hometown/school district and ethnicity. I’m working on language analysis to figure out his region better.

            He’s a master troll afaik, but not very good at counter-espionage.

            1. Thanks for your comment. I edited it to remove links to sites that I don’t want to give traffic to, I really appreciate you taking the time to update us!


            2. Holy Tootsie Pops! That’s some serious study – I’m in awe. Wow. We all really do a leave a footprint – I’m glad this is the case. Thanks for the info!

  1. This dude is gross. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook or any of that noise but I will absolutely be contributing to the kickstarter tonight and trying to come up with other ways to help. Not only has this jerk motivated me to get involved, but her project sounds like something I would really be interested in seeing.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this. I don’t blog with WP so I can’t reblog but I will definitely signal boost this within my community. This is bull.

  3. Reblogged this on Ancient Armitage and commented:
    There is Never, EVER an excuse for cyber bullying like this…whether you are interested in contributing or not, everyone needs to be aware of the activity of trolls like this one.

  4. Can’t someone, a police agency , FBI, CIA, something?
    He/she is obviously breaking laws by harassing and stalking people.

  5. Reblogged this on Sly Fawkes and commented:
    Well, of course you know when anyone gives themselves the handle “godblesshitler,” you know he has to be right on the money and not a complete and total asshat.
    Nobody should have the right to harass and threaten another person’s well being. This creep needs to be stopped.

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