You Oughta Be in Pictures

Design by Kris Owen
Design by Kris Owen

Greetings from Dickinson College in lovely (and snowy) Carlisle, Pennsylvania!  I’m having a great time here.  Today I got to give guest lectures to three class on Fat Activism, Fat and Sexuality, and creating inclusive spaces for fitness.  Tomorrow I get to give a talk about body positivity in queer community to high school students  at the GSA Leadership Summit, Saturday I get to give a similar talk to college students at the Summit, then I head to SUNY Cortland for their Body Appreciation Week.  Everyone here has been super cool and I got to have lunch with Amy Farrel and get a signed copy of her book Fat Shame:  Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture. Woot!

Meanwhile, there’s a bunch of cool movie stuff happening. First of all, America the Beautiful 2 – The Thin Commandments is now available on DVD (as well as on Netflix.) Before anyone asks, no, I don’t get compensated for these sales, I was just in the documentary and I think it’s an interesting piece.

Second, a while ago I told you that a screenwriter in Austin had written a script about my life as a dancer.  I don’t want to jinx it but some very cool things are happening with that so keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll give you updates  as more cool things happen.

The documentary short that the Alexandra Lescaze shot to go along with her film All of Me on PBS’s Independent Lens is available for to watch (just click here and then click on Ragen’s MORE Cabaret.)

Finally, More Cabaret has our highlight film from our show Gimme More! (thanks to Alexandra and her crew for getting us the footage!)

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My new column for Ms. Fit Magazine is out – I interviewed Virgie Tovar, Hanne Blank, and Rebecca Weinstein for the article “Jiggle is Hot:  Exploring Sex in a Fat Body

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9 thoughts on “You Oughta Be in Pictures

  1. I love the video, but every time it cut out in the middle of a song I was disappointed. I wanted to see the whole thing!

  2. Loved the Highlights video. Was wondering, where did the girl, second on left, get her outfit? (see 1:20) I love it! Have so much trouble finding things like that for me.

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