Big Fat Liars

fight backOne of the tools that is used to silence fat people who speak up about the oppression, stigma, and mistreatment that we experience is to just call us liars.  This can be incredibly frustrating because often it’s really difficult to talk about in the first place.  I recently blogged about having eggs thrown at me and in amongst the outpouring of support that I received – for which I am incredibly grateful – there were people who just had to insist that it didn’t happen.

The comment below was, to me,  the most egregious example and was e-mailed to me by blog reader Missy.  It was in a fitness forum [TW: weight loss talk] where there were a bunch of really supportive comments and then there was this:

anyone else think its a fake story?
i dont want to think that but shes not just a blogger
she is selling her book on her site too
she is selling dance routines, t-shirts, and dvds
she calls herself a “fatctivist”
this story just seems like a publicity stunt
i wouldve believed eggs being thrown at her
but then another car called her fat? on the same run?
and she just so happened to have a good punchline for that part
she posted a pic for proof but you cant even tell its there
why post a pic at all? like anyone wanted to see the egg shells
sounds like she went above and beyond in fabricating the story
i dont believe it

Let’s break it down, bit by bit:

anyone else think its a fake story?
i dont want to think that but shes not just a blogger
she is selling her book on her site too she is selling dance routines, t-shirts, and dvds

Yup, you’ve uncovered my nefarious plot.  I’ve been secretly commissioning studies and it turns out that people are 83.27% more likely to buy books, t-shirts, and dvds from people who’ve been pelted with eggs.  You totally caught me.  Anyone who has an issue with me working to make a living doing work that I think is important and helps people is welcome to check out this post.

she calls herself a “fatctivist”

No. I really, really don’t.  (I just did a search of all my posts just to make sure, you can take the quotation marks right off that.)  I don’t know what the hell a “fatctivist” is and I think I’d need to buy a vowel to be able to pronounce it.  In reality I call myself a fat activist.  Easier to pronounce and I don’t have to make up an awkward word.

this story just seems like a publicity stunt

Again, I can’t believe you knew that my life goal was to be known as the fat woman who had eggs thrown at her. You must be psychic!

i wouldve believed eggs being thrown at her
but then another car called her fat? on the same run?

The second group wasn’t in a car – they were standing on a lifeguard station as I walked down the beach, regardless I wish that getting slurs yelled at me twice on the same walk was a rarity, it happens All. The. Time.  A quick read of the comments on the original post will show you that this happens to fat people a lot.

and she just so happened to have a good punchline for that part

First of all, I didn’t just so happen – the egg thing was pretty fresh on my mind since walking for 9 miles is boring as hell and it was a pretty impactful experience.  Also,  having a witty thing to say has never been a problem for me.  My problem is saying it without thinking (as in “That was witty, but I shouldn’t have said it to the Dean of my college.”)  In this case it served me well.

she posted a pic for proof but you cant even tell its there
why post a pic at all? like anyone wanted to see the egg shells
sounds like she went above and beyond in fabricating the story

Sorry about the pic – my hands were shaking when I took it, what with having just had eggs thrown at me.  Also, it was dark and I was using my cell phone.  I actually thought about not posting it because it was so crappy, but thought that if I didn’t post some proof then people would call me a liar, which is exactly what I imagined you would have done had I not posted a pic.

i dont believe it

Fuck you.

Calling us liars is just another form of fat bullying. I think it’s important to stand up to these attempts at erasing our experiences. In my experience and from what I hear from other fat people, we people experience an incredible amount of bullying and harassment – much of it government sanctioned as part of the “War on Obesity” and supposedly for our own good.  I hope that we don’t stop talking about it just because some jackass will call us liars, in fact, that’s motivation to talk about these things more.

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50 thoughts on “Big Fat Liars

  1. Thanks as usual for talking about all of this – it’s just unreal that a person can be bashed again just for reporting their bashing experience. Things have got to change in this country. We can all only do what we can do to keep this conversation going. I’m going at this from my own angle and I appreciate yours very much. Thanks for all you do…

    Emily Cooper, M.D.

    Author: The Metabolic Storm…

    Founder: Seattle Performance Medicine, PLLC

    Medical Director: The Diabesity Research Foundation

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    Phone: 206-632-4575

      1. Hi, no, it’s a real word. It doesn’t begin to explain the metabolic roots of either diabetes or obesity but reminds us that there are metabolic underlying causes of both obesity and diabetes, taken separately or together. A person of any weight can have type 2 diabetes and just because weight is high does not mean that glucose balance will be abnormal. And sometimes the two do overlap. As most followers here know, you cannot judge a person’s health or fitness based on weight. You can be healthy or fit at any weight and unhealthy or unfit at any weight. But what the mainstream discussion lacks is recognition of scientific discoveries about metabolism that span 100 years – this is not making it to the textbooks in med school or the media. All you hear is the same old same old misinformation and blame game. Regardless of body weight, metabolic problems can create a variety of symptoms and we just don’t ask ‘why?’ enough. The foundation is meant to inform people of the science that up to now has terrible PR.

        1. Nah. It’s a bullshit made up word, much like “cosmeceutical”, based on pseudoscience. “obesity” as a word itself is bullshit. Pairing “dia” with it doesn’t legitimize it.

  2. I’ve got another great response for you from reddit.

    Regardless of body type or skin color, hecklers have targeted runners – whether solitary or in groups – since at least when Forrest Gump was released in 1994. Ragen uses heckling as evidence as “fat oppression” when really it is “running oppression” – hecklers see a person running and hurl insults at them as they drive by. Ragen’s narcissism and obsession with fat oppression doesn’t allow her to realize this; it is a well known and well-documented occurrence in the running community.

    Ah, yes, because we all know how thin people are constantly complaining about how they can’t run in public for fear of being screamed at from passing cars.



    1. First of all, they didn’t just hurl insults, they hurled eggs. Regardless, I’m sure that there are thin people who have been yelled at by passing cars, I’m sure that there have been thin people who had eggs thrown at them and that is egregious. It does not, however, change the fact that I had eggs thrown at me by someone who yelled fat bitch and suggesting that that doesn’t have anything to do with fat oppression is being aggressively clueless, my narcissism notwithstanding.


      1. My mom and brothers are runners, and I’m friends with quite a few others as well. I’ve never EVER heard any of them complain about harassment while running. The only incident was some 20+ years ago when someone yelled “DYKE!” at my mom while she was running. Other than that, she’s never been treated the way that you or other fat people walking in public have been. But I guess they have to build these false equivalencies to convince themselves that fat shaming and oppression is all made up. Ironically (but not surprisingly), these walls are built by people wallowing in dens of fat shaming and oppression on reddit.


        1. First: Regan, you are awesome and I admire your strength so much! Second: harassment of thinner runners and walkers (especially if theyre female and by themselves) does happen, but not with close to the same frequency. (At least according to my anecdata.) For example, I’m thin and have been harassed a couple times while out jogging, including having orange soda thrown on me by teenage guys in a car. But it’s happened maybe three times in 15 YEARS, not twice on the same run or walk.

          1. Just to contrast this with my anecdata — I’ve estimated that I’ve had insults (overt insults that really could not be construed as anything positive) and/or objects (I get a lot of empty soda bottles and convenience store styrofoam cups) thrown at me approximately 2 out of every 3 times that I run alone.

            My practical solution is to run with a partner, which limits the ungoodness by a lot. But… yeah.

  3. I think you got hit with eggs. I was thinking about that yesterday. Just how scared you must have been. Or like me mad and then scared. Take care , Sandi Adkins

  4. Gee according to that inciteful (no, I do not mean ‘insightful’) takedown, I guess anyone who says they have been fat shamed is totally lying.

    Of course, I can’t turn on my TV, check my Yahoo account, go to the movies, or pick up a magazine without being fat shamed… but I guess that’s just me being oversensitive. After all, when Jennifer Hudson talks about how she couldn’t ever have a life because she was so fat and ugly (during which time she won an Oscar and a couple Grammies, but I guess those don’t count as doing anything interesting or useful or difficult to accomplish), she’s just talking about HERSELF, and I should totally not take that personally. Just like I shouldn’t take it personally that Dr. Oz spends half his life telling the world how I’m going to die quickly and pundits talk about what a drain to the healthcare system I am, and there are at least six punch lines on every sitcom to the effect that fat people are stupid, ugly, lazy, smelly, and completely unloveable. It’s not like they mean that stuff about ME, after all. It’s about my FAT which is totally not part of me.

    And woe betide anyone who talks about their experiences if they have anything whatsoever to sell! Oh, unless it’s a weight loss product. Then preaching about your own life is mandatory. But it’s not that you were bullied or harassed or put down by other people; it’s that you were useless and miserable and unloved and unloveable and sick.

    We don’t use truth in discussions about weight in this country, we use Truthiness. And when someone gets up and tells the damn truth and calls a spade a fucking shovel, we’re informed we’re lying.

    Well guess what Missy, and all you other Missy’s out there: we’re not lying. What’s more, we’re not lying down for this anymore.

  5. I have a relatively succinct response to the doubter on that forum. Two words for you…Fuck & Off.

    And now for the wordier part of my reply…Really?!? You think that fat people and fat activists would set up a stunt like this for publicity? You think that we encourage an assault to gain more publicity? I can think of many other things far more pleasant than being pelted with eggs and having derogatory slurs flung at me. You know, like dental surgery or having a needle stuck in my arm to draw blood. (I have a phobia of needles, so that should give you an idea of how unpleasant that is for me.) This is why I need to stand up and declare my experiences and help even one person understand that this is the reality of my life. It’s why the collective “we” of fat people need to do the same. We’re not lying to stir up publicity. We’re not lying to draw attention to ourselves. We are telling the truth about our reality.

  6. I’m new to this blog, but I love it! I can’t believe that there are people out there that have nothing better to do with their lives than write or talk negatively about anyone, as I believe we are all special creatures on this earth and should all be treated equally and respectfully! If you don’t like what Ragen says, don’t read this blog! (and no, I don’t even know her and just signed up today myself!)

    I love your sense of humor Ragen and your quick wit. I also love how you are standing up for the last “acceptable” form of discrimination. Fat people use food for a variety of reasons just like an out of control shopper, drug addict, sex addict and others that do anything beyond what is needed. What is needed is a new set of coping skills and to accept and love ourselves AS WE ARE!! Then, whatever size we are, we can enjoy the life we have been given, make the most of it and have no shame and not allow anyone else to shame us!

    I’ve danced my whole life and currently am a “super obese” Dance Instructor. I am so happy to see what you have done for all sizes of people that dance! You go girl!!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Laura,

      Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment and your kind words about my work, I really appreciate it. I know that you are new here and so there are two quick things in your comment that I want to talk about. The first is the idea that fat is the last acceptable prejudice. I understand where you are coming from on this, but I think the reality is that, sadly, there is a lot of acceptable prejudice that still goes on in the US and around the world against many groups – people of color, queer people, people with disabilities and many more – and it’s all deeply problematic and needs fighting.

      The other thing I’m confused about is the statement comparing fat people to addicts. I may have misunderstood what you wrote and I apologize if I did but I just want to clarify that fat is a body size – it’s not a diagnosis or a set of behaviors. People are many different sizes for many different reasons and you can’t tell from someone’s body size what their relationship with food is.

      I hope that makes sense, feel free to ask me any questions that you have either here or by e-mail ( and I’ll look forward to seeing you around here!

      Big Fat Hugs!


      1. Hey Ragen. Yes, you are absolutely right. There are many people discriminated against still today. What I meant was that if someone saw a child being hit in public, most people would say something or do something. If someone used the N word, someone would probably stand up and say that was wrong. But If someone says something mean to a fat person, are we defended? Not usually. Derogatory remarks about fat people happen all the time. I just went to see Kevin James doing stand up comedy and even though he is overweight, he made fun of fat people and used all kinds of negative descriptions. I DID NOT FIND HIM FUNNY! This is what I mean by the last acceptable form of discrimination. Once this blog and the good people on it help you to get more and more acceptance for fat people, heck, for people in general (hey-isn’t that what America is supposed to be all about?!!!), fat discrimination will be less frequent or come to an end!
        Sorry again for the confusion, I was not comparing fat people to addicts. My terrible bad!!!! What I’m saying is that no one can walk in anyone else’s shoes unless they have been there. To judge a person by their looks or behaviors without understanding where they are coming from, what drives them, is a huge mistake. I find it disgusting that people have nothing better to do with their lives than to try to put other’s down. It is much more of a statement about them then us! Power to you for writing this and standing up!!!!

        1. I’m glad you’re here reading this blog. I’m not authorised to act as any kind of welcoming committee, but welcome anyway!

          That said, I’m going to push back on the idea that people normally stand up for people being called racist names. (I’m going to briefly do something I dislike, which is pretend for a moment that people are either white or black, for simplicity — apologies for the absurd oversimplification) Expressions of racism are something that white people and black people have wildly different experiences with, and those different experiences lead to white people grossly underestimating how much racism black people deal with and how blatant it often is. Since you’re presenting the n-word example as a hypothetical, I’m guessing you don’t realise how often it’s used. And you’re probably not black! Racism is a serious problem and even as a fat person I think the world would be a much better place if it were true weight discrimination were the last acceptable prejudice. Sadly that’s not even close to true.

          And I’ll be sure not to look up Kevin James!

  7. I am so sorry that happened to you, Ragen! It completely sucks. But it somehow (iIMHO) makes it worse when people deny it! How dare they deny your experiences!

    I was recently very ill, which made me have to go to a doctor 4 days in a row. I am a pretty active person, having completed 7 half marathons and 1 full in the last 2 years. Unfortunately, I had to see a different doctor every day. I have insurance through Kaiser Permente (motto: shame fat people as much as possible so they don’t come to the doctor til they are half dead). EVERY SINGLE DAY they asked me about my work out routine. I told them the same thing every day, and they looked at me in disbelief. Why the hell would I lie about this?!

    I belong to a gym. I go in there at least 2 times a week. At least once a month I get to win the fat sweepstakes — either another gym patron makes a rude comment about me TO MY FACE or gym staff comes up and asks me if I’d be interested in personal training “to help start my journey”, even though I’ve been a member of this same gym for 2 years!

    Anyone who doesn’t believe this crazy stuff happens ALL THE TIME to us is either delusional, stupid, or a major part of the problem.

    1. “To help start your journey.” Your journey to socially acceptable thinness, of course, because that’s all that matters!

      I know that if I ever find the time, money, and spoons to exercise the way I used to, my clothes measurements will go down. My weight might even go down. But I will never be socially acceptably thin.

      Hence, no exercise club in town is ever going to get my money. I want to improve my biceps and they keep jabbering about my ass!

  8. I can’t help but think about other oppressed groups who are called liars after they report the oppression, discrimination, or assaults. I think disbelief is a pretty pervasive yet, likely unintentional, tactic, frequently used by the bigoted and ignorant, but also, sadly enough, by otherwise reasonable people. I wonder why as humans we have a tendency to disbelieve. “Unbelievable!” sometimes even means that we do believe but the situation is shocking.

    1. I have done decision analysis work in the recent past and there are biases in each person that can sway critical thinking incorrectly.

      People as a whole tend to look at things in their microcosm of a world and try to make it all make sense. Once they have their sensible world worked out, they look for proof that they are right in the information that comes their way. I read a recent poly-sci study (I’m sure I can dig it up if you want) that actually determined that those who have deep rooted beliefs about something are the hardest to sway even after they are shown evidence directly refuting their belief(s)! The more someone is invested in a belief the more likely they will continue to believe it and be more vehement in their support of that belief.

      It is amazing because we all like to believe that the better educated in a subject we are, the closer to the truth we will become. So when we are out there trying to get people to understand the truth that bodies come in different sizes for various reasons that are not all within ones control and that health is a multidimensional thing over which one does not have complete control, recognize that it is a hard sell.

      I’m in no way saying that these people have an excuse, I’m just pointing out that changing the minds of some people can be harder than others.

  9. Well, you know that we’ve all gotten fat by lying. It’s like the new version of Pinocchio’s growing nose – every time we tell a lie, we add an ounce. That’s how you can tell that I’m lying about what I eat and how much exercise I do. Oh, wait, I just lifted three times what you can? A fat person just finished a marathon while you were online heckling people? Someone twice your size pulls off dance moves that 99% of the population couldn’t do? Still lying – we’re just really advanced holograms.

  10. How dare they try to tell you what did or did not happen in your own life. Who the hell do they think they are, anyway?

  11. That’s so ridiculous. I have things yelled at me when I’m just walking. My only thing is that I have a hard time understanding what’s being yelled. In a way it’s a blessing because if it is an insult – they’re not enunciating well enough to have an impact. It also makes me wonder if it’s a friend just saying hi, but considering I don’t know many people here – it’s not likely. So I get to thinking “what did they say?” and then get an exercise in positive thinking. “I bet they said they thought I was good looking. That’s so nice!” So to all you people who have hurled insults at me while I’ve been out walking – thank you, I like this shirt too. 🙂

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! I NEVER understand what people are yelling at me from their car, so I choose to believe it was a compliment. I mean, if you can’t bother to enunciate, then I think my interpretation is valid. 😀

    2. That is so darn brilliant. I love the idea of stealing their thunder by taking it as a compliment. I know when peeps are being hurtful to me — smirking and/or calling me names — I have a tendency to walk up to them, smiling, and introduce myself. It’s very similar to what Ragen did with the second group of peeps: humanize oneself. When our humanity becomes front and center, the people trying to objectify us usually see what asses they’re being and slink back to their slime palaces.

    3. Hahahaha really brilliant! I´ve actually gotten so use to ignoring people shaming me that most times I don´t even listen to them. Sometimes I can be walking with a friend and suddendly she gets upset and I don´t understand why until she tells me that someone yell at us.
      I´m not sure it´s a good thing ignoring things at that point, but I guess that´s how my mind decided to deal with fat shaming.

  12. Anyone who’s moved through the world in a fat body knows your story is, sadly, all too true, Ragen. I actually shared that story a lot, largely as a testament to your awesomeness, and no one I shared with doubted it for a moment.

    I don’t know what to make of people who flat out deny the experiences of others as though they were there or, heck, omniscient.

    But then I read heartbreaking tales like this–

    And I know it’s all about power. It’s about keeping us down, it’s about people who are benefiting from privilege not wanting to have to face that or feel guilty about it. The funny thing is, denying it (privilege) never changes anything, but owning up to it just might.

  13. Btw, “fatctivist”? Er… “fat-kuh-tivist”? My tongue officially hurts. I really don’t think fitness woman’s invented word is gonna take off in the fat community. Sorry, would-be clever, portmanteauing pseudo-etymologist.

  14. I am not sure what sheltered world these trolls live in, but a friend and her TODDLER were egged as they were walking down the street. What’s so unbelieveable about a fat woman getting egged? I also saw people in a car ahead of me yell at a red-haired woman and call her a bitch for no reason. Those people are ALWAYS out there, and a fat person is just the most obvious target.

    My friends wonder why I didn’t wave back to them when they drove past me or yelled at me. Well, that would be because I try to block out all other people because most of the time they want to insult me.

    1. I was just thinking the other day that I learned very, very early on to cultivate an expressionless pretense that nobody was driving past; before I was socially unacceptably fat, I was an early bloomer, and I walked to school.

      I wonder if people who have never had to do it can ever understand what it’s like, wondering if the next car is going to be the one with the gravel thrower.

  15. I told my family your story. I said you were a large woman, fat like Mommy, training for a marathon. I told them that people threw eggs at you. My 7-year-old daughter asked why and I said I guess they thought it was funny and my 6-year-old son said, “No it’s not!” Then I told them about what you said to the second group and how they responded. My daughter asked for another story about you and I told about your ballroom dancing. My daughter said, I kid you not, “I want to be her when I grow up.” My daughter is thin BTW. I said, “You mean you want to teach people that everybody deserves respect?” And she said yes.

  16. Hugs to you sunshine. First, if she doesn’t believe your post, then why the hell is she writing about it in the first place? Second, the fact that she’s calling you a liar is ignorant and insane. She’s a douche, and kudos to you sweetie for being gracious enough to break it down for her delicate and naive mind. Hugs for a newbie reader. Love your blog by the way…you’ve got a big fan by Chi-town!

  17. Ragen, “you light up my life”! Thanks for being you. Thanks to all the posters for being youse too. I’m 54 fat and female. And I light up my life. Yay!

  18. I believe you completely! I get stuff thrown at me all the time just for being a [normal] cyclist, not to mentioned all the people who yell at me and honk at me for no discernible logical reason. Some times I entertain the fantasy (because it will only ever be a fantasy) of carrying around a paintball gun for retribution purposes… but alas I am a pacifist…

    I have also been yelled at from cars for being QIP (queer in public) lol. Some times I gotta laugh to keep from crying.

    Anyone who steps outside societal norms is a target. Thank you for all that you do! I stand by you.

  19. When I posted my experience with things thrown, it wasn’t to overshadow your experience, Ragen. I wanted others to know that yes, it really does happen. As I stated then, even my husband didn’t believe it till I showed him the bottle. I am not selling books, T-shirts or DVDs… so what was my motive? Having someone diminish your experience because you’re “selling something” or because “it happens to everybody” is just another way to try to shut you up. But I know that you won’t. 🙂

  20. Some people, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you live in California, Ragen. I lived out there for nearly 5 years, and when I did, I was subject to much more harassment than I generally receive back here in the South (specifically Tennessee) where there (unofficially) seem to be a whole lot more fat people and being overweight seems to be generally (but certainly not always) a bit more accepted by the general population than it is in other areas of the country I’ve visited. I’ve actually referred to myself a number of times as “the fattest woman in the state of California” when I talk about living out there because that’s kind of how it felt. I could go months at a time without seeing anyone close to my size…or plus sized at all, for that matter. I’m certainly not the fattest person in Tennessee…I’m one of many, and I see people of all sizes every day. I feel like there are many people in California who believe they are “health conscious” and who feel entitled to bully people who don’t fit into their stereotypical box of what they view as healthy. But, as we all know, bullying is never productive and does not help people lose weight or get healthier at whatever size they are. Preach on!

  21. You know, I’ve read this post several times now, and it brought two things to mind.

    1) My husband’s best friend, and Best Man at our wedding, spent time in a psychiatric ward after 15-odd years ago. One day, he was beaten up by one of the nurses (completely unprovoked). He told his Mum about the assault, and she made a complaint to the nurse’s manager. His response was, “that nurse would never do something like that. Your son’s crazy, he’s making the whole thing up.” No investigation was ever made. And, apparently, that nurse is still working in the mental health sector – in a managerial position.

    2) Another close friend of my husband (who has also used mental health services) was taken into police custody for smoking weed out in the public. While he was in the cells, he was sexually assaulted by some of the cops. When they released him, he told his parents, and asked if that could help him make a complaint. They didn’t believe him. They didn’t believe him when he attempted suicide a couple of days later, and I’m pretty sure they don’t believe him to this day. So, again, nothing got done.

    And actually? I know the young woman whose story Singlequeergrrl linked us to. When we Livejournal friends at one stage. 😦 The way she was treated by the police, people our communities put the upmost trust in, was beyond diabolical.

    I see it over and over – disenfrachised people in our society speak out against bullying, harassment and assault, and our experiences are either flat-out erased, or the perpetrators are whitewashed. It’s like what Singlequeergrrl said – they want to keep us down, and keep on benefitting from the status quo – so they let it go unchallenged, and completely gaslight us in the process. It’s heartbreaking, and disgusting and it has to stop.

    It the meantime, I vote we keep speaking up and making our voices heard. And people like you, Ragen, continue to give me hope.


  22. little late here, but I wanted to add my experience to the data pool 😉

    I (thin, located in Europe) run quite a lot, and in 2 years 3 men catcalled and one car honked when I passed. That’s all. A fat friend of mine gets yelled at almost EVERY TIME she runs, mostly fat hate slurs – I’ve heard it myself when we ran together a couple of times. I don’t know if anyone ever threw things at her, but saying there is no difference and people harass all runners regardless of their body shape absoluteley does not meet my personal experience.
    So saying that fat hate has nothing to do with Ragen’s egg incident is just trying to downplay the whole thing and totally ridiculous.

  23. if it didn’t happen to (presumably not fat) missy, it must have been a lie. that’s such a typical bingo reply. and ghods, yeah, i’ve had things thrown at me and fat-shaming insults hurled when i’ve been out bicycling or just walking in the US, and it’s not been a particularly rare occurrence. i just learned to tune it out. southern california was especially nasty, what with their excessive looks-consciousness. that’s also where they ruined gyms and working out for me, because obviously there was something wrong with a fat person wanting to exercise (clearly just to ruin their view) — wasn’t i supposed to sit in my dark room on the couch and eat ice cream by the gallon? gyms are for fit people! oh, and tanned people too. because tanning is ever so healthy. *snrk*.

    gotta say, not in BC, canada so far — *knock on wood*. fat people are actually present in the local gyms. though the weight loss thing is still the main paradigm, but for the most part staff have shut up about it when i told them that it’s NOT why i am looking to join a gym. and i’ve not been yelled at a single time during my walks here. doctors, on the other hand are just as bad. you have a problem with RSI in your wrists? let’s talk about why you should lose some weight.

    your site is great, ragen, and wow, can you move! so inspiring.

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