Fathletic Fairy Has Moves

Though I’m still in the midst of a fight with Disney and Barney’s about Minnie Mouse that I’ll update you about in a moment, I want to give credit when it’s due.  Today Deva posted a video from Disney Junior to the Rolls Not Trolls community on Facebook.  It’s a preview of the new Disney Fairies DVD called “Secret of the Wings – How to Skate.”  Mary the (Fat) Fairy has some serious moves:

Now, I’m willing to bet that some idiot somewhere is going to accuse Disney of promoting obesity with this video, so let’s have this out.  Having positive role models with whom they can identify is extremely important for kids of all sizes.  Unfortunately many fat kids don’t have role models who look like them because fat people aren’t often shown in a positive light due to the utterly ridiculous notion of “promoting obesity” as if it’s some V8 commercial wherein we see a happy successful fat person on TV and then millions of people slap themselves on the forehead and say “I coulda been fat.”  It is absolutely not ok that the only representation fat kids see of themselves in the media is encouraging a war on them, or shaming them for their size, or making negative assumptions about their habits, or reinforcing to them that every fat person is a walking stereotype and that happiness, health, athleticism, love, and just about everything they might ever want is only for thin people.

If these people actually want fat kids to move more then doesn’t it make sense to show them other fat kids having fun moving?  (By the way, there is no health advice that’s just for fat kids – I think we would do much better to focus on developing healthy relationships with food and exercise for kids of all sizes.)   All kids, including the fat ones, need to see themselves represented positively in the media and this is a great step in that direction.

A very different direction for Disney than their Model Minnie Mouse catastrophe with Barney’s. Here’s an update on that campaign: The awesome Shelby Knox at Change.org got involved, the petition we started on this blog now has 143,388 signatures.  The story has been covered all over the country including lots of regional and local news in addition to National venues like Salon, AP, Entertainment Tonight, and International media as well.  The campaign was joined by plus-sized models Robyn Lawley, Lizzie Miller, and CJ Legare; actresses Virginia Madsen and  Kristin Bauer, and Disney Heiress Abigail Disney.

The good news is that Disney and Barney’s are putting out joint statements saying things like:  the picture that was released of the 5’11, size 0 Minnie was just a sketch and isn’t the Minnie who is going in the film short, that the model Minnie is just a dream of regular Minnie and is only on screen for 7 seconds, and that they had always planned to end the film with Minnie in her regular form in the high fashion dress.

Since I’m an outcome-based activist I’m celebrating these victories, and I’m not even that annoyed that they basically called me an attention whore in a National press release as a way to draw attention from the problem, or that instead of owning up to the mistake they are just acting like it never happened and suggesting that those of us who pointed out the problem got it all wrong.

We’ve taken a break from this campaign as everyone deals with the aftermath of Sandy, but I feel like we made a ton of progress already and I’m excited about how many people “got it” and got involved, and about the changes that Disney and Barneys are making to this truly problematic situation. Stay tuned and in the meantime maybe you, like me, can take some solace in a fathletic ice skating fairy named Mary.

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14 thoughts on “Fathletic Fairy Has Moves

  1. Go Fairy Mary! She’s gorgeous! I’ve always appreciated that many of the Pixie Hollow fairies are, in the movies at least, decidedly pear-shaped. It’s a subtle thing, but I think it matters, especially since a great number of Tinkerbell watchers probably have lovely pear-shaped moms at home.

    1. To be fair, that’s my interpretation. What they said was “We are saddened that activists have repeatedly tried to distort a light hearted holiday promotion in order to draw media attention to themselves.” While I should have been more annoyed, I was just happy that the campaign had reached a size that Disney and Barneys responded with a public statement. ~Ragen


  2. “…we would do much better to focus on developing healthy relationships with food and exercise for kids of all sizes.”

    YESSS!!!! AMEN!!!! Preach it, Sistah!!!

  3. When I started a petition to allow same sex couples to prom at my school, they pulled the “oh, we’ve always allowed same sex couples to prom. People can take whomever they want to prom.” thing and said that I didn’t do my research. I suppose I should have been happy because I won, but I was just enraged that they lied and called me an idiot.

  4. That was stellar! And I loved that she didn’t break through the ice–I did have that thought for a moment. Her pink, more revealing outfit at the end was also great.

  5. Wow. And she did all that skating on paper clip ice skates, too. I can barely stay upright on regular skates, and she’s tearing up the ice with office supplies strapped to her feet. Hmph.

  6. Love it!! Do note that some of the other fairies are thicker in the legs at least… so at least there seem to be a few different body shapes going on. 🙂

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