Coca-Cola – Giving You Better Nails and Skin Since…Wait, What?

My readers in France may be particularly interested to know that this fall Coca-Cola will begin a small pilot program there for a new beverage that they’ve created in partnership with French drug manufacturer Sanofi. The pilot will contain four drinks made of mineral water, fruit juice and “nutrition additives” that they claim will “help strengthen hair and nails, embellish skin, lose weight, and improve vitality.”

Apparently Coca-Cola has gotten over the sting of Enviga, a green tea drink manufactured in partnership with Nestle that they claimed would burn more calories than had, which inspired a couple dozen lawsuits that ended with settlements and a disclosure disclaiming all weight loss benefits.

More concerning to me is the partnership with Sanofi.  They are the firm that manufactured the weight loss drug Rimonabant (aka Acomplia, Zimulti et al.). When reports surfaced that the medicine had serious psychiatric side effects they did the corporate version of sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything, la la la la la la la.”

They continued to refute the reports as the European Medicines Agency issued a press release stating that the benefits no longer outweighed the risks for the drug based on data that patients had twice the risk of psychiatric disorders as a group on a placebo  and Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé found five suicide deaths among patients participating in a rimonabant trial, and just one suicide in the placebo group of that study.  Sanofi-Aventis “remained committed to rimonabant, and said it was working to provide “additional evidence for the reevaluation of the benefit/risk profile.” Weeks later, Sanofi finally gave in, saying they had made their decision “in light of recent demands by certain national health authorities. As a result, the feasibility of the global clinical development program has been compromised.”  Keep it classy Sanofi.

Of course we’ve been hearing these claims for years.  We look back and laugh now at the diet advertisements of the past. Ads that promised the exact same things that the diet advertisements of the present promise. Same old, same old.  No evidence, no corporate responsibility  – just a quick buck from people desperate to move out of an oppressed group – to solve their social stigma with weight loss that the actual evidence says is not going to happen, at least not long term.

I’m going to guess that, unlike old New Coke which just lied about not sucking, the new New Coke may be lying about a lot more.

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3 thoughts on “Coca-Cola – Giving You Better Nails and Skin Since…Wait, What?

  1. Coke’s trying to take a slice of the Weight Loss pie? Great! Does that mean we get original formula Coke back — the stuff with cocaine in it? I’m told cocaine’s a *great* weight loss drug.

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