Disney and Georgia Billboard Updates!

If you haven’t heard by now, Disney has closed the Habit Heroes ride and it is rumored that they are going to revamp it. If you have a moment and are so moved, you can always send them an e-mail thanking them for doing the right thing!  The response to this atrocity was focused, fast, and widespread – a perfect example of Fatties and Friends Kicking Global Butt!

The voting is over and our billboard is chosen.  Thanks to Sabrina for a wonderful design and thanks to Shawn, Brandon, Geri, Jeanette, and Marilyn for their great work as well.

There are more really exciting things developing that may expand the footprint of our campaign and I’ll tell you as soon as I know for sure!

I’ll be in LA next week.  I’m speaking at CalTech on Wednesday. The event is invitation only so if you want an invitation please e-mail me at ragen at danceswithfat dot org!

This blog is supported by its readers rather than corporate ads.  If you feel that you get value out of the blog, can afford it, and want to support my work and activism, please consider a paid subscription or a one-time contribution.  The regular e-mail subscription (available at the top right hand side of this page) is still completely free.   Thanks for reading! ~Ragen

7 thoughts on “Disney and Georgia Billboard Updates!

  1. I love all of the billboards, but this one really stood out to me because it covers not only being put down for weight, but for any of the other reasons that kids and grownups find to bully each other. It’s a fantastic message and I’m glad that we were successful in countering the shame campaign.

    Re: the closing of Habit Heroes, it sounds like there were also some logistical reasons that Disney closed the attraction to rework it. I hope they ditch the entire oversimplified, inaccurate, and cruel theme and come up with something more positive. Food is not the enemy! I am not the enemy! How wonderful it would be to see healthy eating and movement promoted for the benefits they have on their own merits, and not just as a way to lose weight.

  2. “…it covers not only being put down for weight, but for any of the other reasons that kids and grownups find to bully each other.”

    Yes, I love this billboard for this exact reason as well. ^__^

  3. I just want to say how much the billboard project means to me. I live in Atlanta and I pass by one of the fat shaming signs on my way home. When I see it, I don’t feel motivated-I feel intensely sad and angry. The sign does so much damage and no good, in my opinion. I dream about going through town and covering up all of the hateful signs. Seeing the billboard will be a welcome inspiration.

  4. Oooh, can I use that pic on my facebook page? I think we need to splash this design (and all the other ones) every where we can!

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