Awesome Fatties on Parade

Belly Bumping my hero Marilyn Wann was a definite highlight of my year!!

Happy New Year!  I hope that this is the start of the exact year you are hoping to have!  I want to let you know about a series of really cool telesummits that the brilliant Golda Poretsky is coordinating that I am part of.  But before I do I want to talk about something really cool about the fat activist community.  I’ve done a lot of activism with a lot of communities and one of the things that has really struck me about the this community is how unbelievably friendly, open, and supportive everyone is.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet Marilyn Wann, Dr. Linda Bacon, and Dr. Deb Burgard who are straight up heroes of mine and they were all welcoming and supportive.  In other communities I’ve worked in, people like Linda, Marilyn and Deb have been more worried about protecting their “territory” than the work –  and I’ve seen those communities suffer for it.  The willingness of people in the SA and HAES communities to set their egos aside and work together for change is really powerful.

Here’s a perfect (and relevant!) example:  I am scheduled to be on the health panel for Golda’s telesummit with Dr. Linda Bacon.  When I first found out I freaked out a little bit – the woman has three post graduate degrees and wrote one of the books that first taught me about the Health at Every Size (r) concept. So I was talking to two of my amazing fat activist friends (Jeanette DePatie  of The Fat Chick and Jayne Williams of Slow Fat Triathlete) and I said that my main concern was that, since these discussions take place on the phone, people would think that I wasn’t there since my plan was to smile and nod while Dr. Bacon talked. The two of them were super supportive and immediately gave me an awesome little pep talk and now I’m excited instead of freaked out.

So as we all move into the next year, I wanted to stop for a second and say thank you to the people I had a chance to meet and/or work with this year:  Dr. Linda Bacon, Marilyn WannDr. Deb Burgard, Jeanette DePatie, Jayne Williams, Golda Poretsky, the women of Big Moves San Francisco,   Darryl Roberts, all the people I met at the film premieres and fatty n’ friends meet-ups, all my blog readers and commenters, and anyone I’m forgetting! Thank you!!!

And while I’m at it a huge thank you to all the fat-o-shere bloggers, everyone who is out there standing up to fat stigma, challenging stereotypes and refusing to buy into the notion that our worthiness is weight-dependent, everyone who passes size acceptance and HAES stuff along on Facebook and Twitter, participates in social activism projects, and inspires me.  We are making a difference and we’re doing it together.  So awesome!

Now, without further adieu, here is the schedule for the 2012 Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummits (all times are Eastern Standard)

Register for access details at

Tuesday 31 January, 8pm EST
Peggy Howell, Amanda Levitt and Marilyn Wann.

Thursday 2 February, 7pm EST
Linda Bacon and Ragen Chastain.

Tuesday 7 February, 8pm EST
Marie Denee, Rachel Kacenjar and Yuliya Raquel.

Thursday 9 February, 8pm EST
Hanne Blank and Virgie Tovar.

Thursday 16 February, 8pm EST
Marianne Kirby, Margitte Leah Kristjansson, and Brian Stuart.

Tuesday 21 February, 8pm EST
Jeanette DePatie and Anna Guest-Jelley.

Thursday 23 February, 3pm EST
Bevin Branlandingham, Jessica Jarchow and me.

Tuesday 28 February, 8pm EST
Paul Campos and Amy Erdman Farrell.

Register for access details at

If you want to let people know about this stuff you can add yourself to the Facebook Event and use it to invite your friends, you can Tweet about it using the hashtag #blrev

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Fatties on Parade

  1. I had a great moment today at my church that I thought I’d share. I sang a solo and had on a new dress from (REALLY love their stuff). Everyone was saying how lovely my dress was, and this one woman–really dainty and petite–asked me where I got it, taking out a bit of paper and a pen for the address. I had to tell her it was a site for plus-sized women like me!!

    Never been on that side of it before…usually it’s, “We don’t carry your sizes, you large woman…”, not the other way round…

    And as it turned out, she was getting the address for her daughter, who IS a plus-sized woman. Double win.

      1. I got my wedding dress from Holyclothing! I was going to wear in again, too, but I shrunk it. 😦 (Also, their best selection starts in XL, but they do carry small and medium clothing.)

  2. Squee! Have to say meeting you and getting involved in fun fat activism was a major highlight of 2011; hoping to do much more of the same in 2012. Keep doing what you do – you are amazing.

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