Any Diet But This One

When I say that my eating philosophy is to first and foremost listen to my body which leads to a diet with a variety of foods in reasonable amounts and everything in moderation, people tell me that it’s obviously not healthy to eat that way since I’m not thin and that I should choose one of these options instead:

  • Drink two thin chocolate beverages that contain laxatives, eat one meal a day that is low fat and low carb
  • Eat reconstituted soy protein five times a day and one meal of low fat protein and green vegetables
  • Eat a certain number of calories regardless of where they come from
  • Eat a bacon double cheeseburger but hold the tomato and the bun
  • Take pills whose label suggests that I “wear dark pants and bring an extra pair to work”
  • Eat an extremely limited low calorie diet 6 days a week, binge on the 7th day
  • Eat breakfast cereal 4 times a day, eat a meal of lean proteins and low carbs for dinner
  • Eat a ton of cabbage soup and on Tuesday eat as many bananas as I want but nothing else

I think that the main difference between my diet and all the others is that people make money selling those other diets and mine is what I think we would come to if we weren’t being inundated with messages from the people making sixty billion dollars a year selling us snake oil.

Let’s look at some of the history of the industry to see how we feel about their trustworthiness:


To me this is the quintessential story of how the diet industry works:

Ephedra was used in diet supplements to help speed the metabolism. In 1997 concerns started to build over serious side effects. That lead to the proposed ban by the FDA on products containing 8mg or more and stricter labeling at lower doses including the disclosure of the known health risks which included heart attack, stroke and death.

Instead, the Ephedra Education Council was created by the supplement industry to lobby against the restrictions.  They bankrolled a “scientific review” by a private consulting firm which found that Ephedra was safe.  They used this report and their deep pockets to lobby against the labeling requirements.  They also attempted to stop a study confirming the wide discrepancies between the label and actual amount of Ephedra in supplements from being published.

Metabolife – the manufacturer of the best selling brand of Ephedra supplement – kept 14,000 complaints about adverse effects from the FDA and spent over $4 million lobbying against state-specific legislation in Texas.  Meanwhile on the National Stage Senator Orrin Hatch questioned the scientific basis for the FDA’s proposal (because his degree in history and background working in the Mormon church really qualifies him for this).  Oh wait, turns out he forgot to tell anyone that his son was working for a firm hired to lobby both Congress and the FDA on behalf of Ephedra, and that the same five pharmaceutical companies and their industry trade association that paid his son’s lobby firm also donated $172,500 to a charitable foundation that the \Senator had started.  Oops.  In 2000 Business Week reported that that the FDAs regulation efforts were “beaten down by deep-pocketed industry lobbying” and the FDA withdrew the proposed labeling changes and restrictions.

When professional baseball player Steve Bechler died and the medical examiner reported that Ephedra toxicity played a “significant role” the FDA re-opened its case to regulate Ephedra. Senator Orrin Hatch participated in what Time Magazine called a “dazzling display of hypocrisy” when he said “it has been obvious to even the most casual observer that problems exist”, and then declared FDA regulation of Ephedra “long overdue.”  Finally in 2004 after over 15,000 complaints and a number of deaths, the FDA  issued a final rule banning the sale of Ephedra-containing dietary supplements.

The question of if anyone should be allowed to lobbying the government agency  that is in charge of our health and safety is a whole ‘nother blog.


Diet pill marketed by Wyeth.  In 1994 Fred Wilson, a Wyeth official, indicated concerns about fenfluramine’s labeling because it showed only four cases of pulmonary hypertension when a total of 41 had been observed, however action was not taken until 1996.  In 1995 the same company introduced Redux in the hopes that there would be fewer side effects.  Leo Lutwak, the FDA’s medical officer insisted that the drug contain a black box warning of pulmonary hypertension risks and refused to approve the drug without it.  So under pressure from lobbyists the FDA management moved the drug off Lutwak’s desk and assigned it to someone else who approved it with no black box warning for marketing in 1996.  In the end 300,000 claims were settled including some posthumously because pulmonary hypertension can be fatal.

The Snackwells Effect

Ah the non-fat craze.  After we decided that “the problem” was not, in fact, sugar, but before we decided that “the problem” was carbs, I mean meat, wait make that gluten, we were sure that fat was the scourge of our society.  Companies started to make everything low fat and fat free and the Snackwells Effect refers to the subsequent finding that  people consumed more calories of low fat and fat free foods than they did of full fat foods. It’s also worth noting that many of these foods were much higher in sugar than their full-fat counterparts.   I don’t actually think either of those is the worst thing about the low fat craze.  I think the worst thing is that it encouraged the widespread chemicalization of food and the belief that eating food chock full of chemicals but with a lower fat content was somehow nutritionally better than eating whole foods.  I think that’s crazy but we’ve talked about that before.


I’m giving this part of the low-fat/fat-free crazy special attention.  Olean is a fat substitute that appeared in a number of Proctor and Gamble products, perhaps most notably “WOW” potato chips.  And by that they meant “WOW  these chips have a health warning label but people are still buying them!”.  In fact, the bag that these puppies came in legally had to say that they “may cause abdominal cramping, loose stools and inhibit the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients”.  This is somehow healthier than potatoes and oil?  Products with Olean are still available.

So if you’re still wondering why I don’t jump on the new bandwagons and take Alli (a diet pill whose label suggests that users  bring a extra pair of pants with them to deal with unexpected anal leakage), or give up gluten because it’s the diet demon of the day, or whatever the hell diet Oprah is schilling right now, then suffice it to say that I don’t trust these people for reasons that I hope are now obvious.  Even if their suggestions made any kind of sense I’d still be wary.  Luckily my Health at Every Size/Intuitive Eating plan makes WAY more sense to me than anything else out there so it was an easy choice to skip putting my life on the line for a pill that may only be on the market to keep a Senator’s son employed with a high-paying lobbying firm.

45 thoughts on “Any Diet But This One

  1. You know, if you actually read the suggestions for a healthy diet, it specifically states that you should eat a wide, VARIED diet. Which means that what you are doing is actually following government standards. However, I never trust the MyPyramid meal planner (and I’m working on my Health and Wellness degree) because it thinks that cheese flavored crackers counts as a whole grain. Ridiculous!

    It’s very much do as we say, but not as we do situation. Hopefully the situation will improve now that the FDA has been given some actual power and isn’t completely dominated by the food industry any more.

    1. I had to do a health class project where i entered my meals of the day into the site and got a calorie count for the day. The site is really stupid and not conducive to healthy eating, because it’s really hard to log foods that are not from major brands, or are just generic (for example, i couldn’t find “ham and cheese sandwich” among the options, but there were plenty of microwave-sandwich products and frozen stuff, etc.). At least that was my experience.

  2. Well, if one craps oneself silly from the laxative effects of so many of these items, one is bound to lose weight. Therefore, utilizing large doses of laxatives must be healthy, no?
    (Sarcasm alert, for those whose sarcasm gene is missing)

    1. Pretty much…it’s a ‘tried and true’ tactic of some high school wrestlers to make weight.

      I did learn something new from this post though- I assume that the first diet description is slimfast. I was ‘put on’ that while in high school, and I had no idea it had laxatives in it. Upsetting. =(

      Oh, and of course I’ve had 2 co-workers independently recommend (as if I had said, ‘hey I don’t know I’m fat, clearly I need your help’ ) that Alli crap- and were surprised when I knew more about it and its dangers than they did. Didn’t stop them from recommending it though.

    2. In my experience as a person who has a very touchy stomach that likes to randomly get rid of (via the runs) the food I have eaten, my body knows that it didn’t get enough food and I will get hungry far sooner than I would’ve if I had been able to digest my meal properly.

      In fact, I’ve noticed that when my stomach is doing really bad that all I really want to eat are very sugary things… I assume because my body just wants to get in as many calories as possible and I usually gain some weight too.

  3. This made me laugh!! 🙂 (and then want to check all the labels of all the food I have ever eaten)

    I am so glad someone else thinks this diet craze thing is just plain crazy!

  4. Oh, and Alli has recently been linked to kidney and pancreas damage and possibly liver toxicity. I’ve noticed an Alli commercial has been running lately where an earnest customer says that Alli is FDA approved so that tells them it must be pretty safe. It amazes me that anyone can say that with a straight face after the redux fiasco. That one was FDA approved too.Industry defintely has a grip on some of the FDA’s puppet strings.

  5. Another one that will keep you in the bathroom if you eat more than a couple of pieces of it at a time is that sugar-free candy that’s recommended for diabetics to eat instead of regular candy. I don’t know what they use to replace the sugar, but it acts like a laxative if you eat more than 3 pieces of any of the candy.
    I found this out right after I had my VBG and went back to work. I needed to have something small to eat that I could keep at my work table but didn’t have a lot of calories (I was still in the brainwashed phase of madly losing weight and wanting to keep on with that weight loss), so the sugar-free candy seemed to fill the bill. I found out pretty quickly that it kept me from being hungry between breaks all right, but it also kept me running to the bathroom most of the night (I worked 2nd shift at the time). Not very conducive to getting much work done, I can tell you. Ended up being rather pointless anyway, as the WLS failed in the end, and now I’m pretty limited as to what I can eat, for those very same digestive issues. If I had only known……….

    1. That candy is not only lethal, Diabetes UK dont recommend it! It is sweetened with polyols – sorbitol, malitol etc.

    2. I formally protest because candy is awesome and delicious and should only be associated with gastro-intestinal issues when you are six years old and eat way too much of it on Halloween!


    3. I am a perinatal nurse and of course we recommend extra iron to our mothers. Anyone who’s taken iron knows it’s like taking cement that turns your turds green. Many pregnant women don’t tolerate colase (stool softeners) so I recommend that they ask their doctors about taking two sorbitol candies a day to facilitate evacuation in a way that does not upset the stomach. This is using this substance as it was intended, not as candy! It it makes you shit your brains out it can’t be good for you. As a nurse I know the dangers of diarrhea, I’ve had medical/geriatric patients die of diarrhea! WTH are these pseudo medical idiots thinking, Oh I know, that we are better off poor and dead than fat…….

    4. Oh my gosh–back when my son was just 3 years old I was in one of my most weight loss obsessed phases and I had a bag of those sugar free gummi bears. I let the poor little guy have a few, and he ended up with a bad case of the trots and awful abdominal cramps. I never bought sugar free candy again! Something with those kind of effects cannot be healthy.

  6. The gluten thing is really interesting. Four or so years ago I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. This means my gut wont tolerate anything with gluten in it, or anything derived from gluten such as (in UK) most glucose syrup, maltodextrin etc.

    I was already HAES aware and generally following it before diagnosis. When I changed to a gluten free diet, two things happened:
    1. People asked me “how much have you lost?”. To which I replied, genuinely the first time, “how much of what”. Quite a lot of people just didnt get that I had a medical condition unrelated to size which affects the foods which I eat!

    2. Other people thought that coeliac disease had made me fat!

    Plus I found one or two people who were using a GF diet to lose weight. Going GF has not had any effect on my weight. And of course others who thought “a bit wont hurt”, when in fact describing the effects of gluten on a coeliac as anal leakage is a huge understatement – hence why I would never ever go on a diet which caused that, I have been there.

    The one you mentioned about eating as many bananas as you want worried me, my aunt died of banana poisoning whilst trying to stop the oedema she was suffering from!

    1. I don’t know if this was the case with your aunt, but as I work with the geriatric population, I see a number of people who are taking diuretics for edema and blood pressure. These folks have to be very careful about eating potassium-containing foods such as bananas, particularly if they are on potassium-sparing diuretics. They have to be in good communication with their doctor and aware of the symptoms of both hyperkalemia (too much potassium) and hypokalemia (too little potassium) as both can have serious health consequences. I am sorry this happened to your aunt.

  7. The other thing which people following gluten free diets to lose weight probably dont realise that they are likely to get severe osteoporosis, we all have to have dexa scans every two years, because I am fat I get away with eating lots of cheese and drinking lots of milk, because fat people have stronger bones, many people have to take calcium supplements.

    I can see why people might think GF diet will make them lose weight, people born with it and diagnosed at weaning often have a particular body type, very thin and wiry. BUT there are a lot of us who are fat.

    1. Hi Liz,

      Sorry that you’re having to deal with Celiac’s. I had no idea about the bone density thing. Yikes – depending on how long this fad lasts that could be a lot of people dealing with bone density issues.


  8. I, for one, LOVE intuitive eating. My body is so much happier with me now that I listen to what it really wants. I’ve been on a baking kick lately, and mostly it’s been muffins. I’ve actually had to substitute full fat ingredients when they recommend low fat or fat free because I would much rather have the real stuff than the fake stuff. I’ll grant you I’m not totally on the whole foods bandwagon yet, mostly because sometimes my life calls for me to use something that is canned or prepackaged to get things done. However, cooking home meals with very little processed foods has made me function so much better. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I have a much higher level of energy. I can actually get stuff done now instead of feeling weighed down with a bunch of fake stuff. If I could only kick my energy drink habit I’d be doing pretty good. If I lose weight then that’s just the way it is, as long as it’s because that’s where my body wants to be and not because I’m trying to force it into a mold that society deems “appropriate.”

    1. Hi Karen,

      Wanna come bake for me? The baking talent of the women in my family is amazing. I wish I could say that it skipped a generation but my cousins can bake just fine – so it just skipped me 🙂

      To be clear I’m not on totally on the “whole foods bandwagon”. I’m not trying to get totally on any bandwagon. Every once in a while I eat McDonalds’ (and afterwards I feel like crap, apologize to my body, and spend the next day or so really trying to give it whatever it actually wants). I feel better when my diet consists predominantly of whole food and so that’s the direction I tend to go. I’m always suspect of eating plans that suggest you give up a whole swath of foods forever and ever like you’ll drop dead if you eat a Twinkie. I think it we would just calm down and eat reasonable we’d all do fine.


      1. I truly do not consider MacD to be junk food. I now have coeliac disease, I have a serving of fries, and a quarterpounder with cheese minus the gherkin and the bread roll (both have gluten in them). The meat part really is just beef and seasoning, and is actually very nice. I dont have it often, but when I do I really enjoy it

      2. Ragen, I’ll be glad to bake for you sometime. Once again couldn’t sleep last night and ended up whipping up a batch of Berry Strusel Muffins. Mmmm, yummy stuff.

  9. What I find interesting is that despite our knowledge of the risks of weight loss drinks and supplements, people still act like we are using the risks as an excuse, like the risks are acceptable because anything is better than being fat. “Heart problems? Inconvenient anal leakage? You pansy! You’re just giving up, fatty!”

    1. “Inconvenient Anal Leakage” is definitely the phrase of the day – especially since it implies that there is a “convenient anal leakage”. I’m currently laughing to myself at my computer! I think that you are exactly right though – people just can’t seem to wrap their minds around the idea that we would opt out of the thin fantasy for rational, well studied reasons and be confident in our choice.


      1. I am in tears laughing from thinking about “convenient anal leakage”. Seriously, I just think that is hysterical for some reason.

  10. My brother went on a low-fat vegetarian diet in high school as part of a school project. My mom and I went along with it at times, in part because my mom’s cholesterol was so high and also because I felt I was too fat. It had its benefits; my brother’s acne cleared up, and we learned to read warning labels. When my mom wanted to try these new low fat chips, we read the label and soooo didn’t want to wear diapers.

    BTW, these days, my brother is still a veg, but he doesn’t do low fat anymore.

  11. I think the blase way in which people think anal leakage is a perfectly acceptable side-effect if it leads to weight loss is another result of the demonizing of fat – namely that fat people are often considered to be smelly and dirty, as if we couldn’t possibly wash ourselves properly. And if you’re already smelly, then obviously not being willing to deal with leaking crap is just an excuse. Because obviously if you were fastidious, you wouldn’t be fat in the first place!


  12. Love this approach to eating. When I was 20, I was diagnosed with CFIDS and wound up being treated by several doctors and a nutritionist. She was the first one to tell me about the synthetic nightmare that awaits our bodies if we ingest low-fat or fat-free foods that aren’t that way naturally. She put me back on butter and whole milk (in moderation) and told me to avoid anything Healthy Choice or Snackwell especially.

    Recently, I switched to eating gluten-free, however, that was due to listening to my body. My friend eats gluten-free and every time I had dinner at her house I felt a million times better. I decided to give it a try and instantly had more energy and less pain (I have Fibromyalgia as well). When I discussed this new way of eating with my regular doctor, she instantly pointed me to a myriad of studies done linking gluten as a top exacerbator of Fibro. So, listening to my body helped me cut out the bad.

    I hate that people instantly thought I was going on a diet and that was good for me. I pointedly told them it was NOT to lose weight because I was happy with how I looked, but rather to be healthy.

    Thank you for your continued focus on health and how to love yourself.

    1. If you are finding GF diet is helping neuromuscular pain, and giving you energy, it is worth asking for the blood test for coeliac disease next time you have blood work done

  13. In my 20’s and still not evolved yet, I let a doctor shame me into trying fen-phen…Then I was about 80 lbs overweight, I had normal blood pressure, abnormally low cholestrol, normal blood sugar but I had obviously an amount of body fat that was frightening for her to LOOK at. If someone hates themselves because they are fat and they are told by everyone around them its ok to be hated because they are fat and I bought into that, even though I was kind of scared when she clearly admitted one of the side effects could be “heart attack or stroke”.
    Truthfully for someone who hated themselves at that point in time for being fat, and was eating disordered Fen-Phen was a dream for 3 weeks. I had no appetite, I never thought about food. Granted if I didn’t take it before 6:30am I never had a prayer of going to sleep it didn’t matter. Until one afternoon, I started throwing up,projective vomiting about 50 times. Called Dr’s office. “You may want to temporarily stop taking it”. Me: “Ya think?” Luckily at least in that case I was spared the heart damage some of people who were on it longer. Instead though,I was still too messed up about body image and what damage I didn’t get with fen-phen I got with wls.
    Barely lived through it but finally learned..Just keep doing what you are doing. Hopefully with your work, the work of Linda Bacon, and other peers of yours, people will stop torturing and mutilating their bodies, but it’s their psyches that need reprogramming so they aren’t left vulnerable in the first place to do all this damage to themselves whether its restrictive dieting,pills or surgery.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’m so sorry that I took such a long time to approve your comment. I’m more sorry that you’ve had to deal with such horrible doctors. I’m glad that you have found your way through. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing you experience which I think is really important for people to hear.


  14. p.s. I forgot to put “overweight” in quotations in my original response. Over who’s weight? I apologize for my wordiness,just your wisdom never ceases to amaze me….

  15. Thank you so much, Ragen. Your blog makes so much sense, and I’m so happy to have found it! In addition, I love the title, because I love to dance =)

  16. I’ll just point out another thing about Senator Hatch and Utah: Utah could be the capital for multi-level marketing schemes. Why Hatch is still in office is beyond me (hey, I haven’t voted for him ever!).

  17. Ragan,

    I love you. That is all. Thank you for my ab workout as I laughed my way through this post.

    Oh–and my SIL has heart damage from Phen-Fen . . . and she was asking me about the crazy HCG diet when we visited this spring. The depth of the “anti-fat” conditioning is terrifying.

  18. i’m constantly amazed at how difficult it is for people to do something so simple:

    eat. food.

    the fact that most people can’t figure what “food” really is is a much bigger problem than the so-called obesity epidemic. and that so many people think that something stuffed full of chemicals but low-fat/carb/sugar/calorie/etc… is healthy just boggles my mind.

    i think it’s important to point out that intuitive eating is much easier once all the junk has been cut out of our diet. it’s hard for your (generic “your”) body to know what it needs when it’s bogged down with chemicals telling it to crave more chemicals. i’ve found, too, that now that i don’t eat much fast food, that on the rare occasion when i do, i feel like crap afterwards (and like you said, have to apologize to my poor body!).

  19. About 20 years ago I attended an eating disorders center that the insurance companies closed down because they didn’t automatically medicate their patients with Prozac or Zoloft to curb the appetite. And because ya know you gotta be depressed, you’re fat, right. The center believed that eating disorders, not being fat, was the problem and treated the emotional issues that led to the unhealthy eating patterns. Their slogan was it’s not what you’re eating but what’s eating you. Here I learned, no adopted my personal eating plan, eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, make healthier food choices.
    I’m so glad I did this as I soon found out that I have hyperinsulinemia, the opposite of diabetes, my body makes too much insulin. I have to eat more protein and healthy fats to provide energy for my body. Of course everyone and their brother thought I was on the Adkins diet plan…NOT. I actually lost weight cause I kept my high insulin levels busy with protein so I didn’t feel hungry or crave carbs (which I don’t metabolize well most of the time for energy) thus over eating what my body needs. This again came in good stead when I developed Crohn’s disease and needed to modify the amount of roughage I eat. Wonderful raw fruits and veggies now became gastric land mines for me :P. If it were not for learning and being given permission to eat what my body needs I’d be a lot unhealthier than I am now. (unperfect chick that I am slippage happens, that and those damned genes…)
    I am in love with the concept of HAES and am willing to add it to my personal mantra to try to add more movement to my life. It’s that movement thing, high insulin signals my body that it’s starving, starving folks should not move around too much. My body keeps pumping out fatigue toxins so movement is not pleasurable for me as it is for others, well there are things I like doing…but since I’m single right now… maybe if I invent an exercise machine mated with a sybian?
    I enjoy your wry humor and WTF are they thinking observations. Please continue telling the world that the Emperor has no clothes on.

  20. So glad to have all this information. I had a very good friend here with me last week and she spent most of out time together telling me how I can lose weight with the diet shakes and fitness trainer and so on.
    I was taken aback was speechless and felt so weird.
    People can not understand me of why I am fat and yes it has messed with my life, but I am sorry I am not eating that chemical crap. It does not work, for me or others.
    *shakes head* guess I will have to die a fatty and they can all say we tried to help her she wouldn’t listen. 😦

    1. Jan, I am just curious, is your friend a “Beachbody” consultant or know someone who is? I am an armchair advocate at best now on the internet as it relates to my anti-wls,anti-dieting,size acceptance and fat activist. Because I am on the internet and Facebook a lot, and because I have a combination of interests that are polar opposites of each other (i.e. if you belong to groups or pages, as a fat activist, who has had wls and is into fitness but has health issues, you wouldn’t believe what one is subjected to marketing wise and as friend suggestions on Facebook, its hilarious at times but also seriously annoying as there is only so many times I can get as a friend sugggest the version of “Tina will be tiny” or Suzie’s RNY journey”, before I want to hang myself. At the same time I get the polar opposite and get marketing and friend sugggestions of everyone in the fat-o-sphere too.
      All that aside, what I am calling for as an advocate is that people can preach all they want to me the damage as Ragen calls it “VFHT” However I had no health problems being fat. I however got royally screwed up from the shame imposed on me for being fat and all the actions I’ve put my body through to be thin. I am disabled as a result of my wls. I wish there were more intensive studies on how damaging physically and to our psyche’s that fat phobia is causing and how much damage people can do to their bodies as well as their psychological health, doing everything they possibly can to get thin and stay there. I would bet almost everything that it would provide an excellent counter-argument to all of those people who are saying that it’s the fact of being fat is causing the high cost of health care.
      Most people in my circle personally know better then to give me advice about my weight. If they do, I tell them at first “my body, my business”. If that doesn’t work and most of the time it doesn’t, they get MY WHOLE LIFE STORY ON EVERYTHING I’VE DONE TO GET THIN AND STAY THERE, and an additional admonishment not to judge others, you don’t know what people have done as far as their health is concerned using an observation of someone’s weight and size is a stupid and prejudicial way to evaluate something that’s none of your business and not an accurate indication of someone’s health.
      Ya may end up dying a “fatty”, but that isn’t necessarily something that’s going to be the reason why you die. In the meantime building up selective hearing and memory loss when people lecture you about weight if you don’t want to give them valid points on the dangers of dieting and our society’s obsession with weight and health, can be helpful. I unfortunately as you can see have too much time on my hands, and too much anger of what fat shaming has done to my life, to have much patience for it.

  21. I just wanted to say thanks for the humor and truth of this post. I am an anorectic and have been for seven years. Most of those “diets” you listed at the beginning of the post involve my normal disordered behavior or behaviors that I have tried. If I could learn to eat intuitively and be mentally sound with it, I would be a million times more healthy than I am now. Anyone who says intuitive eating is a lack of willpower or unhealthy is an idiot.

  22. I recently asked a worker at a grocery store where the low fat sour cream was. He pointed out the non-fat. I told him I’d rather the low-fat. He was surprised and asked why. I told him to check the ingredients list. Here are some examples I found via google:

    Full fat sour cream: Grade A cultured cream

    Low fat sour cream: Grade A cultured cream, skim milk, vitamin A palmitate

    Non-fat sour cream:

    Cultured Lowfat Milk, Modified Corn Starch, Whey Protein Concentrate, Propylene Glycol Monoester, Artificial Color, Gelatin, Sodium Phosphate, Agar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Citrate, Locust Bean Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate.

  23. Just reread this whole thread and am giggling anew at “convenient anal leakage.” Dances With Fat commenters are the best!

    I’m still angry at the diet industry because along with the scary massive doses of ephedra, they ended up banning the all-natural herbal capsule and tea forms as well. Diet pills used to contain 200 mg. My capsules contained FIVE mg. It was exactly the right amount to help me breathe again when my irritative rhinitis kicks in, without being overkill. I’d literally have to take the entire bottle to have a problem with it (which is also dangerous with aspirin & vitamins!) but because of the crazy diet supplement industry, now i have to buy a high-test synthetic ephedrine and sign for it at the drugstore because it can be used to make meth. I just want my ma huong tea!

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